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Brit-Am Now no. 1594
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

3 November 2010, 26 Cheshvan 5771.
1. Affinity with Anything Hebrew and Likes Celtic Music.
2. Brit-Am and Negative Prophecies Concerning Royalty?
3. Books Received.


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1. Affinity with Anything Hebrew and Likes Celtic Music
Dear Yair Davidy,

I am reading your book "The Tribes" and find it fascinating ! I am also very interested in the origins of Celtic music and dance.
I am British but half Dutch and "come alive" always within Celtic circles, but also an affinity with anything Hebrew! I always found this strange until I found your website  and ordered your book (not yet finished)
I wonder if you have any info on the Celtic music origins?
SHALOM, Stella

Brit-Am Reply:

Shalom Stella,
I myself do not know much about music.
Personally I go through phases. There are times when I feel a need to play music, as a background to work, all day long.
Celtic Music is my favorite though it may be that that is what I have become used to.

In the past several discussions have taken place on our Brit-Am forum about the Musical Connections of Celtic Music etc to that of the Hebrews,

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#2. The Bagpipes in Scripture

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#1. French Canadian "Quadrille"
Ashira Morgenstern: Modality not Melody
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2. Brit-Am and Negative Prophecies Concerning Royalty?
Gary wrote:
I would appreciate opinions on Tim McHyde's book, "Know the Future."  He did refer to "" as a resource for his book.

Tim McHyde suggested the antichrist is Prince Charles of Wales which is 666 in English and Hebrew.

Brit-Am Reply:

Gary Shalom,
We cannot reply in detail due tot he following reasons.

(a. The information involves the New Testament which we do not relate to.

(b. It concerns prophecies about the future.
In general we try to minimize specific interpretations when explaining Prognostications.

(c. We are against doctrines depicting the British Royal Family in a negative light.
We feel there may be something disloyal and not proper in criticizing the Monarchs and their kin.

It may be that in extreme cases some of them will deserve criticism and condemnation.
If such an eventuality should ever eventuate we might say something but I doubt that we would hurry to do so.

The Presence of Kings amonst Israelite nations is one of the Brit-Am Biblical Proofs.

At least some of these monarchs are descended from King David.
Sons of David as Rulers.

We do not believe in the Divine Right of Kings or anything like that.
Nevertheless Scripture indicates that these coronated rulers deserve respect.
We advice people to think twice before uttering undue criticism or negative comment about the monarchs of Israel.

God bless you

3. Books Received
(a) Shipment from Charlene and Steve Mathe
Charlene and Steve Mathe sent us a box of books of great value.
These include,
"The Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire" (7 volumes) by Thomas Hodgkin,
"The Phoenicians" by Gerhard Herm
"The Empire of the Steppes" by Rene Grousset
"A History of the Ostrogoths" by Thomas Burns
"The World of the Past" (2 volumes) by Jacquetta Hawkes.
"Megaliths. Stones of Memory" by Jean Pierre Mohen

All of these works seem worth reading. Some of them contain valuable information and background material
that has already been of benefit to our researches and studies.

(b) Books in Hebrew

(1) The Hebrew language version of,
"When and How the Jewish People was Invented?" by Shlomo Sand.
This is a longish intellectual work. We have read most of it and may write a review later. Contains some historical material but nothing original as far as we have seen so far. Writer has communist background. He seeks to prove that the Jewish people do not exist and that Israel should deliver itself to its Ishmaelite neighbors.

(2) "Sisera's Secret" by Adam Zertal.
Zertal is a modern very active Israeli archaeologist who believes in the Bible. We have used his findings to great benefit in the past.
See our work "Joseph".
Have not yet read present work but hope to do so soon.
Most likely will derive pleasure and important informational leadings from this book.

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