"Brit-Am Now"- 502
January 9, 2005

1. The Other Brothers
2. America is Joseph not Edom
3. Ian McRae: England is Not Britain
4. Orjan Svensson: Linguistic Point
5. Books Going Out. Comments and Criticisms Requested
6. Arousal in Jerusalem Area
7. Questions on "Did You Know?" Sources

1. The Other Brothers
Hebrew work "Achim Acharim" on site

2. America is Joseph not Edom
 From T
Reference Brit-Am 500:

England took Palestine away from the ottoman empire and gave it to the
 >in the balfour declaration. This is my understanding a fulfillment or
 >partial fulfillment of that midrash concerning Edom. So too Harry
Truman a
 >Cyrus-type leader over a Christian edomite country who played a key
role in
 >getting the United Nations to support the creation of the state of

Shlomo Scheinman apparently hit a nerve with me in several of his
which I would like to rebut.

I have a pretty thick skin, but the constant references to America and
England being Edomite nations and the attacks on Christianity prickled
for a couple of reasons,.

Mr Scheinman is quick to lump entire groupings of people into the
category, and it reeks of emnity towards Christians. He apparently
consider the fact that almost 70 million Americans right now are the
driving force in American politics towards Israel because of their
unquestioned loyalty towards Israel and the Jewish people.

He also doesnt understand that there has never been a pogram associated
with America towards our Jewish citizens, and America served to
world Jewry through some rough historical times. A lot of European
countries have historical anti-Jewish sentiment and have expressed this
with pograms throughout history, as well as persecution. That we know.

What better argument is there than the facts? America does not oppress
Jews, and does not belong in the Edomite category with those who have
oppressed Jews. .

Christianity is not a perfect faith. It has a lot of apologizing to do
some historical actions. American Christianity is the result of a
of Protestant religious groups, including "Judaizers", from all nations
have been historically persecuted by the same religious groups as the
have been. American Protestants have a long history of persecution that
closely parallels that of the Jewish people throughout the nations.

There is truth in the American identification with Israel.

The best reference I can give for the historical perecution of
would be Fox's Book of Martyrs. He will find a lot of those Protestants
refused to worship icons because they considered them  idols, refused
submit to the Pope, and were slaughtered duriing the Crusades just as
regularly as Jews were. Often the Protestants were close friends of the
Jewish community, and suffered with them.   They founded America, and
descendant are the 70 million who stand for Israel, myself included. He
needs to read history.

  3. Ian McRae: England is Not Britain
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-501


In your latest "Brit Am Now" you said:

 >You may say that technically "England" is only part of  Britain but
popular usage (even in other parts of Britain) the term >"England" is
applied to the whole.

This is absolutely NOT the case !

It is true that the English often use the term "England" to mean the
of the United Kingdom, but you will not find native Scots, Welsh or
Irish using the term in that way.   ABSOLUTELY NOT !

Also, the term "Britain" does not refer to all of the United Kingdom.
Britain is England, Wales and Scotland.     The whole nation, including
Northern Ireland, is termed the United Kingdom, and the official title
the whole country is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

Please.   Never, ever use the term "England" to refer to the whole
of the UK or Britain.  The Scots, welsh and Northern Irish find that
offensive in the extreme, and it only reduces the veracity of the point
are making.

Ian McRae

  4. Orjan Svensson: Linguistic Point
Subject: 80 percent non-Indo-European?


         I found the following quote at
http://softrat.home.mindspring.com/germanic.html :

"About 80 percent of Germanic roots are non-Indo-European."

I don't know how accurate that is.


5. Books Going Out. Comments and Criticisms Requested
The new book "The Tribes" 3rd edition is going out.
Please order
If you have any comments (good or bad) on the books please send them.
Your feedback is nearly all we have and we need it.
If it is negative it may give us clues as to where and what we can
upon in the future.
If it is positive it encourages us and also could encourage others.

6. Arousal in Jerusalem Area
An increased demand for our works in both Hebrew and English has been
noticed recently in the
Jerusalem area.  Rabbinical students like them.

>7. Questions on "Did You Know?" Sources
>Yair Davidiy <britam@n...> wrote:
> > (Genesis 22:16-17 24:60). All of these points together with
> > numerous others show that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes can
> > only be found amongst Western Nations especially the English-
> > speaking ones. The correctness of our interpretation of the
> > relevant verses is confirmed by traditional
> > Jewish sources and by the findings of up-to-date historical and
> > scientific
> > research. Your destiny may depend upon this information.
>Yair, ..do you mind...
>  to elaborate a little bit further on
>the 'traditional Jewish sources' and 'up-to-date historical and
>scientific research you were referring to? Is there a specific
>relationship with British-Israelism or does it stand on itself...

Rabbinical Sources
a.Based on our understanding of Biblical verses we say that the Lost
Tribes are today in certain locations and
enjoy a defined situation.
The most authoritative and revered Rabbinical sources agree with us
the verses we quote from do indeed
refer to the Lost ten Tribes in their places of exile.
b. Early Rabbinical sources historically located the Lost Ten Tribes in
areas that  conform to ethnic and geographic
terms known to the Greek and Roman world of the time. From these areas
peoples migrated to the west.
c. Rabbinical Commentators on Obadiah 1:20 placed the Lost Ten Tribes
Britain, France, and areas of Western Europe.
d. The leading element amongst the Lost Ten Tribes are the Tribes of
Joseph. Rabbinical Commentators understood
the sources to describe Joseph and the future leaders of Joseph as
in ways that fit those
of certain nations in the West today.
e. The points mentioned above (a,b,c,d) intertwine with each other and
complement one another.
They all indicate the same answers. They should be considered as a
comprehensive whole.

Historical Sources
People moved from the East to the West. Historical sources describe the
routes of these migrations
and confirm the existence of customs, traditions, and linguistic
that can only be explained
by the said migratory paths. These described historical movements of
peoples are not on the whole consistent with the explanations
of conventional research but they do fit the facts that convention
admits to.

British Israel
British Israel transmitted an existing tradition. They did not invent
notion of Israelite origins but rather publicized it.
They also published studies that in some cases contained valuable
that we used in our research.
British Israel in the past was not anti-Semitic or racist but rather
so in part in recent times due to the
infiltration of hostile elements.
We have no connection with British Israel. In the past they purchased
publications from us and I corresponded
with one or two of their leaders. I was also invited to speak at a
Conference of theirs but could not attend
since the Israeli authorities could not bear to see a National Treasure
like myself leave the country.
What little contact there was or may have been has been cast aside for
time now.