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Brit-Am Now no. 1504
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
3 May 2010, 19 Iyar Nissan 5770
1. New Article:
"What Difference Does it Make
What does it matter to you Who the Lost Tribes Are?"
2. Jane E
Marchant:  ALE did not send Mohammed!
3. Ditrick: Iceland Apoligizes for Volcano;  Adam had seven sons
4. Ron Hoover: Stephen Spykerman said it like it is
5. Brian: Israel, Ireland, and Spain
6. Thomas Malloy: 
"The Holy Torah, and the British Common Law legal
system that grew out of it".
7. Thomas Malloy: A New Map of the Promised Land?


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1. New Article:
"What Difference Does it Make?
What does it matter to you Who the Lost Tribes Are?"

How This Article Came to be Written
Belonging to Israel

Belonging to Israel
Belonging to Israel means transcending your individual spiritual religious and other concerns. Belonging to Israel means being part of an entity beyond oneself through which the self may be elevated by identifying with the communal body.  The Almighty put you in this world not only so that you might live and breathe and work out your own salvation but also so that you should realize that you are part of Israel and act accordingly. This is what the Bible says. Scripture tells us how to act and Scripture is directed primarily to Israel. Other nations are affected through Israelite example or through interaction with Israel.

Since the Almighty directed a good part of HIS message to Israel we have to accept it as such. We cannot change how the world is planned. Nor can we change Scripture.

2. Jane E Marchant:  ALE did not send Mohammed!

The Name "Allah" Evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew Word "ALE" (aka Eloah) ? but ALE did not send Mohammed!

The Arabic word "Allah" for "God" evolved out of the Ancient Hebrew word "ALE" [aleh], now known in Modern Jewish Hebrew as "Eloah", as I understand it. The letter aleph originally (only) had an "A" sound. Arabic is one of the five major living SHaMitic (Semitic) Hebrew alphabets used today (along with Modern Jewish Hebrew, Syriac Aramaic, English and Greek). In Modern Jewish Hebrew ALE is pronounced as "Eloah". ALE is one of IEUE's [Yehweh's] legitimate scripTURal titles used in the Masoretic Hebrew Westminster Leningrad Codex. ALE means "Older Ox who Teaches the Younger Ox through the Yoke" or "Strong Authority (that) Speaks". For more see my detailed and illustrated article on this here: http://yehspace.ning.com/profiles/blogs/allah-evolved-out-of-the.

However ALE did not send Mohammed! This is why your irate Muslim protestor is wrong.


Jane E Marchant

3. Ditrick: Iceland Apoligizes for Volcano;  Adam had seven sons

Shalom Yair Davity,

It was hard to hear about your [i.e. the State of Israel] losses in flower exports because of our latest volcanic eruption.
I hope there will not be more of such.

But the reason I write now is an inspiration I got about an old song all Icelandic children sings at christmas and I know that it was common in Sweden centuries ago.
It is about how memories can be preserved in a simple childrens song.

The song is in Icelandic:

Adam atti syni sjo
sjo syni atti Adam.
Adam elska i alla tha
og allir elskudi Adam.

Hann sadi, hann sadi.
Hann klappadi saman lofunum,
hann stappadi ni ur fotumum.
Hann ruggadi ser i lendunum
og sneri ser i hring

and in English, translated word by word:

Adam had seven sons
seven sons had Adam
Adam loved every of them
and they all loved Adam

He sowed, he sowed
he clapped his hands
he stepped his feet
he moved his hips
and turned in a circle.

And now the memories I think it keeps:

He had seven sons = seven is a holy number
He loved them, they loved him = there was the respectable holy kindness

He sowed = He cultivated his fields
He clapped, stepped and so on = he held his feasts
He turned in a circle = there was a rythm.

Sincerly from Iceland


4. Ron Hoover: Stephen Spykerman said it like it is
Re In reply to "Irate Muslim" Brit-Am nos. 1502+1503

Great reply Yair,from all the study I've done on Allah
this moon god is not the same as our [ God of Israel ], Almighty God.
People keep arguing Allah and [the God of Israel ] are the same, well not
to me for sure!.
Allah is about as pagan as you can get. Stephen Spykerman
said it like it is...Thanks Ron Hoover Denver Co.

5. Brian: Israel, Ireland, and Spain
Re BAMAD-76. Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
#2. The Irish - more Spanish than Celtic'

Shalom Yair,

I have read the Irish being more Spanish than Celtic.

I know the history of King Breagan and King Gallam located in Northern Spain and the folks they sent to Ireland. "Ir" was the son of one of them, I think Breagan, who ended up as High King of Ireland, which became known as Ir Landt or Orlandt.

The question to be raised is who were the Spanish at that time? Did they not have tartans, kilts, bagpipes etc etc which are characteristics of the Celtic people where ever they were located in the world?

Of course they have Spanish descent including much influx in the last two to five centuries. Look at Galway for instance !!

The re-affirmation of their Yisraelite heritage.

Of course there is Northern African influence, despite not being far from North Africa, the ancient Yisraelites/Efraimites took this route to the west to the islands at the time of the Assyrian invasion. Of course there would be a mix of North African there and also some Yisraelite strains in Northern and other parts of Africa as well.

Food for thought.

All the best,


Shabbua Tov [Good Week];

6. Thomas Malloy: 
"The Holy Torah, and the British Common Law legal system that grew out of it".

Re Brit-Am Now no. 1502
#2. Irate Muslim Protests Brit-Am Statement

My definition of idolater is those who worship a god other than HaShem. It's clear to me that Allah is just that. If the Islamists want to worship the real God, they should start by revering the Holy Torah, and the British Common Law legal system that grew out of it. They can stop with, "the Jews corrupted the Torah," nonsense too.

There is a night and day difference between the nations who have a Torah based legal system, and those who follow Sharia based systems. If you can't see the difference between Israel and her enemies, you have a defective moral compass.

When the Children of Israel entered into The Land, the people living there worshiped Baal, a god who wants to be your master, as opposed to HaShem who wants to be your daddy. His symbol was the waning moon, and they worshiped him in groves of trees, trees, green. Nothing's changed.

7. Thomas Malloy:  A New Map of the Promised Land?

I went to a meeting of an organization that's raising money to build a heavy duty bike so that African farmers can transport their produce to market. One of their graphics showed a map of Tanzania with the southern shore of Lake Victoria.

Since it's the source of the Nile, if you draw a line from there to the mouth of the Euprates and a line from the mouth of the Nile to the source of the Euphrates, you have HaAretz [The Land i.e. The Promised Land of Israel!]. When I saw who far south the source of the Nile is, I thought that this map would make a good addition to the Brit Am website.

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