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Brit-Am Now no. 1601
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

17 November 2010, 9 Kislev 5771.
1. Brit-Am Now no. 1601
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel
1. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Diane Herndon: You Were Born As You Agreed and Wished to Be!
2. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Cherie Koch: Muslims Need to be Set in Place!
3. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Stella: Royal Family not Really Royal??


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1. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Diane Herndon: You Were Born As You Agreed and Wished to Be!
Diane Herndon wrote:

Yair Shalom
In a recent post you said." We were all born as we wished to be born according to the inner will of our deepest soul. You agreed to be what you are and wanted it. Your life goal is determined by it".
Where does this thought originate? The Kabbalah or ? Please expound on this.
God bless you, Diane 
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Psalm 122

Brit-Am Reply:

Diane Shalom,
The source is the Talmud (Hulin 60a) where it refers to plants and animals at the moment of Creation.
Other works apply the same principal to each and every human being.
I have none of these other sources at the moment but will keep my eye open since it is an important concept
that we ourselves often refer to.

At all events the Talmudic Passage is pertinent and gives the Principal Teaching:
[Usually (though it may not seem that way) we avoid Talmudic teachings but here a universal principal is involved in addition to you personally having proven to be a good friend and supporter of Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.

The Talmud (Hulin 60a) along with the Artscroll Commentary (translated and paraphrased freely from the Hebrew and therefore perhaps a little divergent from the official English Translation) says:

# Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said:
All the works of creation were created in their full height, with their prior approval as to how they would be, in their full form... according to their own desire. #

Other works expand on this subject saying that a person before they are born agrees to how they will be born and want it so.
This does not necessarily mean that such an understanding takes place literally but rather that the Almighty knows what our choice would be if it was offered to us in full recognition of all the factors involved.
We are all suited to be ourselves.
Brit-Am helps us realize who our ancestors may well have been and what place our nations have in the Divine Plan.

Basically Israelites are all alone and must turn to the Almighty to help us.
This is a challenge and a blessing.

2. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Cherie Koch: Muslims Need to be Set in Place!
Cherie Koch wrote:
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1599
1. Brit-Am Subscriber Opinion About Islam
#(b) Subscribers who say Islam is just nasty! Cherie Koch.

Dear Yair,

I read your comment following the post of what I had written to you about Islam in Brit-Am # 1599 and it was EXTREMELY generous toward Islam, in my opinion. I used to look to the positive and points that the "cousins" had in common with or where I felt that the Qur'an was positive toward scripture.

You stated:

(c) What Brit-Am Says.
Islam is basically negative but it contains potentially positive features and ambiguous passages that could be rendered in a beneficial direction. If the Muslims so wish they could re-interpret their faith in a more friendly way. At present they do not so wish since it is not worth their while.

However, the peaceful passages in the Qur'an were written in the first part of Muhammed's life, and the more violent passages in the latter part of his life (when he was extremely terroristic.) The Qur'an itself states (commands) what to do when two passages disagree: you take the later passage since the prior one (the more peaceful one) IS ABROGATED. So, essentially, THERE ARE NO lovely passages in the Qur'an because they're abrogated!

Their doctrine of Taqiyyah commands them to DECEIVE for the sake of Islam. There is nothing positive in the Qur'an that is of any benefit to a Kafir (non-Muslim, infidel) and, in my opinion, spending any time toward commending them, their doctrine or their book is unwarranted because the destiny of the Kafir is to submit to Allah or be humbled (as a slave) and pay the tribute (submission) tax to the Muslims OR be killed. Why would a non-Muslim care one bit about any positive aspect of the Qur'an or when it is MOOT.

***You are perhaps a better person than I am, since you are living there in eretz Yisrael under great threat all the time, and yet thought to say what you did.***

I just cannot - while there are certain aspects of Sharia that are scriptural (such as inheritance, usury, etc.), what benefit is that to anyone non-Muslim if implemented in our land? There is no use in mentioning it, as they intend us to be DEAD or mistreated slaves. This is what they have done everywhere they've gone. It is THEY that have drawn the clear line in the sand and there is no profit whatsoever in any similarity between us or anything positive in the Qur'an (since it is abrogated/diminished by their true written and stated objectives).

I appreciate you heart in making the comment - I just could not refrain from writing to add more thoughts on the matter. I hesitated as I know that you have much more experience than I with this topic.



Brit-Am Reply:

Cherie Shalom,
From a historical perspective the present fanatical Jihad Islamicization of Muslim Peoples is a modern phenomenon.
The Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabian finance are responsible in part.
It may be that this indeed reflects the inner animalistic soul of Islam reaching a fuller expression in these End Times.
The Vilna Gaon is recorded as saying that all Gentiles nations are divided into two camps: Ishmael (Islam) and Esau (Edom).
Towards the end this division will become more and more accentuated. At some stage they will attempt to unite and may succeed for a short while.
Your analysis is probably the most correct. Nevertheless both you and the other opinion (that Muslims should be nice if they would only learn their own religion properly) emanates from outsiders.
Muslims live their faith and they are the proprietors of what it is.
In the past they would frequently caused trouble. This would require the French or British to blow up a few mosques, hang a number of agitators, etc and soon enough the more accommodating interpretations of the Faith of Submission would prevail. 
The same can be said today.
Where there is a will is a way.

