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Brit-Am Now no. 1544
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
16 July 2010, 5 Ab 5770
1. Mark A. Robinson: The Fate of the Tribes
2. Biblical Proofs: An Extension to the Term Islands?
3. Stephen Collins: Prophecy Updates and Commentary
Yaroslav Kazmin: Interested in Frisian Legend
5. David Tempelhoff: Was the dragon a symbol of Dan?
6. Answer to Michelle about the ancestors of Germany and Rome
7. Charles Bassett: Believer Due to Garner Ted?
8. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
The Khazars Were Hebrews!
9. Answer to Question from G. Forrester: Are the
Lombards [North Italy] Jewish?


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1. Mark A. Robinson: The Fate of the Tribes
Yair, You may want to take a gander at Jeff Nyquist's most recent article,
"Exceptions that Prove the Rule"

I find obvious evidence of the shepherding of the Almighty in this short analysis, and evidence that overt intervention is right on the horizon (without the intervention of the All Mighty, the Tribes will cease to be as a consequence of stubborn descent into dissolution and disbelief). For this reason we can expect Jeremiah 16:14-15 to be fulfilled quickly: ?       

Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers.

Why quickly? Because the Tribes will cease to exist by their volition without His intervention.

I have corresponded with Jeff Nyquist for a decade or more. He is a brilliant analyst of the behavior and motives of nations, and a very accurate prognosticator of coming events based strictly on a great understanding of history. Mark Robinson

2. Biblical Proofs: An Extension to the Term Islands?
As part of our Biblical Evidence we used the identifying sign of "Islands" and "Isles of the Sea"
In effect we conflated "Isles of the Sea" with "Islands".
"Isles of the Sea"
"Islands" and "Isles of the Sea":

Isles of the Sea:
(Isaiah 24;15)
 "The name of the Lord God of Israel in the ISLES of the sea" .

Isaiah 11:11

(Jeremiah 31; 9-10)
"I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn. Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it in the ISLES afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock".

(Isaiah -49;1 6)
 "Listen 0 ISLES unto me. Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified... to bring Jacob again unto him... to raise up the tribes of Jacob... a covenant of the people [in Hebrew: "Brit-am"] to establish the earth... to inherit the desolate heritages... these from the north and the west; and these from the land of Sinim". 

 (Isaiah 42;4)
"The ISLES shall wait for his law".

(Isaiah 51;4 5)
 "Hearken unto me, MY PEOPLE...O my nation...mine arms shall judge the people, the ISLES shall wait upon me".

(Isaiah 60;9)
 "Surely the ISLES shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy sons from far" .

In Hebrew the word for isle or island is "ey" (pronounced "ee"): it means an isolated area especially an island.

Peoples we identify as Israelite are concentrated in the following regions: Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Britain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

Australia, New Zealand,  Ireland, Britain, Iceland,  are all Isles of the Sea.
Canada, and USA together are a peninsula or near-island.
Denmark is comprised of one large peninsula and several island.
Norway, Sweden, Finland together make up one large peninsula.

In addition to all that there is another aspect indicated by the term "ey" that of geographical isolation and relative self-containment.

In light of this consider the following extracts that speak of several major Israelite (from our point of view) nations and the importance of their geographical isolation. [We recommend you read all the article but for our point the extracts are sufficient]:

Exceptions that Prove the Rule
 by JR Nyquist
Toward the end of John Derbyshire's book, We Are Doomed, the author refers to his 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, which lists 152 countries. Derbyshire then asks the following question: "How many of those countries made it from 1911 to today, nearly a century later, with their systems of government and law intact ... without having suffered revolution, civil war, major dismemberment, or foreign occupation?" According to Derbyshire the correct answer is six: "Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States."

Of these six, all are minor powers except for the United States. All have the advantage of geographical isolation. In essence, all six countries are islands; that is to say, they are not easily invaded. Sweden is geographically like an island, tenuously connected to Europe above the Arctic circle. Switzerland is an island in the sense of being surrounded by mountains. Australia and New Zealand are entirely surrounded by water. The United States and Canada form a continental island that is protected on both sides by oceans.

