28 Nov 2004
"Brit-Am Now"- 482
1. Two Sticks in Zechariah 11?
2. Growing Rift between Joseph and Reuben
3. The (Australian and British) Troops of Joseph began the Task and should help complete it
4. Two Sticks of  Ezekiel 37 (crafted by Tom Turner) Depicted on Web Site
5. Reactions to Photos
6. Question on Meaning of the Term "Union Jack"
7. Brit-Am and the Doctor

1. Two Sticks in Zechariah 11?
From: tomandbonnie <tomandbonnie@>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"- 478
Hello Yair,

We read your posts regularly and enjoy all the reference / research and
study material at the Brit-Am web site.

We have also purchased two of your books and though we have not read
them through completely find them to be a wonderful source of
information regarding Yosef's children Epraim and Mannaseh.

Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring additional awareness to
people of all backgrounds on the possibility of our descendancy from
one of the ten tribes.

My note today is about the "Two Sticks". I read with interest about the
gift from Mr. Turner in Idaho and hope you will post a picture of The
Staff you described to us at Brit-Am's website so that we may all enjoy
the beauty of it.

I have enclosed Zechariah 11 as this portion of Scripture also mentions
two sticks / staffs. This portion of Tanach and Ezekial words about the
"Two Sticks" have long captivated my spirit causing me to reach
frequently for my lexicons and other refernece / study materials. Would
you post a brief commentary on the staffs mentioned by Zechariah?

Thank you again for helping all of us who feel that undeniable drawing
to embrace Torah and Judah as our brother that we have been seperated
from for so many centuries. May Hashem complete His work of binding us
into one and planting our feet upon the land of Israel oncce more that
we may be finally.....home.
Tom and Bonnie Collins
Reflections of Torah

2. Growing Rift between Joseph and Reuben
From: J B <jeremiah_71@hotmail.com>
Yair, France is behaving just as you said it would in your studies
about Reuben. I have sent your Brit-Am study about Reuben to the French
embassy here in Canada. It is sad when brothers argue and even worse if we come
to blows. My hope was by sending some of your information this would help
heal this rift between Joseph and Reuben. However I never heard anything
from the embassy. I know this rift well that exists between Joseph and
Reuben from living in Canada. Many French cannot stand we English. However
their are French people as well who are very kind and get along with
Yair, maybe now is a good time to repost some of your info on France
again so we can get the word out and heal the divide that seems to be growing
between Joseph and Reuben. It also seems that Joseph and Judah are
slowly coming together in many aspects at the same time. So I guess we can
look that their are positives that are coming about at the same time.

<<Tony Blair's hopes of healing the rift between Europe and America
after the re-election of President George W Bush were quickly dashed
yesterday, as France led calls for a rival European superpower to confront

<<The Prime Minister told fellow leaders at a European Union summit in
Brussels that it was now time to "rebuild the relationship across the
Atlantic" after bitter arguments over Iraq, the environment, trade and
the Middle East peace process.

<<But "Old Europe's" political class seized on the election result to
press for stronger EU institutions to counter US domination.

<<Reacting to Mr Bush's victory, Michel Barnier, the French foreign
minister, said four more years of a unilateralist administration in
Washington required Europe to develop its own diplomatic and defence machinery.

<<"Our world needs several powers. We are in the process of gathering
the pieces and the will to become another power," he said.

<<Calls for Europe to accelerate its defence and foreign policy plans
came from across the political spectrum yesterday.

<<The European constitution signed with a fanfare in Rome last week
creates a European foreign minister backed by an EU diplomatic service.
Brussels already has a large military staff to co-ordinate a 60,000-man rapid
reaction force which has been used in Balkans and central Africa.

<<Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the leader of the Greens in the European
Parliament, said Mr Bush's victory made "Europe's role as a counterweight to the US ever more important".

3. The (Australian and British) Troops of Joseph began the Task and
should help complete it
From: luke martin
Shalom Yair!

Hashem speaks prophetically through Joel Chapter 3 as a warning to the
antisemites of our day. Verse 1 firstly predicts the return of Judah
and the liberation of Jerusalem, which has happened in 1948 and 1917
respectively. Both Australian and British troops liberated Jerusalem
from the Ottoman occupation. The night before the liberation, two thirds of
the Australian soldiers received dramatic spiritual experiences that
brought them back to their childhood Sunday School lessons. Some reportedly saw
angels. So dramatic were these experiences that the Australian officers
in charge had to simply let their men take these experiences in without
interference. The next day, Jerusalem was liberated. As the Australian
soldiers, the ANZACs, marched along the road up to Jerusalem, the local
Jews hugged adn kissed them, tears streaming down their cheeks.
Significantly, Australia would be the first nation to vote in the
United Nations to reestablish the State of Israel.

