"Brit-Am Now"-251

June 3, 2003
2. Surname  found in  records of  Jewish Colony
3. Impersonation by Scumbag
4. Question on Southern Italy
5. Question on H. W. Armstrong and Germany


[] fifth-fourth-century B.C. necropolis found along the sandy banks of the
Aisne River may be the final piece of the puzzle for archaeologists trying
to identify a Celtic tribe in the Picardie region of northern France.
Containing forty tombs, it appears to be the burial grounds for one or more
villages in the area. Male burials contain weapons--swords, lances, and
javelins--as well as some bronze personal items such as tweezers and
razors. Women were buried with torques, bracelets, bronze earrings, and
amber or colored glass beads. One large torque was decorated with coral, an
exotic material that must have come from the Mediterranean. The most
important find so far is a small bronze pendant of a woman whose legs form
a lyre. Not only are depictions of people very rare in this period, but
this is also the oldest known Celtic representation of the lyre, pushing
back their knowledge of the instrument by two centuries.

    The necropolis has much in common with other Celtic burial grounds
discovered in the region, such as those at Bucy-le-Long, Chassemy, and
nearby Ciry-Salsogne. This similarity of funeral practices and the presence
and style of grave goods has enabled archaeologists to define a cultural
group, perhaps under one chief, particular to the area. This excavation is
a part of a large, multi-year project aimed at understanding the whole
history of habitation of this area of Picardie, from the Neolithic to the
present day.--JARRETT A. LOBELL

© 2003 by the Archaeological Institute of America

2. Surname  found in  records of  Jewish Colony
From: Reverend Waylon Angel <reverendangel@zianet.com>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-250

Just wanted to share something interesting I found when I visited a Jewish
Genealogy research site, My Surname is found in the records of a Jewish
Colony in Spain...the given names are somewhat shared amongst my family

3. Impersonation by Scumbag

A person from Hungary (now, says he,  living in Germany) via an Italian e-mail service
"a network owned by wind.it " has taken an address out at  Yahoo and is
impersonating us.
He is using the address yair davidiy <yairdav2000@yahoo.com>
He is sending out messages purporting to originate from us.
This person also uses the address: odeleeli@flash.ro
and several other addresses as well.
We are not perfect (though perhaps are improving slowly) and have made many
mistakes on the past.
There is a lot for which we could conceivably be criticized. Nevertheless
it is interesting that until now all our enemies have felt themselves obliged to stoop to
lies and underhand methods.

4. Question on Southern Italy
  Tony  wrote:
>hello Yair,
>My name is Tony and I'm from XX, Canada.  I was
>really interested in reading your findings,  I'm a
>firm believer in the restoration of the two houses of Israel.
>I'm not a Jew, but I firmly believe that I'm a Joe
>(Joseph/Ephraim).  Don't ask me to physically prove it
>cause I can't.  I personally believe that Yeshua
>(Jesus is a pagan name) of Nazareth was/is the
>Maschiach.  I came out of the "church" system because
>I believe that it is not bibically sound.
>I'm sure you've heard of people like me around the
>world, a bunch of "wacky gentiles" claiming to be the
>house of emphraim.  Well, this phenomenom is
>happeniing all over the world and amazingly is not
>really orchestrated by any man either.  People like
>myself are returning back to our hebraic roots and
>have such a love for YHWH's holy Torah and we believe
>that we are part of the commonwealth of Israel.
>My parents were born in Southern Italy, so I was
>wondering if any of the 10 tribes migrated in that
>Thanks for your time, I hope you'll respond to this.

By contacting Brit-Am
you have come to the right place. As for Southern Italy, we do not believe
that this area was dominated by any Israelite Tribe and today it is
populated largely by non-Israelites. Nevertheless in this region (and
throughout Italy) elements of peoples whom we regard to have been basically
of Israelite descent did pass through and many of them must have settled.
Also many Jews who had been forced to become Christians or who left their
faith for other reasons also settled in these regions.

5. Question on H. W. Armstrong and Germany
Charity   wrote:
>  Dear Mr. Davidy, I really think your site is interesting. I have some
>questions. #1 Have you ever heard of Herbert w. Armstrong?
>A lot of your teachings
>sound the same.
>#2 Do you think the modern Germans are decended from the
>Please write me back soon if you
>have time, thank you.
>              sincerely, Charity

#1 Mr Armstrong and myself used the same sources and had the same beliefs
concerning the Identity of the Lost Tribes of Israel.
When I did my research I consulted the works of Mr Armstrong along with
hundreds (or thousands) of other works.
#2 Identifying Germany with Assyria was a belief of British Israel and
afterwards of  Mr Armstrong. Craig White of Australia (surfer1@tpg.com.au)
has written a valuable work on this. Descendants of the Assyrians did
settle in some parts of Germany as well possibly as Hungary and Austria.
References to Assyria in the Bible may refer to these entities. In general
we identify Germany with Edom. Germany is also identifiable with Gomer son
of Japhet, Canaan, and other entities. Israelites also at one stage dwelt
in Germany but most left.