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Brit-Am Now no. 1573
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

20 September 2010, 12 Tishrei 5771
1. New Article:
Statistics: Israelite Nations
and Higher Education!
2. The Brit-Am Search Site as reported by Web Site Analysis.
Wikipedia Extracts: Assyria and Germany in Anglo-Israelism
4. The Unacknowledged Brit-Am Influence on the Mainstream?
5. Michelle Bowie: Remarks on Canaanite and Pagan Influences


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1. New Article:
Israelite Nations and Higher Education!
Brought to our attention by Orjan Svensson.

Of the top 10 Universities, the first five (Harvard, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Stanford University,  Princeton University) were in the USA.
Nos 6 and 7 (University of Cambridge, Oxford) were in the UK. No. 8 (Berkeley) is in the US, no.9 (Imperial College) is in the UK and no. 10 (Yale) in the USA.
All of the top 10 were in either the USA or UK (Britain).

The Brit-Am Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series: Additional Articles

2. The Brit-Am Search Site as reported by Web Site Analysis.
The figures below are considered highly unreliable but they are what is being reported and therefore maybe of interest.


Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 45-54 and are college educated. is ranked #1,348,821 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. About 41% of visitors to it come from the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 485,171. The site is located in Israel, and visitors to view 1.4 unique pages each day on average. Visitors to the site spend approximately three minutes per visit to the site and two minutes per pageview.

Reach Per Million 1.2   -6%
Page Views Per Million 0.02   -7%
Page Views Per User 1.4   -1%
Daily unique visitors: 228
Page views per day: 2,280

[I am not sure what exactly the above figures refer to. Our internal records indicate an average at present of ca. 1500 visits per day.]

3. Wikipedia Extracts: Assyria and Germany in Anglo-Israelism

The idea has also some backing in German legend, although the 14th century "Austrian Chronicle of 95 Seigneurs" connects the Dukes of Austria with the Jews rather than the Assyrians in order to give them the prestige of biblical ancestry, in much the same way as would be repeated in later British Israelism. The Austrian Chronicle states that Central Europe had been subjected by the Assyrians and that Jews exiled by Sennacherib were carried into Eastern Europe along the Danube River. Beginning in ca. 707 BCE, according to the Chronicle, the Jews overcame a certain King Gennan who then converted to Judaism; consequently, the Jews intermarried with the local rulers in the regions of Austria and Hungary, the pagans were subdued and the whole country was Jewish until ca. 227 CE.[5]

Another German legend, first recorded in 1105 in the Gesta Treverorum, makes Trebeta son of Ninus the founder of Trier. Also of medieval date is the inscription at the facade of the Red House of Trier market.

4. The Unacknowledged Brit-Am Influence on the Mainstream?
Comments to "The Irish-Jewish connection" by RORY FITZGERALD

Go to the entry in
TR-41: Ireland
#1. The Irish-Jewish connection by RORY FITZGERALD

This article appeared in the Jerusalem Post which is a major mainstream publication.
It was authored by Rory Fitzgerald who (as appear from a very quick Web Search) is an active writer on a variety of subjects. His articles have appeared in a large number of publications, all over the world, including some of the best-known.
The article we are considering was written quite well and doubtless would have been (and still well may be) of great interest to a large number of readers.
We ourselves (as far as I remember) never had any direct contact with Mr. Fitzgerald.
He has however (in our opinion) been influenced by Brit-Am sources. Rory Fitzgerald presents his points (i.e. those of Brit-Am) in such a way as to elicit a sympathetic interest even from those whose immediate reaction might otherwise have been antagonistic.

For instance,
He says:
# At first glance, the Irish and Jewish peoples seem radically different. But scratch the surface and they begin to look like twins separated at birth. The stories of these two wandering tribes share many extraordinary parallels.

# Some even dare to speculate that the Irish may be connected to one of the "lost tribe" of Israel. Certainly, stone burial chambers called dolmens are found in both Ireland and Israel. These date from about 4,000 BCE. Yet any such mysterious common origins are now lost in time.

# IN MORE recent centuries, the Irish and the Jews have inordinately swollen the ranks of genius. A disproportionate number of Nobel laureates have Jewish or Irish origins.

# Embedded intrinsically within Christianity is the Jewish law, the sacred Ten Commandments, and the knowledge of the one God, which both peoples hold in common to this day.

# In the span of human history, Israel and Ireland both played pivotal roles in disseminating to the world the moral teachings of ancient Israel.

In the above extracts Rory relates to long-lost brothers, parallelism of destinies, Lost Tribes of Israel, the Dolmen Migratory Trail between Israel and Western Europe including especially Ireland, [He however accepted the conventional dating of ca.4000 BCE whereas we hold that ca.400 BCE is more likely.]
Israelite (in this cases Irish and Jewish) Contributions to World Civilization.
The Hebrew Biblical Elements of Christianity as the catalyst that enabled the Brit-Am Lost Tribes contribution to humankind.
The Bible as representative of the Israelite Soul.

All of these elements are emphasized in Brit-Am writings and they all appear in the article.
This may be a coincidence.
Or Rory may have been influenced by other non-Brit-Am sources that also speak in the same vein?
This is a possibility but we doubt it.
No-one really brings them together as Brit-Am does and as Mr. Fitzgerald has summarized in his article.
We are under the impression that Mr. Fitzgerald was influenced by Brit-Am writings.
He almost certainly must be familiar with them and consciously or unconsciously has incorporated them into his article.

This is just one small example of probable Brit-Am influence.
Other cases exist and in some of them the Brit-Am inspiration has been openly owned up.

5. Michelle Bowie: Remarks on Canaanite and Pagan Influences
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1572
#5. Michelle Bowie Supports Dennis McGinlay but Lambasts Shaybird

Shalom Yair,
In response to your response about coat of arms identifying Israel. I should have at least also included that indeed, you are correct. What I mean is that in my own research of symbols and who they represent, I have also found Canaanite and pagan symbols adorning certain surname coat of arms. Not to mention that families adopted other symbols along the way and used these either alongside their ancient tribal symbols, or in some cases, replaced them. So then, not all of Israel can be identified through this means. I imagine as time went on, many lost track of the significance of what those symbols meant and so treated them with less importance, not realizing they were direct clues to their heritage.
What I have found most fascinating is that when I have come across certain peoples with certain opinions or beliefs, it seems their coat of arms symbols appear to be consistent with their heritage as defined by scripture.
I'm not saying in all cases mind you... as there are exceptions to every rule, but the amount of consistency is indeed worthy of further study.
Blessings, mb

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