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1. Inverness: Jews in Spain
2. Craig Blackwood:
New Zealanders were on the hit list!
3. Questions: About Celts and Hebrew Origins


1. Inverness: Jews in Spain
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-965
#1. Maximus Taylor: Jews in Spain

I live in Spain so I can tell you from 1st hand experience that at
a good one quarter of Spaniards are apparently "Jewish" (thats
different than halakha, maybe- by "Jewish" I mean significantly
descended from the medevial jewish culture) And an equal number
would be of some lesser degree of extraction- the thing is it's
genetic at this point so in the same family, at varying intervals,
the ancestry comes out, with even siblings of the same 2 parents
sometimes being "jewish", and "gentile" (it's true but that's just
a jokeing way of putting it!)

Of course at the higher level of society people are more likely to
be Jewish one way or another. The royal family are all Jewish (
apart from the House of David generally being in the ruling class).
The top political leaders are all Jewish, with Spanish Jewish
surnames like Zapatero ("Shoemaker"), Aznar, Franco ("Frank"),
Blanco ("Weiss"), and so on, but of course names are just names.
Many Basques are in history known to be of Jewish origin and to
this day self-identify as Jewish and Hebrew, in general. These
often "look" Hebrew, it fairly obvious. Catalans are also known for
their "Jewishness", and that region may have been the area of the
highest concentration, historically. Also certain cities like
Toldeo, and many others.

Yair Davidy has pointed out that the Gothic nobility and others
similarly situated tended to intermarry with the Jewish community;
apparently this process has been quite thorough. (sounds like
America and co. today!)

The thing to keep in mind with all this medevial history throughout
Europe is that, generally, the Jewish population over the centuries
was at least 20% of the overall, on average. At the time of the
"Explusion", there were some 12 million souls in the Iberian
peninsula, so including expansion due to intermixture it's quite
possible that up to half the people were descended from Jewish
history. Certainly by all accounts from that time Jews were a major
prescence, especially in the upper half of society be class, with
the nobility clearly being "Jewish", by intermixture. (which just
goes to show that it was all about factional in-fighting)

This all goes back to the Ancient world where the Jewish element
was always numbered at 25% overall (in areas of major habitation),
which naturally reaches 50% in the higher up by social class.

I submit the same situation ALWAYS exists and today in the West is
no different.

Brit-Am Comment:
This weekend's Jerusalem Post has an article about descendants of Jews in
Spain renewing their interest in Judaism.
It mentions the opinion of "Australian-Israeli historian Yair Davidy" that Tarshish
was in Spain and that the Prophet Jonah intended to flee to it.
"Spain and the Jews"
As for many Spaniards being of Jewish origin Don Isaac Abarbanel spoke of them
and many historians make claims similar to those above.

DNA tests however do  not bear these tests out.
DNA Theory may yet need to be revised as we have suggested time and time again.

On the other hand it may be that many of these "Jews" in Spain who did not remain Jewish
were descended from Converts.

It has been claimed that,
One of the reasons the Rabbis changed from an active proselytization program to a reluctance
to accept converts was the experience that converts (or descendants of converts) often did not hold fast
in the face of persecution.
[Having never suffered persecution myself and never having to make the horrible choices that were imposed
on others we would refrain from judgement.]
For one reason or other every single Jewish community in Latin America refused to accept converts.
Usually the reason was fear of Gentile reaction but other reasons also held.
At all events, Abarbanel seems to link the destiny of the Anusim (Marranos, Forced Converts) who return with that of the Ten Tribes.
We define on the whole such people as Captive Jews and as part of Judah.


2. Craig Blackwood:
New Zealanders were on the hit list!
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-962

Shalom Yair

I find it interesting that the conspiracy theory repeats.

The chief thing about conspiratists is lies and deceit.
The chief thing about conspiracy theorists is ignorance to the real truth
(because of the lies and deceit).

