"Brit-Am Now"-641
1. New Brit-Am Feature: Answers to Questions About "Ephraimites"
2. Transcript Helped
3. In Favor of King James Version

1. New Brit-Am Feature: Answers to Questions About "Ephraimites"
Questions Answered include:

#1. What are "Ephraimites"?
#2. What is the connection between Brit-Am and "Ephraimites"?
#3. What criticisms are made against "Ephraimites" and how does that concern Brit-Am? The criticisms are listed below and then answered. It is to be stressed that any negative points refer ONLY to a small minority of Ephraimites.

(1. Ephraimites claim they are physical descendents of Israelites.
(2. Ephraimites adopt Jewish practices in their worship and call each other "Rabbi" etc.
(3. Ephraimites make statements as if they have an equal claim to the Land of Israel as the Jews.
(4. Ephraimites on rare but noted occasions have given the impression that it is the Jews (especially the Orthodox) who are preventing their dwelling in the land.
(5. A few Ephraimites sometimes make anti-Jewish remarks or have anti-Jewish attitudes.
(6. Ephraimites have a missionary attitude as if they want Jews to leave Judaism and join them since they have the same thing or a combination that is even better.
(7. Ephraimites sometimes, it is implied, appear to take an "Identity" type approach as if they are the "True Israelites" and the Jews are not.
OR Ephraimites could give legitimacy to groups who already make such claims.

#4. What is the Brit-Am "Ephraimite" Tour of Israel?

2. Transcript Helped
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-640
Thank you for the transcript of the interview.  This is especially important as I am hearing impaired and would not have been able to listen to the radio broadcast of that interview.  Thank you for making it more accessible.

3. In Favor of King James Version
(a) Dave Jackson
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-639

I want to second Thomas Gray's preference for the KJV.  I wouldn't expect
any translation to be perfect.  From what I have seen, the KJV's errors tend
to be minor and generally doctrinally neutral. ...

Other English translations may avoid some of the errors the KJV made, but at
the same time make more serious ones, such as translating the Hebrew word
Hesed as Love in order to be less judgmental than Mercy, which is more

I think the KJV is the best base version to use in your communications, but I
appreciate your clarifications when they are necessary.

Dave Jackson
Texas, USA

(b) Hello Mr. Davidiy:

There is a reason for the use of "thee" and "thou" in the older Engish
versions of the bible.  "Thee" and "Thou" are merely the old English
forms of "You" in the singular.

For example, the phrase in modern English, "You shall", is "Thou shalt"
for the singular and "Ye shall" for the plural.  There is no other way in
English to separate plural from singular but to use the archaic form.
Even translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls have used "archaic" English to
do this.


(c) Language is not just about the intellectual/logical meaning but about the spirit it conveys. The King James Bible has spiritual power which is lacking in most modern translations/renditions. Shakespeare's writing, from almost the same period, also has an energizing quality.

A doctor with who I studied found through isometric muscle testing that KJV had "Life Energy" much more tha later versions.


(d) From: Sharon
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-639

Hi Yair,

I have to agree with Thomas Gray's assertion regarding the King James
Version, especially in this:
"the King James/Elizabethan
English is a superior language to modern English.  The "Thees and thous"
represent a distinction that still exists in other European languages such
as Spanish that provides clearer communication.  I realized how that the
fact that I read the King James Version since my father taught me to read
from it at age 4 had enriched me in intellectual ways as well as spiritual.
As a result, I began to use it again, and read to my children from it, even
though many Christians would be "horrified" that I am being so antiquated."

...While I know that the KJV is in no way perfect, I also have realized over
the years that it is the closest to pure language translation than any other
biblical version I have ever read.