"Brit-Am Now"-642
1. Eddie Chumney: Brit-Am, Ephraim, and Judah
2. Sue: Radio Interview "great"
3. New Article on Website
4. Brit-Am and the Doctor
5. Question: Why do Jews Not accept Brit-Am?

1. Eddie Chumney: Brit-Am, Ephraim, and Judah

  I just read your article regarding "Ephraimites"
http://www.britam.org/Questions/QuesEphraimite.html on your website which you mentioned below. I want you to know that the article is well-written. It shows that you have a mature understanding of the "Hebraic roots" Ephraimite movement in general and a solid grasp of the complex issues regarding "Hebraic roots" Ephraimites and Judah in particular. Personally, I don't know of another Jewish entity on the planet who has a more accurate understanding of the Hebraic roots "Ephraimites" than Brit-Am while at the same time has such a balanced perspective in handling the present complex issues regarding the interaction between Hebraic roots 'Ephraimites' and Judah.

    You have enough courage to speak the heart of Judah to Ephraim but enough sensitivity that your words don't cause Ephraim to be alienated from Brit-Am beliefs and efforts to bring Ephraim and Judah together.

    Brit-Am is a special organization with a special God given task to fulfill. I pray that the Almighty will continue to grant Brit-Am the wisdom, guidance and blessings to fulfill it.

Eddie Chumney
Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l

2. Sue: Radio Interview "great"
Yair, I just finished listening to the radio interview, wow ! it was great. The interviewer was very good too. I hope this is the beginning of many radio and possibly tv interviews... Regards, Sue


Related Material concerning the Jews and Judaism is to be found in
Answers to Queries on Judah

3. New Article on Website:
Queries on Judaism
1. What Proof Do we have concerning the Oral Law?
2. How do you view the Talmud?
3. Are Rabbinical Explanations derived from the Bible?
If so, can you give an example?

It is to be stressed that we are not interested in focusing on
religious questions.
WE prefer NOT to discuss religious matters that are not directly connected to Brit-Am.
There now exist on the web several
excellent sites dedicated to questions about the Jewish religion and serviced by experts
who know the subject well and really want to impart their knowledge.

They are qualified for such work and we are not.
They want to do the work and we do not.

We have however answered a few questions that should be sufficient for anyone wanting an
answer to basic principles. Someone who wishes to go beyond that or to discuss the premises
we have relied upon should seek out the more specialized URLs such as those of Aesh HaTorah
and numerous others.

4. Brit-Am and the Doctor
Some people get sick from not exercising enough
but your favorite Brit-Am writer went and injured himself by exercising too
much.  I hurt my "achilles" tendon (just above the heel) apparently from running uphill
and imagining that what could be done twenty or even ten years ago with my carcass still holds today.
This experience has laid me up for a while and will necessitate a need to be permanently careful.
So be warned about  "get fit" do-it-yourself programs even though in most cases the advantages of moderate exercise vastly outweigh potential disadvantages.
Everything must be done in moderation.

All this leads us to
a consideration of Dr Eric Schendel
who is a Brit-Am supporter and physician with his won web-site.
Eric has several very interesting articles on his site
and chances are that he will prepare for us
something of  even more interest for an upcoming issue of our
magazine "Brit-Am Truth".
The magazine has not come out for a very long time
but we hope to shortly put out  two new issues one after the other and then
after that maintain a more regular pace.

5. Why do Jews Not accept Brit-Am Beliefs?

I learned of my Jewish origins about 4 years ago.  I was raised in
the US a Catholic and discovered that my father had family from
Latvia, Austria and Germany who were all Jewish. He kept this a
secret, but God revealed this to me when I was sick and searching for
"healing" for my mysterious illness, oddly enough.  One day I was
sick of looking at medical websites and put my maiden name in and
discovered that my family members were victims of the Shoah.

My husband, who is from N. Africa, and was raised Muslim, but loves
the God of Israel, had been involved in a ministry of reconciliation
between Jews and Arabs, just 2 weeks prior to my discovery.  I have
wondered about his origins too, knowing that there have been several
waves of immigration of Jews and Israelites to N. Africa.
There are many Jews opposed this teaching about the lost tribes. Can
you explain that?

Thank you and blessings,

Why do Jews Not accept Brit-Am Beliefs?
Non-Jewishness: Some Jews find it difficult to accept the fact that the Lost Ten Tribes
are not Jewish and on the whole have no overwhelming desire to return to Judaism.

Anti-Semites: The nations that we speak of in some cases in the past threw up anti-Semitic movements and individuals.

"Identitiy" Self-Disqualification: Confusion between Jewish and pro-Jewish representations of the case and those of anti-Semites who claim that they are the "true" Israel whereas the Jews are impostors!

Unawareness: Most Jews do not know of Brit-Am but through this list, our website, our publications,activities,
and our work in Hebrew "Achim Acharim" this is slowly changing.

Other Reasons exist.
We have answered some of these issues in articles on our website.
See our discussion of

Queries about Ephraimites

Brit-Am is the True British-Israel Movement!!

Criteria for Ephraimites