Although I am no a conspiritist OR THEORIST, I find that the lessons of
history reveals that in many cases, conspiracy did actually exist.  The
Communists and the Nazis being prime examples. Apart from the evident
conspiracy to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth, Gypsies were also
on the list.  Believe it or not not long ago it was found that New
Zealanders (yes those amiable Kiwis) were also on the hit list because
Hitler believed that New Zealanders lived in trees and thus they were not
civilised and sub human (thus deserved to be elinminated).  They planed on
turning Tasmania into a German holiday resort because it reminded them of
home.  A pity none of them visited NZ because there is more of it.  Imagine
the Conspiracy Theorist trying to reveal such a rumour.  No substantiated
fact just hearsay.  Of course now the fact is out because of law revealing
the books after 40 years. So now we refute such theorists because it seems
their theories are anti-Jewish "THE GERMANS ARE PLANNING TO KILL JEWS".
Maybe if the theorists were taken seriously back then WW2 may not have been.
So what, the conspiracy theorists were wrong about WMD in Iraq, the
Americans found none.  Does not mean that they weren't.  The BBC said there
was only a few years prior.  There were WMD's don't kid ourselves that there
weren't.  We had the wool pulled over our eyes again, there was.  Sadam was
a chief Conspirator.  He played games with the weapons inspectors,
polititians and the world.  Is it not possible he had the stuff shipped out
before the war?  Little is said about the billions of dollars of receipts
( WMD components and raw materials) by the German, French, Russian and
Chinese suppliers (even the Americans are not innocent).  The receipts prove
that WMD were either about to be made or were made (in some form or

We cannot pretend that there would not be some conspiracy now as history
tends to repeat itself.

The root of conspiracy begins in Genesis and will always be until Messiah.

        Gen 3:15 (KJV) -  And I will put enmity (From H340; hostility: - enmity,
hatred) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it
shall bruise    thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

This battle is still current.  Find the answer to the who are the SEED OF
THE SERPENT and you will find who the real conspirators are.  We should all
know who the seed of the woman is.  Thus those who openly and covertly hate,
plan, scheme and war against the seed of the women, must be seed of the

The Old Testament has 19 hits from the word conspired and 10 hits from

Conspiracy has always been a part of history.  Let us not pretend otherwise.

To say the conspiracy is anti-Jew or anti-Israelite and to refute this
because they are (or seem to be)anti-Jew or anti-Israelite is in my view a
premature judgement.   Most conspiracy theories are indeed anti-Jew and
anti-Israelite. Usually the conspirators are anti-Jew or anti-Israelite, the
theorists only go by their judgement (whether informed or ill-informed). The
reason that it seems reverse (as in Conspirationists who theorize such theories
because of certain RUMOUR or of even real observations) are sucked into
believing anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda.  These theorists are
especially sucked in because they do not know that (I.E.) America is Israel
and also the real purpose of conspiracy.  So the theorists in their
ignorance blame (I.E.) Americans but in reality these observations should be
interpreted as American traitors playing into the hands of the conspiritists
themselves.  The real conspiratists (not the conspiracy theorists) are the
ones who hate Jews and Israelite nations, these are SEED OF THE SERPENT.
The conspiracy theorists hate in their ignorance.  Thus the true
conspirationists have succeeded.  If the conspiracy theorists really knew the
truth, I think there would no longer be theory but action.


3. Questions: About Celts and Hebrew Origins  

From: Christopher B.


I came across your site today when doing some research into Western peoples possibly being of Israelitish descent. I have heard of this before but paid it no mind. However, what I am reading now is making my head hurt -- but in a good way.

My reason for writing is this: I have both Welsh, English, and Irish ancestry. Does this make me an Israelite of some sort?

Due to my interest in my ancestry I have looked into the religions and social systems of my ancestors. What is the link, if any, between the old time ancient Israelite religion of YHVH and that of the 'heathen' Celts?

Are we of Phoenician descent? Are the Celtic pantheons and religions somehow analogous of Phoenician/Canaanite/Hamitic/Hebrew religions? I'd really love some clarification on this.

I can sort of see the similarities between Hebrew and Welsh, but I'm having a harder time getting my mind around any relation between Hebrew and Old English (Anglo-Saxon).

Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

God bless,
C Bilardi

(a) The fact that you have certain national ancestry does not make it absolutely certain
that you are of Israelite origin but it does greatly increase its probability.
"Ephraimite Criteria.  How Do You Know You Descend from Israel?"

(b) Concerning the Hebrew-Celtic links see our work,
"Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races".
A few copies of this work are still available. It costs $30.
For related articles see:
"The Arabian Connection"


(c) It is true that "Druidical" Religion shows a mixture of Canaanite and Hebrew elements.
See "Lost Israelite Identity" for more details.
Canaanites also mixed in with all the Israelite Tribes. Wherever we find anti-Israelite
behavior and strong anti-Jewish sentiment amongst Israelite peoples we have to consider the possibility
of Canaanite or other non-Israelite origin.

(d) Concerning Hebrew and Old English (Anglo-Saxon) I do  not know much about it but from a short analysis of Beowulf
and an Anglo-Saxon dictionary I found quite a few parallels with Hebrew.
This also applies to Modern English.
See also:
The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues