"Brit-Am Now"-655
1. The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe
2. Thomas Gray: Other Reasons for Amerindian Partial Demise?
3. Letter

1. The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe
Our Commentary to Daniel 2 has been expanded with additional material.
It is worth looking at. Even if you have already read it, it is worth going back to and seeing the
additional material.

Commentaries to the Book of Daniel quoted in the Brit-Am Commentary understand the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar as explained by Daniel as predicting  an eventual attempted union between Ishmael (Islam) and Europe.
Such a union is NOW in preparation.
See extracts from relevant  articles under the heading
We Were Warned! :
" Eurabia" in The Book of
The articles  in effect describe a merger already in the process of preparation of Continental Europe with Ishmael (Arabic-Islam). This is to be carried through at the expense of Israel and the USA.

Another chapter has been added to the
Brit-Am Commentary on the Book of Daniel

2. Thomas Gray: Other Reasons for Amerindian Partial Demise?
Subject: Evolutionism's support
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-652
item #1. Jay: Was There An Ethnically Selective Plague in Britain?
> Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-651
> item #2. Changes in Human Skeletons: Brit-Am Understanding Vindicated Yet

Dear Yair,

This finding of different skull forms will surely be seized by many
evolutionists to bolster their philosophy.  However, there are other
possible interpretations, one being Jay's suggestion that these are the
results of a selective killing or dying.  Another might be that this was an
effect of diet.  Another is that this was a temporary clustering of genetic
tendencies.  I am sure that this finding would not be borne out to extend to
ancient times, which evolutionary theory would require.

The idea of deaths due to lack of defenses is another effect that is used to
bolster evolutionary thought.  The popular concept is that native Americans
had not developed defenses to diseases like smallpox because of being
isolated in the evolutionary process of the past 25,000 years.  Not only do
I not believe that America was isolated for such an extended time (as I
gather that many Brit-Am people also concur with), but history does not
support such an idea if examined carefully.  First, there are reports of
native Americans who did survive these epidemics, without treatment, showing
that they were not completely defenseless. Second, there is the history of
the Pilgrim's native American friend Squanto who was kidnapped and taken to
Europe.  He lived while his entire tribe back in America succumbed to
disease.  He did not die until he returned back to his homeland, where he
contracted a fever after two years and died.  If it were a simple case of
the natives being defenseless against European diseases, Squanto would have
really been finished off in Europe with more diseases available than a few
sailors could bring over.  There must be another interpretation that
explains the data better.

A suggestion for another interpretation came to mind when I saw a photo of
the statue of Massasoit, Squanto's neighboring chief.  He was almost
entirely naked - in Massachussets weather??!!  Could it be that cultural
practices such as lack of warm dress, or perhaps lack of basic santiary
habits, explain the susceptibility of native Americans to disease?  This
would explain why Squanto did not get sick in Europe, while his people in
their native environment died.

Thomas Gray

Brit-Am Comment: Our own understanding of inherited physical change is not a version of "Evolution"
but rather that organisms have inbuilt options for change which once switched
continue through "hereditary" until being switched off again in favor of an alternate option.
See "Queries on Race"

Question #4. Can "Racial" Features be Acquired through Environmental Influence?

Apart from that the concept of selective "ethnic" elimination
is recognized and should be kept in mind as a possibility in these studies.

3. Letter
Dear Mr. Davidy,

Am enjoying your book, and now your site. Got "Tribes" from a friend a few years ago, it agrees with books I've been reading since childhood. Was just in Jerusalem with United Church of God, I hear you met with some of our people. I'm sorry I didn't know!

Keep up the good work.