We should not be surprised to discover that these particular countries have thrived during the last 100 years. Some have avoided war altogether. Sweden hasn't made war since Napoleon was Emperor of the French. Switzerland hasn't fought anyone since the
Sonderbund War of 1847 (which lasted less than four weeks and claimed fewer than 100 lives). The listed English speaking countries -- essentially islands -- were involved in the first and second world wars, but did not suffer as the European powers suffered. The seas that surround the English speaking countries have remained under British or American control throughout, and no power stood much of a chance in any invasion attempt.

What does all this suggest? There are a number of elements that make for stability, and the first of these is security. Because of geography, some countries are protected from invasion and overthrow...

It is worth repeating: Geographically isolated countries have an advantage when it comes to defense. If you are an island, you only need to control the sea. If you are in the mountains, you merely defend the passes....

....Furthermore, the oceans and mountains don't protect these six countries any longer.... As Derbyshire shows, out of 152 countries in 1911, only six avoided civil war or revolution or occupation by a foreign power. Those six were protected by oceans that no longer offer protection.

3. Stephen Collins: Prophecy Updates and Commentary
From: Steve Collins <>

Shalom Yair,
 I think you will enjoy reading my July 14 blog about the "DNA of Pharaohs and Europeans Trace an Israelite Ancestry." I don't usually write about DNA evidence and haplotypes, but the link I cite has powerful evidence which supports our mutual views that the ten tribes of Israel migrated into Europe. The "DNA map" of Europe is very strong evidence that the ancestry of the migrating Israelites stretches back to the Caucasus region.
 Your friend,
PS There are many "impending war" links re: the Mideast that are floating around on the internet. What does the situation look like to you? It is interesting to me that Syria has been plagued with drought and illness so it is scarcely in any condition to go to war. It makes me think of Zechariah 12:3. God guarantees the survival of the modern Jewish nation.

4. Yaroslav Kazmin: Interested in Frisian Legend
Yaroslav Kazmin wrote:

Shaloam and Greetings !
Dear Sir,
Honourable Rabbi Yair Davidiy ---
I was so grateful to visit Your website on the Internet and to read many amazing materials.
I have read with the real interest an article on the also.
Can You kindly inform me where is possible to read the full text of the legend/account about King Adel and his three sons Frisa, Bruno and Saxo on English ?
Thank You very much !
Yours respectfully,

Brit-Am Reply:
The original is available in two different sources with variations between them:
One is a work by Jean Fran?ois Le Petit published in Old French in Holland in 1601 and a copy of which is available from the Rare Books Section in the Israeli National Library, Jerusalem.
The other source is a work in Frisian on Frisian legends extracts from which were especially translated for Brit-Am by Fred J. Koeslag of the Netherlands.
The translations and sources are given in our book "The Tribes"

5. David Tempelhoff: Was the dragon a symbol of Dan?

Hello Yair,
Tribe of Dan is symbolized by a "Serpent". Any chance a Dragon might fit the role. Danes, Scots, Vikings, Norsemen often used the Dragon as a symbol?

Brit-Am Reply:

Yes. The dragon is also given as a symbol of Dan.
See "The Tribes"

6. Answer to Michelle about the ancestors of Germany and Rome
"Michelle"  wrote:
RE "The Jews Need Joseph: A Debate Amongst Jewish Patriots!"

Hi Yair,
I am just curious why Esau is associated with Romans and Germans when they are identified as Chaldeans and Assyrians with others like Steve Collins. Esau is the brother of Jacob and his descendants became Muslim or Edom, or so I thought. His appearance was ruddy, and red, which I thought was Jordanian and turkey. There are references in Daniel. I am confused.

