"Brit-Am Now"- 385

April 12, 2004
1.thomas malloy: Athens
2.Timothy F Murray: Scots
3. Biblical Studies: Psalms
4. Hebrew Book
5. Hebrew Lesson

1.thomas malloy: Athens
Subject: Greater Israel

I found it interesting that the original Greeks may have been Israelis.
Athens has always impressed me as a precursor of the democracies which I
associate with a reverence for the rights of the individual, and based on
the Torah. Sparta was the original socialist "utopia", which I associate
with Edom.

2.Timothy F Murray: Scots

Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-384

Yair, Re: the influence of the Scots on Western Civilization, you might
direct readers to the following book by Arthur Herman: How the Scots
Invented the Modern World.  Quite a convincing tome!
         Tim Murray

3. Biblical Studies: Psalms

Our Biblical Studies will be continuing,. At present we are studying the Book of Judges.
IN ADDITION we shall also begin a study of Psalms that will be attached to
postings of Brit-Am Now and Jerusalem News and also sometimes sent independently.
This is somewhat experimental at present.

4. Hebrew Book
Our book in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim" is going out.
To see the book and its cover (designed by Oriel Davidiy) go to:
Initial reactions to the book so far have been very positive.
The book reads well and the content is considered both interesting and
All our books have been of good quality but this is considered better than
the others
and could presage a significant change.

5. Hebrew Lesson
In Hebrew "Aver" is a root meaning "over" and "other" which is were these
English words come from.
It is the root of the word "Ivri" meaning "Hebrew".
The related word "avar" means past.
"avar" can also mean "cross over" or "transgress", "commit sin".
An "avarah" is a transgression.
An "avaryan" is a transgressor or sinner.
The Libavitcher Rabbi has been quoted as saying that an
"avaryan" (sinner) is someone who lives in the past ("avar")
i.e. he lets past events determine his present behavior.
True freedom from inhibitions means not committing sin but doping good.

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