"Brit-Am Now" - 387

April 14, 2004
1. Question on Priests
2. Remark on Hebrew Lesson
3. Welsh Hebrew Language
4. Gomer
5. Enabling of Brit-Am
6. Hebrew lesson: "od"
7. Free Copies available within Israel of  "Achim Acharim"

1. Question on Priests
From: Cindy
Subject: Re: The Real Ephraim answer and Question on Priests

Apparently, the whole tribe of Ephraim had the same
speech impediment.  I'm going to be silly so please
don't be offended by a lighthearted comment, but I've
never heard anyone here in the southern U.S. say sit
when they meant to say shit.  Believe me, they always
get that one right!  Apparently, then, we are not

We just got back from Ireland (Yair-land) I read that
you said that Manasseh had a son was named Yair.  I do
believe that Ireland was one of the half tribes of
Manasseh.  Almost everyone I know over here in the
United States has Irish blood.  I do.  They call us
the Scots-Irish.
>Just a quick question.  Are there priests who know
>their lineage there in Jerusalem?  I do believe in the
>eventual re-unification of all Israel.  I know there
>will be a re-instatement of the priests someday in the
>future.  I appreciate the info we have gotten over the
>internet from your site.

Most Priestly families (Cohens) have a reasonably strong tradition that
they really
are just that. In addition I understand that a reasonable number of
families have genealogical
lists going back to the Second Temple Period.
There is also the newly discovered Cohen Y Gene that is possessed by about
half of
the Cohen families but since it is also found in a lot of gentile families
(southern Italy, Hungary, etc)
its reliability or exact significance is still debatable.

2. Remark on Hebrew Lesson
From: M
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the Hebrew Lesson!!  You should
include more of them from time to time...

3. Welsh Hebrew Language

Have been going through relevant literature including, "Comparing Welsh
Hebrew" by Karel Jongeling (2000)
of Leiden University, Netherlands. Jongeling  examines the history of
scholarly claims of an affinity between Welsh and Hebrew
from the 1600s to the present day while reviewing the evidence.
His conclusions are:
Welsh Language ALMOST DEFINITELY formed from substratum that was a form of
Hebrew with some Hamitic (Egyptian-Berber type) influence over which a
minority of elite conquerors imposed Continental Celtic.
Some of the strongest evidence we have so far. Evidence is strong in its
own right
and from an academic point of view acceptable.
What applies to Welsh is also pertinent to Irish and Scottish
and maybe also Gaulish but in Wales the evidence is stronger or the
relevant researches have been more consistent
and more intense.
Believed that this said Hebrew substratum was to be found throughout
western Europe.
Relevant findings will be summarized and written up in a series of  short
articles in our magazine.

4. Gomer
Based on Hosea chapters 1 and 2 and odd factors we suggested a linkage
between the ten tribes
and the sons of Gomer. This suggestion has since been confirmed. Areas of
Gomer include
Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia.
The book Origin is reasonably well written but may have some faults in
presentation. Even so all
proofs given there are correct.

5. Enabling of Brit-Am
Brit-Am needs your enabling. We need money to function.
We have the potential to make dramatic breakthroughs on the world scene
since our knowledge is correct
convincing and provable. It is also important and significant.
Even without these breakthroughs there are many like yourselves
to whom Brit-Am knowledge could be  important.
Help us to function and to reach others.

6. Hebrew lesson: "od"
The Hebrew word "od" means "additional".  A related word that is spelt the
same though pronounced differently
is "ad" meaning , "up to" "until".
The root  is comprised of two letter Ayin-Dalet
The first letter "Ayin" can be pronounced also as "an" (as in our example
of "Aegel" being Angle)
and thus "od" could have been pronounced like the English word "and" and
sappears to be the source of
that word.
Likewise the Hebrew "od" and "ad" gave rise to the English words "odd" and

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