Brit-Am Reply:
OK. We do not want to go into it here since it is complicated and we need to do much more work on it.
In short, descendants of Esau helped populated the early settlement of Rome but most of the population were probably not Edomites. Later many Babylonians (Chaldeans) migrated to Rome. Babylon and Edom (Esau) are equated in the Bible i.e. their identities interchange.
There were also Edomites settlements amongst the Assyrians. Several Identitiy writers, including Stephen Collins, believe that the Assyrians migrated to Germany. There are legends to that effect e.g. Semiramis founding Trier on the Rhine and the Austrian Chronciles recording that Sennacherib established settlements in Austria etc.
The term "Admoni" meaning "reddish" as applied to BOTH Esau and King David  could have several meanings. We and others take it to mean "white" i.e. Caucasoid with red hair.

7. Charles Bassett: Believer Due to Garner Ted
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1543

I really appreciate the work you have done and are doing on the lost 10 tribes, especially Ephraim & Manasseh. When I was studding history, with all the nations mentioned in history and the Bible, Why the U.S. & Great Briton not mention in the Bible, I happened to be listening to the radio one night and this guy was talking about the Bible  but he did not sound like the regular preachers that I was used to, so I started listening regularly, one night he started talking about the U.S. & Great Briton in prophecy, and that they had a free booklet on the U.S & Great Briton in prophecy, I ordered it and it really answered my questions concerning Manasseh and Ephraim being the two countries mentioned above and reading Genesis 48 & 49 when Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph and told what they would become was the answer I had been looking for for years, they are the only two nations that have fulfilled that blessing. Ephraim was stated to become a great company of nations, England is the only country to fulfill that prophecy and Manasseh was to become a great nation and U.S. has fulfilled that prophecy and we are two nations that act like brothers down through the years. The writer that put down you Mr. Armstrong and others must not read the bible or history or just don't like us. The radio man was Garner Ted Armstrong and I became a member of the World Wide Church of God in 1968 until Tkach and company went back to the Protestant view, and now I am a member of the United Church of God. Thank you Yair for the great work you are doing. Charlie Basset

8. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
Khazars Were Hebrews!
The Khazars were a people who converted to Judaism. Yair Davidiy from the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes quotes contemporary sources proving that the Khazars were descended from Hebrew Tribes.

Akton De Mar Yaakov
Midrashic-Rabbinical source says that Jews from the Tribe of Simeon settled amongst the Khazars. They later returned to their Jewish faith bringing their Khazar neighbors with them. This source reflects in summarized form the account of the Schecter Text.

##While the sons of Gomer became idolaters their brother Kuzar stood up and rebuked them. Said the Almighty unto him, By your life! I will reward you! Immediately Kuzar was separated from his brothers and went to the Land of Kuzaria. The Almighty arranged matters that the Children of Simeon should come in to his land. His children [of Kuzar] intermarried with the Sons of Jacob, they became righteous converts, and their fame went out into the world. ##

The Khazars were Hebrews!

Duration: 9.51 minutes

The Khazars were a people who converted to Judaism. Yair Davidiy from the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes quotes contemporary sources proving that the Khazars were descended from Hebrew Tribes.

9. Answer to Question from G. Forrester: Are the Lombards [North Italy] Jewish?
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1543
#2. TG Asks Questions and Makes Statements and is Replied to:

 Hi Yair
The following statement about Italian DNA was made in your recent email:

## Jewish DNA for what it is worth is considered closest to that of North Italians and Italians in the far south of Italy as well as that of Sardinia.##

When Rome was conquered many tribes passed through the Italian Peninsula but only one, the Lombard divided the land into three regions. The Papal Lands ruled  by the Roman church controlled central Italy while the North and the South became Lombard possessions. This tribe would have intermingled with the original Roman stock and modified the DNA in the north and south of Italy. This pattern of dividing Italy into three regions was remarkable similar to the manner in which Iraq was divided after the American conquest.There  was a Kurdish north A Shiite south and a Sunni controlled center.
Two question maybe asked.[1] Were the Lombard of Jewish ancestry based on the DNA finding in modern Italy considering they are assimilated in the north and south.
[2] Is there a Lombard component in the American family based on the similarity  of action in ancient Italy and Iraq.

G Forrester.
Brit-Am Reply:
In "The Tribes"
we trace the Lombards to the Tribes of Levi and Simeon.
A possible component from Benjamin may also be present.

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