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1. Pictures of Israel
2. DNA Changes After Death?
3. Not all Christains advocate Replacement Theology
4. Origin of Khazars
5. Book on the Khazars
6. Hebrew Book Well Received
7. Lubavitcher Rebbe's Legacy Expanding

1. Pictures of Israel
Wendy Sutherland lives at Tekoa in Israel.
Several times a week she sends out to her group good quality photos of
different places in the Land.
She may be contacted at:

2. DNA Changes After Death?
From: "Judy Snyder"
Mr. Davidi,

About DNA
The article that stated that DNA changes after death
was particularly correct.
DNA can break down after time  if exposed to
harsh climate changes, thus taking on the look of
a different DNA haplotype.
Most DNA does not change for several generations but
can have a mutation occur within a haplotype,
  Scientist are not sure why the mutation occurs. DNA studies are still
relatively new compared to other sciences.
A persons DNA cannot change throughout the entire
body during his lifetime. Radiation of burns could
effect how the DNA strand appears in a particular
location of the body, but the original DNA strand
will not change in every molecule of the body into
another haplotype.
Also, some scientist can make mistakes if they
only take one sample of DNA from ancient sources,
if a foreign protein has mixed with the DNA of the
subject. The best source of ancient DNA samples are
from individuals that were sealed and placed in an
area that is protected from the elements and climate
Most sincerely, Judy L. Snyder

Tehillim 122 ...when our feet stood within thy gates, O Jerusalem; O
Yerushalayim,  built as a city that is strong: there the tribes used to go
up...an appointed practice for Yisra'el, to give thanks. For there are set
thrones of the house of David.              Shalom, Yudy

Brit-Am Comment: In the case of DNA they are saying that DNA can change
after death and that in some cases it does undergo exactly the same changes
in a large number of cases, e.g. out of a sample of 100, 30 experience the
same mutation. They say that these changes only take place after the death
of the subjects but I have not yet seen an explanation as to how they can
be certain.

3. Not all Christains advocate Replacement Theology
Replacement Theology says that Israel (meaning in their terms the Jews)
were originally the Chosen People but now the Christians have replaced
them. The Christians, they say are the New Israel, and have replaced the
Jews. Claims that the Jews are not racially descended from Judah or Israel
may be viewed as a development of Replacement Theology.

Dear Mr. Davidy,
Please be more careful with such statements: you know that not all
Christians adhere to replacement theology. Many do, unfortunately, but I am
among the huge number of Christians who denounce such doctrines as heresy.

Nathan Proud

Brit-Am Comment: We did not intend to say that all Christians hold this
doctrine just that it exists.
We have been through this subject several times in the past and I think
there is no reason to re-hash it all over again.

4. Origin of Khazars
A. Baschmakoff  ("Cinqunate Siecles", Paris, 1937) shows that according to
the earliest and most reliable reports the Khazars originated in Sacasene.
Sacasene was in Armenia and was an area to which the Lost Ten Tribes had
been exiled.
A Map showing the location of Sacasene may be seen at:
Sacasene was also an early location of the Scythian-Sacae from whom the
Anglo-Saxons and related peoples descend
and they too were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes.
A curiosity is that according to
by THOMAS V. Gamkrelidze and V. V. IVANOV
most modern  European languages originated in this region
though they did so (according to them) in the 2000s BCE whereas
the Lost Ten Tribes where only in the region around the period 700 to 500 BCE
apart from the Khazars who remained there for several centuries after that.
Gamkrelidze and IVANOV (in the article above) also ascribe the spread of
Indo-European languages into
Europe to the migration of Hittites.
<<anthropometry, which is the scientific measurement of the human body, has
begun to chart the imposition of the Hittite physiognomy, typified in
Hittite reliefs, on certain European populations.>>
We take NOTE of these claims but NEITHER accept nor reject them.