The rest of Joel Chapter 3 should be very sobering for one who dabbles
with antisemitism. Here Hashem mentions a specific kind of antisemitism:
racism against the tribe of Judah [the Jewish people]. But if one reads verse
carefully, Hashem will not just judge the Gentile nations that have
persecuted Judah, He will also judge those who have persecuted the lost
tribes of Israel. In verse 2, Hashem says: "I will gather all nations
[goyim: gentiles], and will bring them down into the valley of
Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage
Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land". G-d
remembers the crimes that the Gentile nations have not just committed
against Judah, but also against the lost ten tribes. The September 11
attacks on New York touched both Judah and Manasseh, the apple of God's eye.

But lest we overlook another prophesied judgment in verse 2, consider
the last four words: "and parted my land". Hashem will also judge the
antisemitic Gentile nations that have divided the land of Israel. As an
Anglo-Celtic Australian I repent on behalf of the British for not
giving the whole of Palestine to the Jews. True, my British cousins must be
highly commended for handing back part of Palestine to the Jews. No countries
other than the United States of America has done as much for the Jews
as Britain. Nevertheless, in the interests of our own blessing, I must
note that since the enactment of the compromised Balfour Declaration of
1917, as one leading Rabbi noted, "the sun finally began to set on the British
Empire". Britain, Ephraim to be precise was soon eclipsed by the United
States of America.

As Ephraimites, it is our duty to partake in Hashem's plan as outlined
in Ezekiel 47 to reunite the sticks of Judah and Ephraim. This prophecy
shows that this earlier compromise of dividing the land will be forgiven. But
that same Chapter and following chapters, show that even with the whole
of contemporary Palestine, Israel's borders will not be complete. I call
upon both Ephraim and my Judah cousins to stop talking compromise in regards
to Israel's borders. Judah and Ephraim must realise that no peace will
come through compromise. Esau and Ishmael cannot be trusted. True, Daniel
tells us that a very temporary peace will come through compromise. But the
only peace with which Hashem is pleased is when Israel's borders are
restored as prophetically outlined in Joshua, Ezekiel and other Scriptures. If G-d
has given the land, it is a sin to trade it. This is not the vision of
Jacob who fought for his birthright and the blessings. Let us pray that
Hashem will quickly send Ephraim and Manasseh to the aid of Judah during these
challenging times. There can be no compromise. Eretz Israel, not Palestine!

Luke W. Martin, Melbourne, Australia

P.S. If you would like to include this in your emails, I think it will
encourage both Jews and the lost tribes to honour their birthright, to
fight for Israel, to gain courage! Shalom!

4. Two Sticks of  Ezekiel 37 (crafted by Tom Turner) Depicted on Web Site

5. Reactions to Photos
(a) Wow! As I looked at these photos in succession, I FELT them being
joined together.

These are so beautiful!

I'm not sure how you feel about prophesy in these days, but I can "see"
Lost Children of Israel from all over the world embracing these joined
sticks as they weep as Rachel wept, inconsolable, because her children
were no more.  Now, Rachel's children have been revived from the dead as in
Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones, which not at all
coincidentally precedes the vision of the two sticks.

Respectfully, Liz Imbo

>From: "Nathan Proud"
>Subject: Re: Ezekiel 37 Pictures no.2
>Wow! Kudos to the fella who made those!!!

6. Question on Meaning of the Term "Union Jack"
>From: Bob Davis <bdavis@paxkom.net>
>Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-481
>5. Shaul Har-Habayit on the Union Jack
>Its a nice idea that "Jack" in the term "Union Jack" could refer to Jacob.
>However, this doesn't seem likely for the following reasons.
>1. The tern "jack" can refer to any flag, typically flown from the prow of a
>ship.  Ships fly a Pilot jack when they are requesting the assistance of a
>Pilot to navigate into a harbour, for instance.  For interest, the US navy
>also refer to the US flag as the Union Jack.
>2. The term "jack" for a flag almost certainly pre-dates the design of the
>UK Union Jack.  (The official name for the flag is the "Union Flag" in any
>case).  On April 12, 1606 the first 'Union Flag' was created when James VI
>of Scotland also became James I of England. It was a superposition of the
>red cross of St George of England and the saltire of St Andrew of Scotland.
>The current Union Flag dates from January 1, 1801 with the Act of Union with
>Ireland. The new design added the red saltire cross attributed to St
>3. Jack, in UK English, is the familiar (or nick name) for John, not
>My reference:  the Pocket Oxford Dictionary
>Bob Davis

