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Brit-Am Now no. 1470
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
28 February 2010, 17 Adar 5770
1. Brit-Am Proof From the Dubai Hit! James Bond and the Lost Ten Tribes
2. Brian
Patmore: Our diversity will be our strength
3. Using Brit-Am Sources.
4. Books Received.
5. Some Brit-Am Articles Still in Progress


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1. Brit-Am Proof From the Dubai Hit! James Bond and the Lost Ten Tribes 
This note may be taken as partly a jest and partly as serious.
Assuming the execution of a Hamas murdering terrorists in Dubai really was the work of the Israeli Mossad.
We have the following line-up of national identities adopted:

France 4, Germany 1, Ireland 6, Australia 3, Britain 12

Trail of Dubai hit squad suspects
1: Evan
Dennings (Ireland); 2:Eric Rassineux (France); 3: Joshua Daniel Bruce (Australia); 4: David Bernard LaPierre (France); 5: Chester Halvey (Ireland); 6: Ivy Brinton (Ireland); 7: Peter Elvinger (France); 8: Anna Shauna Clasby (Ireland); 9: Philip Carr (UK); 10: Adam Marcus Korman (Australia); 11: David Marc Schnur (UK); 12: Jonathan Louis Graham (UK); 13: Melvyn Adam Mildiner (UK); 14: Stephen Daniel Hodes (UK); 15: Gail Folliard (Ireland); 16: Kevin Daverson (Ireland); 17: Michael Laurence Barney (UK); 18: James Leonard Clarke (UK); 19: Stephen Keith Drake (UK); 20: Paul John Keely (UK); 21: Michael Bodenheimer (Germany); 22: Melanie Heard (France)
Four others are also wanted by police for their involvement in other aspects of the preparation of the operation: Mark Daniel
Sidar (UK), Gabriella Barney (UK), Niccole Sandra Mccabe
(Australia), Roy Allan Cannon (UK)

Suggested Conclusion:
The above identities may have been adopted simply because they happened to be available.
Also they may have been those of nationalities whose arrival in Dubai would arouse the least suspicion.
Also they must have fit the existing profiles of the agents who were being sent.

At all events, Jews from the State of Israel most of whose parents came from Africa, Asia, or Eastern Europe in needing a suitable disguise for their best agents to be sent abroad chose mostly to use the identities Brit-Am Lost Ten Tribes Nations!

Perhaps "Joseph" and "Judah" are more interchangeable than many imagine?

2. Brian Patmore: Our diversity will be our strength
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1469
#2. New Article:
 Are the British and Scandinavians Semites or European?
Questions on Anglos Belonging to the Indo-European Race and Language

Shalom Yair,

It concerns me all this talk about Semites, non-Semites, etc etc as it is dangerous to the concept of Kol [all] Yisrael and the re-uniting of the tribes and the Restoration of All Things as prophesied by The Almighty of Yisrael.

People should understand that Semite is a later aberration, and an incorrect one at that, of the original description of Shemite, descendants of Shem.

Also the term Hebrew is used as a divisive statement, when in fact it only means the descendants of the man called Eber.

Ancient Yisrael was a mix of many influences and if you look at the fact that The Almighty spoke in 72 languages to the people at Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia (Jubal al Lawz or Jubal Musa) shows the diversity.

Our diversity will be our strength when the chips are down, and that will be very soon. Within seven years it has been estimated.

Unity and patience,

Brisbane, Australia

3. Permission to Use Brit-Am Sources?
Subject: Permission to use as a Resource
February 25, 2010
Mr.. Yair Davidiy:
Hello Sir, I am writing to request permission to list you as a resource on a book I am getting ready to publish.
Your article on Reuben.  I have reference your statement, paraphrased, that the tribe of Reuben is believed to be residing in France.
I would like to list you as a source for the Book.
Please take this to the Lord and seek His direction.
I thank you for your article, and trust you are filled with His saving Grace, Joy, and Peace.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Brit-Am Reply:
Permission Granted

4. Books Received
"Going Rogue. An American Life" by Sarah Palin, USA, 2009.

"From Eden to Exile. The 5000 Year History of the People of the Bible" by David Rohl, USA, 2002

"Wars of the Irish Kings. A Thousand Years of Struggle From the Age of Myth  through the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1", by David Willis McCullough, USA, 2000

5. Some Brit-Am Articles Still in Preparation
Tartan in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

More articles on Greek Mythology by John Salverda

The Earliest European Beliefs in their Israelite Origins; Each Country Considered Separately

The Proposed Movement of Arab Populations

Biblical Studies: Psalms, the Book of Kings

Poem: Zerephat

The Messiah Son of David in the Bible

Dagda of Ireland and Samson of Dan

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