See Also:
Rabbi Eliyahu: Islam is 'Zionist,' It Promises Israel to Jews
by David Lev
"If Muslims were knowledgeable", he continued, "they would realize that G-d has given the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, and they would stop fighting a  historical imperative, and acknowledge what their own religious literature says, as the Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 did".

"Mohammed says very clearly that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and that G-d will gather them up out of exile at the end of days. This is true Islam; and Muslim clerics who say otherwise are using their religion to incite, and act against the wishes of G-d," Rabbi
Eliyahu says....

"Most Muslims, I have found, do not have a good knowledge of their religion, and many have not even read the Koran. When they have a religious question they ask a sheikh, but the do not know their own faith. If they did, they would know what Mohammed said about the Land of Israel belonging to the Jews."

That wasn't necessarily the case in the past, said Rabbi
Eliyahu. "In my opinion, the Arabs who fled Israel when the state was established in 1948 left because they knew the truth," he said. "The story that they left because the Arab leaders told them to flee for a few days while they destroyed the Jews was invented later. But the Arabs of Israel were not fools, here in Tsfat we had lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, who would not have been foolish enough to leave their homes because some politician from Jordan or Egypt told them to."

The reason they left, he said, was because they knew the truth. "They understood that G-d had fulfilled their promise to the Jewish people, and the time had come to leave," Rabbi Eliyahu said. "A truly religious person knows they cannot fool G-d. This is one issue that both the Tanach and the Koran agree on  - that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. I appreciate Al-Sanara for giving me the opportunity to tell Muslim readers the truth."

Brit-Am End Note:
Personally I think that Rabbi Eliyahu and all the others may be out of line.
We do not have to tell the Arabs how to understand their own religion.
Experience shows that if we take a certain attitude and tread them in the appropriate manner they are quite capable of reaching the necessary sanguine conclusions on their own.

3. Brit-Am Replies to Query by Stella: Royal Family not Really Royal??
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1594
#2. Brit-Am and Negative Prophecies Concerning Royalty?

Dear Yair, if I may comment on your comments to a reader who asked about prince Charles and the AC according to the Christian NT?
I am not sure I quite follow you as far as  Royals are concerned or English Davidic ancestory here. Charles is from the German line of Hannover/Windsor. The last true-blooded English Royals were the Stuarts ( Princess Diana heralded from ironically enough!)
Also, the Bible does inform that Gods'a way for the children of Israel was a preferred system of Judges. The people demanded a King  over them, not God? He warned they would become tyrannical.

Regards, Stella

Brit-Am Reply:
The House of Hanover (in northwest Germany) came to power in England in 1714.
Before then there was the house of Stuart from Scotland who ruled over all Britain.
James-6 of Scotland became James-1 of England upon the death of Elizabeth-1.
He received the throne through his mother.
The Stuart monarchs:
James-1, Charles-1 (who was beheaded for treason), Charles-2, James-2 (who was deposed).
Then came William and Mary daughter of James-2, then Anne who was also a daughter of James-2.
Anne died without issue.

Then came:
# Although over fifty Catholics bore closer blood relationships to Anne, the Act of Settlement 1701 prohibited Catholics from inheriting the British throne. George, however, was Anne's closest living Protestant relative. In reaction, the
Jacobites attempted to depose George and replace him with Anne's Catholic half-brother, James Francis Edward Stuart, but their attempts failed. #

The present Royal Family descends from George.
My own grandmother (on the paternal side) believed herself to be a descendant of one of the very numerous illegitimate offspring the Hanoverians in England begat!

If you go back through the genealogies one finds  all the Royal families are inter-related.
One claim seems as good as another and possession is nine-tenths of the law.
The Hanoverians had good and bad points but on the whole they did the job well enough.
They are the monarchs of Britain and no substitute is feasible.
Chances are they are descended from King David as we have discussed elsewhere.

There is a commandment in the Bible to appoint a King:
Deuteronomy 17:15 You shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses; one from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother.

Samuel berated the Israelites for wanting a monarch not necessarily because of the request in itself but the motivation behind it.
See the Brit-Am Commentary to 1-Samuel.
"BEFORE HIS ANOINTED": Even though Samuel criticize the people for demanding a monarch before the right times to do so had arrived he emphasizes that the chosen "king" is the anointed one of the Almighty and they have a God-ordained obligation to respect him.

Even though they may have done wrongly by demanding a king before the chosen time now that a king has been given unto them they must obey him and if they go in the right path they will be blessed.

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