"Brit-Am Now"-644
1. Sharon: "redemption drawing nigh"
2. The American Dollar and its Symbolism
3. Brit-Am Ephraimite Tour Cancelled
4. Steve Mathe:  We are the Pioneers
5. The Rescue of Pennsylvania

1. Sharon: "redemption drawing nigh"
Mr. Davidiy,

I read the transcript from your interview on Israel National Radio on 12/27/05.  I am sure you get a lot of emails...but I wanted to add mine to it...

I truly believe we are seeing our redemption drawing nigh...and to hear that you believe that we will all be restored to the land and actually stating that on Israel Radio is incredible.  G-d is indeed doing an awesome work...and I pray that He will unite us and make us one nation again.  May you be blessed in your work!

2. The American Dollar and its Symbolism
 G wrote:
hello yair here is a interesting connection between Israel and the USA you might have already seen it. blow up the dollar above the eagle and you will see the star of David. I was told it was put there at Washington request . to honor the Jews who helped finance the American war for independence whom hyam Solomon played a big role in that effort.with out that help i am sure the American  war for independence would have failed ... shalom

The American dollar and its symbolism is discussed in our works "The Tribes"
and in "Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America".
The point about George Washington insisting on the Star of David shape of the star configuration
is however new to me and if correct very interesting,
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Brit-Am Ephraimite Tour Cancelled
From: "Ashirah" <ashirah@shuvoo.com>

Shalom Everyone.

A week ago we sent a notice to everyone who had earlier indicated interest in participating in the March 2006 Bnei Ephraim Tour to be hosted in conjunction with Shalom Pollack Tours and Brit Am.  Unfortunately, only six people confirmed their intention to participate.  Others have suggested rescheduling the tour for the fall.  Given that we cannot meet the minimum number of participants required, we regretfully notify you that the Bnei Ephraim Tour has been cancelled for March.

If you would be interested in having the tour rescheduled, please indicate by return email what approximate time(s) would be convenient for you.


Ashirah Yosefah

 4. Steve Mathe:  We are the Pioneers
From: Steve Mathe <eliasaph@uniteourheart.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-641"the pride of Ephraim."
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http://www.uniteourheart.com ]

Thank you for introducing a new feature on Brit Am's site to deal with the accumulating controversies that fall into the realm of "spiritual issues" for all of Ephraim.
Queries About Ephraim
Though Brit Am wisely does not address religious and theological issues, it behooves us all to deal with some inevitable vexing "spiritual" issues that are the root of Ephraim's spiritual malaise.  After all, these are integral parts of the saga of Ephraim's exile and eventual return. One cannot be separated from the other. Though many may not be taking part of these sins, we are all touched by them to one extent or another, for we are all part of the one collective soul of Israel.  We are all partakers of the suffering of her split and divided heart. If nothing else, we need to recognize their existence and do what we can to root them out of our psyches, our beliefs, our hearts, and do what we can to promote the healing of this "split heart."  After all, all those who are at this time called to wake up from the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37, are called to be the "first contingent" of many to come later. As such we have a trail blazing and trend setting responsibility if nothing else.  Dealing with what the prophets call the "pride of Ephraim" should be a main part of this pioneering function.
Ephraim is associated with and in fact is repeatedly branded by the prophets with the sin of this pride. The metaphor of "wearing crowns of pride" express this all-pervasive sin as their very identity, (Isa. 9:9, 28;1.3, Hos. 5:5, 7:10). The prophet Hosea recounts how Ephraim exalted himself in thinking he knew better than the G-d of Israel, and went for other gods and added their teachings to G-d's Torah.  This was not just the idolatry of other gods per se, but most importantly the idolatry of one's self, which is the root of all sin. It brought us to spiritual ruin, death, exile and forgetfulness for the last 2700 years. (Hos. 13:1). That pride in our own assertion, that we know better than the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has stayed with us for centuries.  It has become part and parcel of our collective unconscious and we do not even know it.  For this reason the prophet Hosea reveals to us what we need to recognize about ourselves in the latter days when we do wake up to who we are: "The iniquity of Ephraim is bound up; his sin is hid." (Hos. 13:12). It is deeply hidden from himself, and like the pride of Esau, it deceives him, (Obadiah 1:3). Our father Yaakov wrestled with this angel/spirit of Esau, which has left him prophetically wounded and "limping between two opinions" for centuries to come. We are called to do likewise and with the help of the Mighty One of Jacob prevail against this insidious spirit of Esau that is a "brother to us." Unite Our Hearts

5. The Rescue of Pennsylvania
Elisheva wrote:
Shalom Yair, i was going through the Biblical Place Names in America site and found that to be very interesting. i have ancestors from Pennsylvannia and Michigan.
my 5th and 6th great grandfathers purchased and held land in the Susquehanna Valley, my 5th great grandfather sold his land , fought in the war of Independance in 1775 and later received land in the Niagara Peninsula. 3 of his sons and their descendants became Loyalists as well. there are 4 Loyalists in my direct line.
I noticed that there was no Tribal Association listed for the names for Pennsylvania, or what Pennsylvania means, will those be posted soon? and will you also be doing  biblical place names for Canada as well? i find this type of research to be very facinating and it seems to validate the research you have already established.
I might further add, that during my many months of geneology research, i noticed that the entire generations from the 1600's to current all have biblical names. i found that to be quite interesting.
also, my on going  research, the information in BritAm, books by Steven Collins etc. seems to verify that my family lines are a  a direct descendant of the Yisraelites. names, dates, places etc. all seem to connect.
this is certainly very exiting times we are living in and i look for the day when it all comes together.

Blessings.  Elisheva

Elisheva Shalom,
Apparently Pennsylvania was simply overlooked.
We have now corrected the situation
and a new more complete entry for Pennsylvania has been posted on our site:
Biblical Place Names in Pennsylvania
This work about the Biblical meanings of place-names in the USA was very interesting and also of value since it helps verify our conclusions reached through more conventional means.
The USA study was greatly simplified by the preliminary study of Moshe Davis whose work we built upon.
We had intended to continue with the British Isles but reference works we ordered from Britain
have not yet arrived.
Names from Canada and Australia are also a possibility.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of Brit-Am,