5. Book on the Khazars
We are preparing a book on the Khazars. It may be finished soon. The
initial intention was primarily to show
that the Khazars were of Israelite descent. In the course of our research
however we uncovered much additional
evidence concerning the Israelite origins of certain Western peoples and
also insights into the Biblical identities
of several European and Asiatic groups. This could turn out to become the
most significant work of ours.
We have received some help that was very effective and we greatly appreciate it
but still we need more.
According to the Bible Brit-Am is in accordance with the will of the
Almighty and is on behalf of all
Israelites. Those who help us will surely be blessed and rewarded from above.

6. Hebrew Book Well Received
Our book in Hebrew "Achim Acharim" has been read and enthusiastically
received by a well-known Rabbi
in the Jerusalem area.. Details later.
At present news of the book is being passed by word of mouth or through us
sending free copies to selected
personages. Our means for now do not allow us any other form of advertising.
All those who have received and read the book up till now seem to have been
favorably impressed.
On apparently  two occasions our book was received with suspicion that we
might represent some kind of  Missionary
agenda. This sounds silly but people are the same everywhere.
On the whole the Hebrew-speaking public has never heard of Brit-Am so the
whole idea is somewhat surprising
at first. There are also those who have had some encounters with the
Identity question as represented by
the Forces of Darkness and in this case too we have to overcome misconceptions.
At all events we seem to be making progress.

7. Lubavitcher Rebbe's Legacy Expanding
by Sue Fishkoff, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Extracts Only
Ten years after the death of the last Lubavitcher rebbe, Menachem Mendel
Schneerson, his influence on the Jewish world continues to grow.

Tens of thousands of mourners visited Schneerson's grave in Queens, on
Tuesday for his 10th yarhzeit. Israel's two chief rabbis had called for a
worldwide day of communal prayer, saying, "The flourishing success of other
groups, not only among Chasidic circles [but among] the Jewish community at
large, is in large measure due to the rebbe."

It is a big claim, but one that Jewish figures of nearly all movements echo.

"The rebbe has left an indelible impression on Judaism in the 20th
century," said Rabbi Norman Lamm, chancellor of Yeshiva University and one
of the leading figures of the Modern Orthodox movement. Though he
criticized Chabad for building a "personality cult" around its rebbe, whom
many Lubavitchers believe to be the Messiah, Lamm said Schneerson "was an
indomitable leader, a preeminent scholar and a truly creative visionary of
organization. He consolidated the Chabad movement so that it was able to
outlast his own life."

Schneerson's background was unusual for a Chasidic rabbi. Born in 1902 in
Russia into a Lubavitch family of prestigious lineage, he learned in
yeshivas as a youth but went on to study math and science at the University
of Berlin and the Sorbonne in Paris. In 1941, Schneerson fled Nazi-occupied
Europe for New York. In 1951, a year after the death of his father-in-law,
the sixth Lubavitcher rebbe, Schneerson was proclaimed the seventh rebbe by
Chabad elders.

While many Lubavitchers still believe the deceased rebbe to be the Messiah,
the power of the movement's messianists decline with each passing year,
although the issue remains a point of contention both inside and outside
Chabad. The movement today is led by a 22-member board of rabbis that
allocates funding from its headquarters in Crown Heights, adjudicates
disputes and serves other administrative functions.

Chabad outreach activities are growing, with more than 4,000 shluchim
(emissaries) spreading Schneerson's message in more than 70 different
countries, more than double the number a decade ago. There's hardly a
Jewish community anywhere in the world that doesn't have a Chabad center,
and hardly a Jew that does not know of "the rebbe" and his shluchim.

By sending his yeshiva students into the streets of middle America with
beards and hats at a time when even observant Jews tried to hide their
ethnic identity, Schneerson exerted the single greatest influence on the
revival of Jewish pride in the United States...
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz said.

Schneerson most often is credited for his outreach work ­ not just the
practical accomplishments, such as the creation of schools, holiday
services and adult education classes, but the underlying philosophy that
focused on each individual Jew with caring, warmth and love.

"The rebbe was the first person on American soil to put priority on what
today is called 'kiruv [drawing Jews closer to their religion]," said Rabbi
Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive director of the Orthodox Union. "Today
everyone is doing it, but there's no question that Chabad was doing it
decades before anyone else."

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