"Brit-Am Now"-809-810
1. Photo Section "very nice"
2. HWA Copyrights Still in Force
3. Re-Union: Nashville, Tennessee Shows the Way?
4. The Morality of our "Expurgated" Version Proposal
and some encouragement
5. Rabbinical Sources Not Sufficiently Appreciated?

1. Photo Section "very nice"
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-807
To: Yair Davidiy <>

Dear Yair,

Regarding the new photos section -very nice, now I know how you and Brit Am office  look like.

Shabat Shalom


2. HWA Copyrights Still in Force
re "Brit-Am Now"-808
#5. Proposed Extracts from Herbert W. Armstrong?

Shalom Yair:

"The US and Britain in Prophesy" by H W Armstrong is available in its
entirety from the Philadelphia Church of God (  I believe
it owns the copyright now.


3. Re-Union: Nashville, Tennessee Shows the Way?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-808

Dear Yair,

I thought you would be interested in knowing that I just returned from a mission trip to Israel with five rabbis and five pastors.  The Jerusalem Post interviewed us while we were there and our local newspaper did a story.  Click on the link below to read more.

The trip was a result of a vision the LORD gave me of a roundtable with rabbis and pastors seated together talking.  After the rabbis and pastors in Nashville agreed to begin the process of dialogue, one of the rabbis suggested that we take a trip to Israel together.  The goal of the trip was to teach the Pastors the Hebrew roots of our faith, and to unite on that which we have in common for the good of the State of Israel.

The LORD is bringing the House of Judah and the House of Israel together even though the rabbis and pastors do not understand fully why, they do recognize that God is doing something historical in our midst.

Be encouraged, Nashville, Tennessee is on the move.

Thanks for all you do in bringing the brethren together.


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, Inc.
P.O. Box 682711
Franklin, TN 37068-2711
Office:  615.207.4119

4. The Morality of our "Expurgated" Version Proposal
and some encouragement
re "Brit-Am Now"-808
#5. Proposed Extracts from Herbert W. Armstrong?
Someone wrote us saying that our proposal was unethical.
First of all, WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT, at least not in the near future.
The idea was to take what had been written, acknowledge its sources,
and acknowledge that ONLY extracts were being republished
while emphasizing that we were posting ONLY
THOSE SECTIONS we were at peace with,
that had been prepared for us by someone else,
which happen to be an important part of the original work.
HWA was giving the book away in his lifetime.
He is now dead and we understood (perhaps wrongly)
that the book was still in the public domain
and that no real direct generally-accepted organizational successor exists.
HWA assumedly believed in what he wrote.
If I was in his place I assume I would be happy that even one important
aspect of my work was appreciated by others
and promoted by them for the public good.
The idea was ONLY A PROPOSAL.
We thought we might be doing no harm to anyone
and a possible service to quite a few others.
On second thought it is not really consistent
with the Brit-Am style so maybe we are better off without it.
Even so, we still do not see anything immoral
in the basic proposal.
Just for the record apart from the Christian sections that could offend
some people the work contains other sections (such as the chapter on
Tea Tephi) we would have preferred to leave aside
while still presenting what the main theme was purported to be.

On the other hand we also received the following reaction:

<<Should we post it on our site?

<<Would it be fair?
<<Could somebody object?

Please post it. I would very much like to read it. I loved HWA's version.


5. Rabbinical Sources Not Sufficiently Appreciated?
Manasseh in Rabbinical Sources
This is an ongoing project.
So far the aspects we have dealt with include
the following National Character Traits attributed to Manasseh:
(1) A Nation of Immigrants who through newly found Prosperity forget the "Old Country"
(2) Messiah Son of Joseph and Manasseh
(3) Presidents and Not Kings
Kings of Israel from Menasseh were more like "Princes" or "Presidents" when compared with the monarchs from Ephraim.
(4) Menasseh to contain a good portion of Simeon [i.e. Welsh and Irish according to Brit-Am]

All of these traits fit the USA very well.
We identify the USA with Manasseh.
The results are  to our mind important and something of a breakthrough.
They show how Rabbinical Biblical scholars at a high level independently of Brit-Am type "motivation"
and whose goal is solely to understand the implications of Scripture,
applying themselves  to understanding what is really being said
reach conclusions consistent with Brit-Am beliefs and which can only be properly appreciated
in the light of Brit-Am beliefs.
The original sources are quite difficult and rely on somewhat convoluted argumentation,
complicated associations and threads of argumentation along with examination of linguistic niceties.
After some effort we rendered the essential message (concerning our interest) of these sources
intelligible and easy to understand while retaining much of the original style
and flavor.
It was not an easy task and the final result is pleasant enough.

After all our work we received no feedback on these efforts
and no encouragement to go on with them.
We are not sure if anyone even read them.
Or perhaps if someone did read them and had difficulty in understand or appreciating them
and we knew about it a few minor alterations could still change everything.
Our goal is to spread the message however possible
and our Brit-Am readership is all we have.
This is our source of support and encouragement and the means by which we gauge
our direction of research and activity.