I checked what you said  on the web and in a reference work I
use ("These Are the Names" by Alfred J. Kolatch, 1957) and these are my
impressions though additional research
on the subject would not harm:
(1.  The term "jack" can indeed refer to a flag but more usually it refers
to a specific type of flag.  "Union jack" could  mean a flag formed from
a combination of other flags. The "Union Jack" (with Capital Letters) of
Britain could therefore be so called
because it is the best known and most important "union jack" (flag
comprised of other flags)in existence.
On the other hand "Jack" is another name for James and the Union that gave
rise to the Union Jack was due to James vi of Scotland becoming James 1 of Great
Britain and consequently
adherents of the Royal House of Stewart were known as  "Jacobeans". e.g. the extract below
considers both possibilities:
<<The Union Flag, or Union Jack, is the national flag of the United Kingdom
and it is so called because it embodies the emblems of the three
countries united under one Sovereign - the kingdoms of England and Wales, of
Scotland and of Ireland (although since 1921 only Northern Ireland has been part
of the United Kingdom).
  <<The term Union Jack possibly dates from Queen Anne's time (reigned
1702-14), but its origin is uncertain. It may come from the 'jack-et'
of the English or Scottish soldiers; or from the name of James I who
originated the first union in 1603, in either its Latin or French form
Jacobus or Jacques; or, as 'jack' once meant small, the name may be
derived from a royal proclamation issued by Charles II that the Union Flag
should be flown only by ships of the Royal Navy as a jack, a small flag at the

Terminology: 'Union Flag' or 'Union Jack'?
<<The issue of whether it is acceptable to use the term 'Union Jack' is
one that causes considerable controversy. Although it is often asserted
that 'Union Jack' should only be used for the flag when it is flown as a
jack (a small flag flown at the bow of a ship), it is not universally accepted
that the 'Jack' of 'Union Jack' is a reference to such a jack flag; other
explanations have been put forward. >>
<<The flag of the UK is officially called the Union flag, because it
embodies the emblems of three countries united under one monarch.>>
<<[The Union Flag is commonly known as the Union Jack, although the
exact origin of the name is unclear.>>
<<One explanation is that it gets its name from the "jack staff" of
naval vessels (a small flagpole at the front of Royal Navy vessels) from
which the original Union Flag was flown.>>

(2. "jack" did not mean any flag but a small flag flown at the bowspit.
Beyond the origin of any particular name there must be taken into
account how it sounds and how the name would be understood
by an ordinary person.
"Union Jack" sounds like the "union" of (a person named) "Jack" and the
explanation relating the name to King James (Jackob)
accords with this understanding. This understanding may, or may not be
correct, but it accords with the way a person hearing
the name would understand it.

(3. "Jack" is short for Jacob
e.g.    www.allboybabynames.com%2Fnames-j%2Fboybabynames-jack.html
Name: Jack
Origin: American
Meaning: Taken From Jacob

Jack is another form of Jacob see the extract below from “Webster’s New
World Dictionary” .
"Jack" may also be a nickname that could be applied to somebody called
"John" but only due to usage not as a derivative.
"John" is an English form of the Hebrew "Yochanan". If at some stage
people began calling someone named
"John" as "Jack" then they were switching popular names with each other
or identifying "John" with Jacob
instead of with "Yochanan".  Why they did that is a question in its own
right but it does not alter the fact
that Jack is a form of Jacob.
The meaning of words is determined by how they are understood.
"Union Jack"  in common parlance means the Flag of Great Britain.
It implies the UNION of "Jack" meaning Jacob.

Adapted from "Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America", chapter six:

Jacob and Yankee
Jacob was the original name of the forefather of Israel. The name means
“heel” in Hebrew but can also connote “overtake”, “cunning”, and
Isaiah 49:6 referring to the Lost Ten Tribes: "You should be my servant
to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel; I
will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the
end of the earth”.
  The term “Union Jack” is applied to the flag of Britain. The
expression is understandable as meaning “Covenant of Jacob”. The origin of the
expression is due to James-I who united the thrones of England and
Scotland that had previously been divided and separate nations. Tim Phillips
pointed out that: James Stewart I/VI of England and Scotland is called
"Iacobus" (i.e. Jacob) on the coins minted featuring his likeness of the time.
..The name James comes from Jacob. “James” evolved from a Latin “Jacomus”
which is an altered form of Jacobus or Jacob. The British flag is called the
“Union Jack” meaning the confederation or covenant of Jacob.
             <In A.D. 1194, Richard I of England introduced the Cross
of St. George as the standard of England, and this remained the national
flag until the union with Scotland. In 1603, King James VI of Scotland
became James I of England, as a result of which the first Union Jack was
formed in 1606 by the addition of the Cross of St. Andrew which formed the
background of the new flag. The name “Union Jack” came from King James, whose name
is “Jacobus” in Latin, and “Jacob” in Hebrew. Then in 1801 there was
formed the more familiar Union Jack by the addition of the Cross of St.
Patrick, sandwiched in between the flags of Scotland and England. Thus the
formation of the Union Jack as the result of the progressive merging of the
inhabitants of the British Isles under one throne, the throne of David.
The completed Union Jack thus symbolizes the RE-UNION OF JACOBY. >
Brit-Am supporter, Dempsey Bruton reported:
<I checked the “Webster’s New World Dictionary” to confirm that these
Enlish/Latin/Hebrew names are equivalent.
  “Webster’s” says:
James…Jacomus, later form of Jacobus See JACOB.
Jacob…lit., seizing by the heel of (cf. Gen. 25:26) ]] 1 a masculine
name: dim. Jake, Jack; var.James; equiv. Fr. Jacques, It. Giacomo 2 Bible: a
son of Isaac, twin brother of Esau, and the father of the founders of the
twelve tribes of Israel: also called Israel: Gen. 25:24-34
Jaco-beian…Jacobus. L form of the name of James I (see JACK)
             Dempsey Bruton continues: <The Dictionary confirms that
the names James, Jacobus, Jacob, and Jack, are all equivalents. All this
leads to some very interesting conclusions:
             <The first British king to unite England and Scotland
(both are Israelite peoples of Jacob) into one kingdom was King James (King
Jacob). His very name means Jacob and he unified the people of Jacob in
the British Isles. Is this mere coincidence?
             <Also King James authorized the translation of the Bible
into English and it is called the King James (Jacob) Version. This version
of the Bible has been used for centuries as the main Bible version of the
English-speaking people. Remember also that Jacob is another name for
the patriarch Israel. Thus the King James Bible could also rightly be
called the King Jacob or King Israel Bible. The main point here is that the
K.J.V.  of the Bible of the English-speaking people bears the very name Jacob
(Israel) through its English equivalent name “James”. Is this also a
mere coincidence?
             Dempsey goes on: <Another startling fact is that the first
permanent English settlement in America was Jamestown, Virginia, named
after King James. This could rightly be called Jacobtown, Virginia,
since James equals Jacob. It could rightly also be called Israeltown,
Virginia, since both Jacob and Israel are two names for the same man. Thus the
name Jacob, Israel, James is branded on America from its very first
             <Another interesting point that I have heard before and
will mention here is this: During the American Civil War (1861-1865)
Menasseh was divided into Menasseh of the Northern States and Menasseh of the
southern states – at war with each other. The first battle between
these two halves of Menasseh was fought at a place called Manasses, Virginia.
Could this also be another coincidence?
             <In Summary, the first king to unify the people of Jacob
in the British Isles had a name that meant Jacob. He authorized the KJ
Bible which has been the mainstay of the English speaking people of Jacob for
centuries and whose name King James Bible means King Jacob Bible. Thus,
through the king and the Bible, the name Jacob (Israel) is branded on
our people. America’s first permanent English town has the name Jacob
(/Israel) branded on it via the name James. >

Another point is concerned with the nickname “Yank” meaning American.
This nickname is of uncertain origin. Some say it derives from the name of a
Red Indian tribe, others say it was an Amerindian way of pronouncing,
“Angle” or “English”. Whatever the origins of the name the fact remains that in
the Hebrew that was used by most of the Jews in Europe “Yank” was a
shortened form of the name Jacob. A famous Hebrew book is known as “Ayin Yaacov”
or “Spring of Jacob.” It consists of a collection of legendary sources in
the Talmud. Amongst Jews of European origin “Ayin Yaacov” is frequently
pronounced as “Ayin Yancov.” The East European and Yiddish
pronounciation of Jacob was “Yancov”. “Yank” is short for “Yancov” or “Jacob”.

7. Brit-Am and the Doctor
Eric Schendel is a doctor who supports Brit-Am and has participated in
Brit-Am discussions.
He has now set up his own web-site
The site is commercial and contains medical explanations that may not
be acceptable to everyone
but as far as I can tell his message is positive and can help people.
We have had some dealings with Eric in the past and our impression is
that he isGod-fearing, intellectually honest and rigorous.
May none of us ever need doctors or medications but if we do
may we encounter only good ones.
Eric Schendel, M.D.

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