"Brit-Am Now"-652
1. Jay: Was There An Ethnically Selective Plague in Britain?
2. Vic Summerour: More On Hebrew Inscriptions in America
3. Brit-Am Web-Site Popularity Increasing
4. Question on the Veracity of Celtic Legend
5. Isaiah Summarized chapters 26-30

1. Jay: Was There An Ethnically Selective Plague in Britain?
From: Jay
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-651
item #2. Changes in Human Skeletons: Brit-Am Understanding Vindicated Yet Again

Hello Yair:

May I offer a speculation about the demise of a tribe or race of people
650 years ago in England.  Drawings I have seen dating from the middle
ages often depict people with a very low forehead along with people who
look more like "modern" English people.  These people with low foreheads
appear as if they are severely handicapped, though possibly before 1350,
these people were a significant presence in medieval England. If you are
considering an evolutionary change in such a short period, I have strong
doubts and I would say, "forget evolution", even if you believe humans
evolved from something that looked like a monkey.  In more modern times
we have an example of a race of people being almost wiped out by
disease.  In and after 1492, the small pox virus was introduced to the
natives of North America by explorers.  Theories are that almost the
whole population died long before there were settlements established in
the US.  The devastation seems to have been most severe in the central
US, near our Mississippi River.  But this occurred even before the time
of the French Explorers from New France (Quebec) and so there is no
record except maybe from a few priests who recorded the stories of those
natives they preached to.   Could it not be that those in England, who
died en-mass, during the plague were of a tribe, which had no immunity,
what-so-ever, to such a virus, whatever it was; just as the Native
population of North America, especially the inhabitants near the
Mississippi River, had no immunity to the plague of the Europeans, the
smallpox virus?  Again, I am speculating and I welcome comments from
other readers so that I will be better informed.


2. Vic Summerour: More On Hebrew Inscriptions in America
From: Vic Summerour
re "Brit-Am Now"-651
item #3. Phoenician Inscription on New Mexico Rock: History or hoax?
http://www.familytreedna.com/public/NuevoMexico (not certain about this link??)

This is also referred to as the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone.

See references below:

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

Mystery Stone

An Ancient Hebrew Inscription in New Mexico -- Fact or Fraud?

America B.C. Revised Edition 1989, P. 310

There's also another Decalogue Stone that was found in Ohio.

The Newark, Ohio Decalogue Stone and Keystone


The Newark Decalogue: Hoax or History?


3. Brit-Am Web-Site Popularity Increasing
The two Brit-Am Web Sites
between them now receive more than a thousand visits per day.
Our Web Sites contain a lot of material.
This applies especially to
which also includes an important section
on Genealogy.
We receive a lot of traffic due to inquiries on genealogy or through
Search Engines highlighting one or other of the numerous topics we deal with.
Our webmaster, Betty Rhodes, put a lot of thought into making our articles
Search Engine friendly.
Whatever the reasons may be as to why people visit our sites most of them
take an interest in the content.
Quite a few apparently come back day after day for some time each day.
The Brit-Am message is spreading out and also deepening in its impact.
We have a long way to go and much to do but something is being done.

4. Question on the Veracity of Celtic Legend
From Craig Black:
 Shalom Yair

Just been reading some of this.  How much of this material is on track?
This page depicts my background and my family crest (Millar) has a wheel.  I
am  descended from the Milesian tribes.



Craig Shalom,
I only managed to glance at the sources you sent but may return to them later.
In general most of this type of source (legends, traditions, etc) have a lot of
historical truth in them combined with the products of wild imagination
and borrowings from elsewhere.
We showed the historical background to Celtic legends and their Brit-Am significance
in detail in our work "Lost Israelite Identity" which  is now out of print.
A new work of ours along the same lines but with additional material
and much improvement is in preparation and may be available soon.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

5. Isaiah Summarized chapters 26-30
Isaiah turns to Judah (26:1). We are called upon to trust in God (26:4). We have always longed fro God (26:5). Other gods ruled over us but only on YOUR (i.e. God's) name did we call. Other gods could also mean false ideologies such as secularism, etc. The nation (Israel including Judah) has been increased and spread to the ends of the earth (26:15). Isaiah speaks of the Resurrection of the Dead in the End Times (26:19). Leviathan the Piercing Serpent will be punished (27:1). Israel will spread over the earth and give fruit in the Last Days (27:6). A Day will come when God will set aside the Promised Land from the River Euphrates unto the Nile River and gather together the Children of Israel one by one (27:12). A Great Shofar will be blown and those who were LOST in the Exile of Assyria (the Ten Tribes) and outcast in the Land of Egypt (Judah) shall return and worship God in the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem (27:23). The Durnkards of Ephraim will wail because of excessive pride (28:1). The enemy shall overcome Ephraim and cast him down like pouring rain in a thunder storm, a hurricane-like destructive wind, and an overflowing flood of waters. Ephraim shall be overcome and brought down (28:2). Calamities shall overtake Ephraim but those who survive will be helped by God and overcome the enemy (28:5-6). The leaders and Prophets (religious counsellors) of Ephraim will have mislead him (28:7-9). Ephraim will have received instruction in another tongue from stammering lips piece by piece (28:10-11). Ephraim did not hearken (28:13). Isaiah turns to the people of Jerusalem and warns them not to think themselves impregnable (28:14-15). Nevertheless, salvation is to be found through Zion (28:16). God will deliver Israel in the same way as he assisted the forces of David at Perazim (cf. 2-Samuel 5:19-20) and in the Valley of Gibeon (Isaiah 28:21 cf. Joshua 10:10-14). A general series of diasasters will descend upon mankind but the end result is for the good of Israel and everyone else (28:22-29). Jerusalem is referred to as "Ariel" meaning "Lion of God" (29:1). Jerusalem will be besieged and its inhabitants suffer but at the last minute the enormous multitudes of its enemies will be blown away like chaff in the wind and the horror will pass away like a bad dream (29:5-9). Both Judah and Israel refused to heed the Prophets and were as blind men but in the End Times their eyes will be opened (29:18-21) and The house of  Jacob (meaning the Ten Tribes) will be saved (29:22-24). Those who take advice from Egypt and not from the Almighty are condemned and work in vain (30:1-8). This Prophecy appears to be directed to Judah for not keeping the Law and not heeding their Prophets meaning those who gave instruction from the Almighty (30:9-10). They did not want the Presence of the Almighty who dwelt amongst them (30:11). This could refer to rejection of the Temple Mount. God condemns Judah (and Israel) for seeking to retreat and as punishment they will indeed flee from a weaker enemy (30:13-17). Even so we will turn back to God and HE will help us and teach us through HIS teachers (30:18-20). At that time WE WILL instinctively know how to do the right thing and what God wants from us (30:21). We will destroy our idols (30:22) and great prosperity will return to us (30:23-24). Natural phenomena will occur and changes take place in the light of the sun (30:26). The wicked will be punished but the Chosen of God will be blessed and have cause to rejoice (30:29-30). The Assyrian shall be beaten down (30:31). God will fight against the enemies of Israel (30:32).