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1. Questions on Asians etc, DNA, and learning Hebrew.
2. More on Learning Hebrew
3. Gary David Atkinson: A Jew is a person who practices Judaism
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5. Personal news from Yair Davidiy
6. Steven Collins: Los Lunas
7. Shaun D Hansen: Both Joseph and Judah Have Rights and Obligations

1. Questions on Asians etc, DNA, and learning Hebrew.
i've been checking out your site concerning the possible whereabouts
and offspring of the lost tribes of Israel.  a while back i became
interested after noticing a group of black men who meet in an office
down from my gym.  they call it the israelite church of jesus christ
or something like that, and from what i can tell, they believe that
basically africans, native americans, and some east asians are the
offspring of the lost tribes.

my question for you is.. can't this all be cleared up with dna testing?
if the "jews" in israel match their dna up against the dna of the
ethiopian black "jew", shouldn't they share certain traits inherited
from abraham, isaac, and israel? and more importantly if the lost tribes
did not keep to tradition, and intermarried, wouldn't the dna be spread
across a wide ethnic spectrum?

also.. any hints on where i might learn to speak and read hebrew?

(1. Regarding other peoples in Asia etc see our article:
Our article
"Who is Israel?  The Burmese or "Danny Boy"?

(2. Regarding DNA testing:
DNA testing cannot clear up anything but it can indicate who one of your
forefathers may have been generations ago.
It can help a lot in some cases but we have reservations concerning its overall
applicability at this stage in our field.

Can DNA help when comparing ethnic groups?

It could but not enough is known concerning the original constituent
and also not enough is known about how DNA changes, why it changes, at what rate
does it change, to what degree, etc.

(3. Learning Hebrew:
Find someone who knows Hebrew. Pay or persuade them to teach you to read
the letters and vowel points. This should take from two to five lessons.
From then on you can teach yourself to a great degree according to
your circumstances.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

2. More on Learning Hebrew
kakatuv...as it is written
<<Many of the Hebrew prayers are transliterated line by line, and the transliterated line is translated literally word by word. Quirks of Hebrew are explained in the footnotes and notes. This site allows people with no knowledge of Hebrew to say the prayers, and a few songs and psalms, and to know what they are saying as they say it. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform sections. >>
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3. Gary David Atkinson: A Jew is a person who practices Judaism
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re: "Brit-Am Now"-653
item #2. Question: Do the Jews Have a Legitimate Claim to Israel?

To me a Jew is a person who practices Judaism. It can be easily traced that there have been people who have practice Judaism since they were exported out of the land. The persecution of these people is well documented. It would not take a intellectual to figure out that pure blooded Jews are in this group. There has been much intermarriage but the blood line is passed down through the father and the Almighty knows who they are. It stands to reason that these would be the ones that would have a heart for Torah. There are many bible prophecies that the almighty would bring them back into the land in the last days. Who were the people that had a heart to come back through blood,sweat and tears? I'm sure it wasn't Egyptians. Some things can be figured out through common horse sense

4. New Offer: All Five Available Brit-Am books for $70
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5. Personal news from Yair Davidiy
My sister in Australia recently gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl.
A son was just born to my son, Israel.

6. Steven Collins: Los Lunas
An article by Steven Collins
"The Ten Commandments in America ?
Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions Before
 Colombus" may be seen on the Brit-Am site at:
This is a new feature and we hope to add more articles by Steven
in the future.
At the beginning of the article we make the following note:

<<Brit-Am is not taking a stand on this issue one way or other.
The article below represents the personal opinion of Steven Collins on this issue and is presented for the general interest.>>

7. Shaun D Hansen: Both Joseph and Judah Have Rights and Obligations
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-653
item #2. Question: Do the Jews Have a Legitimate Claim to Israel?

Shaun's comments regarding #2:

I read the question and the answer.  I mostly agree, but would add just a
few things:

1)  First, ..we must remember that anyone who was willing to take upon themselves the
covenant of and obey the commandments of Jehovah was welcome to join
ancient Israel, even if they were "strangers" who were not of the original
seed of Abraham (See Ezekiel 47:22 and Exodus 12:48).  This is the
scriptural basis of the defense that people could become "Jews" who were
not of Abraham originally.

2)  In addition, it must be realized by modern Israel (in America and in
Israel) that they really have no hard and fast "right" to their land,
both modern Jews in Israel and modern Joseph in America had to move others
out of their land before they could occupy it.  Was that right?  Well,
sort of.  The rule of this earth and of this universe is power.  Whoever
has the most power wins.  (If Jehovah did not have greater power than
Satan, then we'd all worship Satan.)  However, God intervenes in this
world's affairs, and he gives land to whom he will.  In the case of Israel
and America, God truly has given them their lands, but both have come with
warnings.  The modern Jews in Israel have been warned that they will only
be able to retain their land if they keep the statutes of their God.  This
warning is contained in the Stick of Judah, or the Torah/Talmud.  The
Americans are warned in the Stick of Joseph... that if
they do not serve the God of their land, they will be wiped off it by
three plagues:  terrorism, natural disaster, and economic destruction.

In summary, the Sticks of Joseph and of Judah are sufficient to guide us
all and to put down all questions of doctrine if we will but refer to
them.  However, it is the unfortunate case that God's children are a
stiff-necked people....

Shaun Hansen