"Brit-Am Now"-184
1.CECIL CROW: Brit-Am Branches
2. Scottish Friends and Providence
3. re New Zealand and Zebulon

1.CECIL CROW: Brit-Am Branches
Cecil Crow is the Brit-Am Secretary for Brit-Am Branches in North America
If anyone is interested in forming a new branch or joining an existing one
please contact Cecil.
The message below from Cecil is directed primarily to heads of Brit-Am branches
but it may also be of interest to Brit-Am subscribers in general.

Subject: List Message

  Shalom to All,
   I want to thank all of you for your efforts toward the advancement
of Brit-Am,and the important message Mr. Davidiy has shared with
us.As Secretary of Brit-Am Branches I'm trying to correlate information
between the different branches,as to growth and spreading our message.
Attempting to gage what is working and what is not.

   If anyone on Yair's mailing list has suggestions in this area, please
send them along
with what ever you've found  successful for you.As Yair has a lot
to accomplish, working together maybe we can help to take part
of the load,and keep Brit-Am moving forward.All information will be
correlated and passed along on a bimonthly or monthly time frame
to Yair.

   Also any happening's ( Rallies for Israel,etc.), please let me
know as to help spread the word,these are very good areas for the
Brit-Am message.Please make sure that they are positive movements,
as we don't want or need any negative attachments to Brit-Am.

One more note, make sure that any change in mailing addresses
(snail or e-mail) that you have get forwarded to britam.org or myself
as to insure all list are updated and correct.

Thank You and
May the G-d of Israel Bless You and Yours

Cecil Crow

2. Scottish Friends and Providence
From: Geoffrey Cooper
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-182

For years I couldn't make out why all my friends were Scots, upon further
examination I found out that the same was true of my older brother, my son,
and to a certain extent, my daughter. It became clear to me when I did my
family genealogy, I found that I am descended from the Scots on both my
parents sides. They didn't even know this.

Geoff ( England )


3. re New Zealand and Zebulon
 From Eddie Chumney

     I am in New Zealand at the moment. I am with a
person who embraces the 'two houses' who is of Dutch
descent. He has spent over 30 years in the shipping
business. He has told me that he believes that he is
from Zebulon.

Eddie Chumney

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