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1. Batya Wootten: Correspondence Concerning the Khazars
2. DNA Feature Upgraded
3. Answers to Questions on DNA and Linguistics

1. Batya Wootten: Correspondence Concerning the Khazars

From: Batya <batya@mim.net>
Subject: Khazars

Shalom Yair,
I just received a letter from someone who will remain nameless, and who
accused the Jewish people of being "half-caste...imposters...falsely
claiming to be God's Chosen People."
I know you have dealt with this issue but am nonetheless sending a copy of
my response to this person to post if you see fit.
My hope in sending it is to save some from being ensnared by this ridiculous
and nonsensical insult to the Jewish people.
Shalom, Shalom,
Batya Wootten

My response to the letter follows:

Shalom Nameless,

....Again, we make the books available at an inexpensive price to help get
the word out.

In your note you said, "I do believe implicitly that the Israeli`s in
Palestine at present are Arthur Koestler`s half-caste
Khazar/Mongolian/Jewish-proselyte imposters who are falsely claiming to be
God`s Chosen People."

I disagree with this statement and would like to respectfully ask a few
questions.  At the time of the conversion of the Khazar's (many of whom may
have been scattered Israelites without knowing it), we know that there were
many physical Jews alive, so my questions are:  What happened to these
actual Jews?  Did they suddenly stop having children and only the Khazar
converts thereafter had children?  Is it not preposterous to assume this?
Who patrolled the wombs of these people so long ago?  Who kept birth records
that would support this anti-Jewish claim?  For this to be true, all of the
Jews of that time would have had to have been killed off.  So who did it?
Where is the record that they all died or became sterile?

In addition, how can you have an end-times reunion of Judah with Ephraim, as
per Ezekiel 37, etc., if Judah has in effect been eliminated?

If for some reason the above questions did not serve to debunk this theory,
how about the fact that, according to Scripture, converts are to thereafter
be regarded as "natives of the land"?  If the Khazars were converts, and you
are in truth the real thing, then are you not obligated to teach them a
better way?  If they choose to be part of Israel, are you, an assumed
Israelite, not obligated to teach them the truths of Israel rather than
trying to defame them?

I hope you will pray about these things and learn to help us speak to Judah
with love and encouragement.  We need to walk a walk that causes them to see
something in us that they want.  Attempts to defame and debunk the Jewish
people will not accomplish this important mission.

If you continue down this path of anti-Jewish thought, please do not use my
books or materials to spread the idea.  I love both the houses of Israel and
want to see them led down paths of restoration and righteousness.


Batya Wootten

2. DNA Feature Upgraded
Our feature "Replies to Queries About DNA"
has been upgraded and the following questions answered:
(1. What Proof is there linking Brit-Am Western Peoples to the Middle East and Ancient Israel?
(2. Are there reports of DNA studies where DNA Scientists themselves admit that their conclusions are uncertain?
(3. What limitations do DNA tests have?
(4. What Does Palestinian DNA Show US?
(5. What Can DNA Studies in General Tell Us?
(6. How Does Jewish DNA compare with British?

3. Answers to Questions on DNA and Linguistics
 Jacob Roginsky wrote:

Would you please answer the following questions?  I promise to keep
any information you provide confidential (to the degree that Internet permits it).

1. Is there any genetic evidence that the Anglo-Saxons are from the Middle East,
are of the tribes of Israel, etc?
2.  Is there any compelling linguistic evidence of the above?
3.  What is the balance of the opinion on the above among the respected scholars?

Thank you very much.


We would prefer you NOT keep our answers confidential.
We rely on publicity by word of mouth and maintain a maximum degree of transparency.

You should realize first of all that our PRIMARY evidence is Biblical and Biblically-related.

Other fields of evidence are employed by us but these are considered by us to be subsidiary
to the Biblical Proofs.

Our beliefs do not only concern "Anglo-Saxons" but many other  mostly related
peoples in the West.

(1. Concerning Genetic Evidence see our articles:
Reply to Queries on DNA

Reply to Queries on Race

There is no "Proof" from genetics neither anything to disprove it.

By "Anglo-Saxons" you presumably mean inhabitants of the British Isles and their kin.
Conventional DNA evidence based on the Y (male-transmitted) chromosome is that
the British Isles population is a mixture of haplogroups.
See the whole article
Reply to Queries on DNA
and especially our answer to the question:
#Q.6 How Does Jewish DNA compare with British?

Our answer consists of (a) a criticism of DNA studies in general where we wish to emphasize the
environmental influence factor.
(b) Showing how DNA studies confirm our understanding of Migratory Pathways.
(c) Comparing Jewish DNA to that of Brit-Am peoples or comparing the latter to Middle East
findings in general.

(2.  Concerning "any compelling linguistic evidence"
see our articles:
Reply to Queries on Linguistics
see especially
The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues
by Terry Marvin Blodgett

Concerning (3.  What is the balance of the opinion on the above among the respected scholars?

"Respected Scholars" do not on the whole agree with our conclusions
though our premises and methods often agree  with theirs.
Terry Marvin Blodgett in his linguistic work uses academic methods and sources.
Likewise concerning Welsh (see Karel Jongeling "Comparing Welsh and Hebrew") it is
an accepted field of research that examines an Hamitic (Egyptian-Berber type) or Semitic
(Hebrew type) substrate in Insular (British Isles) Celtic dialects.
We are still examining this field on our own account and hope to eventually publish something on the

At all events Brit-Am beliefs can stand up quite well according to valid academic standards.