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Brit-Am Now no. 1480
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
19 March 2010, 4 Nissan 5770
1. Answer to Question on Koestler and the Khazars.
2. Question on Joseph versus Judah in the light of Obama and his histrionics
3. Bo Ronn (from Sweden): " Malmo ...is now called the Swedish Gaza"
4. Orjan Svensson: Genetic study of Finns shows closeness to Dutch. Issachar and Zebulon?
5. All Palestinians to Emigrate to Brazil? A New Solution


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1. Answer to Question on Koestler and the Khazars
Kathryn Mcauley wrote:

Hello Yair!
I find it simply amazing that the Jews who are a proponent of Zionism and call themselves Ashkenazi, deny any lineage to the Khazars!
I have read Arthur Koestler findings and a lot of what he says makes sense! I don't care to elaborate on his findings except that he emphaticaly states that Ashkenazi decendents hail from the Eastern part of Europe and were in fact the ones that over-threw the Tzsar and his kingdom.
Speculation flys in the wind when one reads so many coincidental findings, but then hey, I for one do not believe in coincidence!

Brit-Am Reply:
Apparently you failed to read our article:
The Jews from Judah in Demographic History
This article along with out other articles on the Khazars:
proves that the most Jews are not of Khazar origin.

I also read Koestler and other books along the same lines. The work by Koestler is not the best book on the subject but it is certainly the most popular. Every Jew hater and reprobate reject low life seems to know it well!
Koestler actually does not say much and does not prove the case he represents.
We do!
Our book on the Khazars is better and more reliable.
"The Khazars. Tribe 13"
If anything this work of ours is too detailed and scholarly. In the future we may publish a shorter simpler version.

You referred  me (in another letter) to an interview with Shlomo Sand who apparently is trying to emulate Koestler:
Interview: Shlomo Sand
# Sand's basic thesis is explained in the title ? that there is no Jewish people. According to him, the Jews are a religious group without any particular ethnic link to ancient Israel, rather, nearly every Jew living in the world is the product of a conversion. #

This tripe is typical of what comes out of Tel Aviv University.

Even if it was true it would not matter.
You said,
# Ashkenazi descendents hail from the Eastern part of Europe and were in fact the ones that over-threw the Tzsar and his kingdom. #
Well first of all, Uncle Nicholas deserved what he got.
Secondly his own people were responsible more than the Jews.
The Jews however had indeed been cruelly persecuted by the Czar and his cronies so whatever one says it does not matter much.

Judging from the tone of your letter I would say that you yourself are anti-Jewish. This explains your insistence on saying that the Jews are Khazars.
Even if they were it would not matter since the Bible allows for this possibility. Nevertheless it seems unlikely.
See the articles we mentioned above.
Is Kathryn McCauley your real name?
We are aware that a small minority of Irish and Scots-Irish are anti-Semitic, sometimes violently so, but they a minority. They are also a disgrace to their own people.
On the other hand your interest in the Czar suggests an East European ancestry.
Perhaps you are using a pseudonym or your parents changed their name when they came over from Russia?

Anyway, we must all learn the Bible, repent of our froward ways and endeavor to do the will of the Almighty.
This includes supporting the State of Israel and judging the Jewish People favorably.
See our article on Ephraimite Criteria
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

2. Question on Joseph versus Judah in the light of Obama and his histrionics
Chris wrote:

Dear , Britam
Its been awhile since L've asked a question so here goes, what do you think about Obama pushing at israel , he and his cronies are kicking up dust big time. Do you think this is a false flag op (America acts like they are mad at Israel, meanwhile israel attacks Iran, Hizbollah ect)? Or do you think this is really happening do you believe that (America which you believe is Joseph) is going against his family Judah?
Thanks for your time .

Brit-Am Reply:
What Hussein Obama and his company are really doing is not known to our humble beings.
Obama probably really is anti-Jewish. The question is whether his anti-Jewish sentiments are deep ones or superficial.
Joseph and Judah always had fiction between them.
Even in the present circumstances however beneath the bickering and behind the overbearing insulting attitude of the US Government there is evident a deeper recognition between Israel and the USA of sharing some kind of common mutuality at a deeper level.

3. Bo Ronn (from Sweden): "Malmo ...is now called the Swedish Gaza"
Subject: Gazans

Good Day Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am.
Re: Jerusalem News 907
#2. Arabs Want to Leave Gaza: European Gentiles Wont Let Them Go!
Gazans Are Moving Out!!!
Who wants the Gazans? Wherever these people go, they bring Gaza with them. Malmo in southwest Sweden is now called the Swedish Gaza. Could this be a divine plan to let the Swedes have similar problems as the State of Israel? If so, I pray Sweden learns from the lesson.

4. Orjan Svensson: Genetic study of Finns shows closeness to Dutch. Issachar and Zebulon?
From: Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com>
Subject: genetic study of Finns

Today there was an article in Swedish newspaper (see http://www.expressen.se/halsa/1.1922007/
) about a new genetic study of the Finnish population, based on the DNA from 40 000 Finns.
This study shows that Finns are genetically closer to the Dutch people than to Swedes, Norwegians and Danes.
The study shows also that there is relatively small genetic similarity between Finns and Hungarians although they speak related languages.
In addition the study shows that the Swedish speaking minority in Finland is genetically closer to the Swedes of Sweden than they are to their Finnish neighbors.
Maybe the genetical closeness between Finland and Holland reflects that Issachar and Zebulon were full brothers with the same mother Leah...

5. All Palestinians to Emigrate to Brazil? A New Solution
The President of Brazil has recently been running around Israel making announcements in support of the Palestinian Arab Moslems.
Visiting Brazilian President to Israel Spits in the Eye of Zion

Brazilian President in Israel, Stirs Controversy

We in Brit-Am, Movement of the Lost Ten Tribes, have pointed out quite often that according to Prophecy Joseph and Judah are destined (see Brit-Am Commentary to Isaiah 11:14, in a combined operation, to fly the Plaestinians out of the Land of Israel to somewhere in the west.
Options for Survival
Exactly where however in the west is not clear. We did think of North Africa but Brazil would be even better.
Brazil is a big country. Much of it is undeveloped. They would hardly notice a few million Palestinians. The EU and others could
help pay for their successful settlement in Brazil. The Palestinians are not necessarily that negative. They can be quite civil. They have a predatory exploitative innovative nature. Whereas in Western Countries their presence may be detrimental, in Brazil it could well prove a blessing.
Perhaps, unbeknown to himself, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has come up with a perfect solution?

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