"Brit-Am Now"-624
1. Questions and Comments from Kyrgistan with Brit-Am Answers
2. Questions About Heathen Newcomers
3. Henry Kissinger: National  Character and Soccer

1. Questions and Comments from Kyrgistan with Brit-Am Answers

From: askarbek <askarbek@gmail.com>

Thanks for your interesting thoughts about connecting Jews ethnically to Britain and America. (www.britam.org)

I think Jews are relatives to American Indians too, since the 10 tribes were captured by Persians and moved to the East, and most probably part of them leaked out even to the Far East through Central Asian Silk Road. There is a hypothesis that those Jews passed the American continent through Kamchatka. (This theory is supported by a Japanese scholar in Canada, who claims that Japanese are also a Jewish tribe.) According to newspaper www.vb.kg (search in archives) there is an Indian tribe near Washington whose hero is Manas. They claim that they come from another continent.

It's much harder to prove Jewish roots of Europeans though, than to prove Jewish roots of some Asian nations. Nobody can ignore that Jews are relatives to Arabs who are descendants of Abraham. The W.Europeans, Turks, Slavic people, Scandinavians, Japanese, Mongolians and other East Asians are not descendants of Israel for sure, they are either Japhetic or Hamites. Some very religious people may have complexes to claim that they have a Jewish blood, because they believe that Jews are special people of God (Israelites are God's chosen people indeed), and therefore they may want to be among them.

Some Europeans, for example, Scandinavians are more connected to Mongolians rather than to Jews, since a Finnish speaking tribe of Russia (Komi) are white racially, but features are Mongolian (head shape and face structure). Some of Central Asians and Asians may be from the Abraham's line, since the Genesis says that Abraham had children from Kettura whom he drove away to the East land from side of Isaac.

So, Jews are more Middle Eastern, i.e. Asians, rather Europeans. The word "Asia" in ancient Greek means "The Land of The Light", and the word "Europe" is most probably an Arabic word "Ereb",  which stands for the West. At the time of Jesus, The land of the Light, where Christianity had started its beginning and where biblical 7 churches were located, was called Asia. Then, the message about Messiah's coming moved the west, i.e. Europe, where it sprung as a source of water, giving Europeans development that they never had before. Asia, that ignored the Gospel has not been successful ever since. At the time of Abraham, followed by Egyptian civilization and Persian Kingdom, and before the rise of Greece the Europeans literally lived in darkness, in under civilized and backward world. History shows that the period of growth of Christianity in W.Europe and European development coincides.  However, the seed of the Gospel has recently passed to East Asia, including South Korea, Singapore and East China. And we see the results. It also eventually came again to Central Eurasia after deserting ideologies of communism and Islam, which destroyed the Nestorian  period when Central Asia was the center of sciences.

I believe that the Gospel is able to change the standards of beauty and destroy many complexes, so that both Jews, and Africans, and Asians, and Eurasians, and W.Europeans, and Americans would be happy from who they are. It helps people to escape the complex that Hitler had.

Please pass my message to the listserv. I want to hear their feedbacks.

All the best,


Brit-Am Reply:  The word "Europe" comes from the Hebrew "Erev" or "Ereb"
meaning "evening" and therefore "west" since in the evening the sun sets in the west.
You use the term  "Jews" as interchangeable with Israelite. This is imprecise and can cause confusion.
The Lost Tribes are Israelite but not "Jewish" since the Jews are only part of the Israelite nation.
Concerning your point that racial types in some cases interchange we agree with you
see our answers concerning Race.
Question 4: Can "Racial" Features be Acquired through Environmental Influence?

Your remark about the Komi having "Nordic" coloring and Mongolian features is interesting.
I understand that not only the Komi but that throughout the Central Asian area a similar phenomenon
is observable in isolated cases and can to a degree also be found in Germany,
Your remark about the Amerindians may have something in it concerning a minority BUT
the main body of the Lost Ten Tribes was to be found in Western Europe and its offspring.
Those of the Lost Ten Tribes who may have reached North America before Colombus
should realize their Israelite destiny by identifying with and merging into their Israelite
brethren from Europe. The same applies to Israelites and descendants of Captive Jews who may
have been scattered to Asia Africa or anywhere else.
There is no doubt about this.
Concerning the Japanese see:
We in Brit-Am are admittedly prejudiced since most of us are somehow or
other related to the peoples we identify as Israelite.
This is not necessarily a drawback since most scientific and historical breakthroughs
are driven by a will to prove a particular point. The truth of the matter is eventually determined
by how close the particular claim is to reality and how well it can be defended
and put to the test.
For this we have the Brit-Am Criteria of Israelite Origin.

We DO seek to understand the truth and to reveal it.
We are aware that we in some cases we may be mistaken.
We also believe in the Bible.
The Bible clearly says who and where the Lost Ten Tribes are:
There is no getting away from this and no denying it.
This is also confirmed by historical, linguistic, archaeological, and related
studies as Brit-Am shows.

2. Questions About Heathen Newcomers
From: "Ian McRae"

Hello Yair.

I am a little puzzled by some things that are happening in the UK and the

Under a programme called "multiculturalism", the UK and the USA are
introducing a great many immigrants who are clearly not of the lost ten
tribes.  Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis etc.    The UK in particular is
bringing in many many "sons of Ishmael", or Muslims, who are very
antagonistic to Jews and Israelites.

It is difficult to know what our attitude should be, as members of the ten
tribes, to these people.

Jews, we know, are discouraged from intermarrying with non-Jews, and I think
we of the ten tribes should take a sililar line.

I have a couple of questions in this regard.

(1:   Why is this happening ?  Clearly it is the will of Hashem, or it would
not be happening.  What has Tanakh to say about this ?

(2:   Because mixing with these people will dilute the blood of the ten
tribes, should we keep apart from them.

Best Wishes,

Ian McRae

In brief the Promised Blessing are not only "prizes" we will receive
because of some ancestral merit but also GOALS we must strive to
achieve. If we do not strive to achieve these goals we may be punished.
The object of our punishment may be the influx of non-Israelites to vex us.


If you do good you receive a reward: Do bad get punished,
sometimes straight away - almost like a bolt from heaven but usually
after a time and at a time and way that you do not expect.
Repent and do good and one can avert punishment and even turn the curse into
a blessing.
More often than not we are the agents of our own reward and punishment.
It may be that these immigrating Moslems are a tool of Divine Providence
to test and try us.
On an individual level the Biblical approach is to take people as you find them.
In simple terms, attempt not to mix with them but if one is forced to do so
(workplaces, etc) treat them fairly and civilly.
This is an Age of Preparation and realization of our ancestral identity.
At the moment our goal should be to stabilize our selves at the individual and family level
and internalize Brit-Am beliefs and knowledge.
The situation may change as we all do.

3. Henry Kissinger: National  Character and Soccer
Extracts from
World Cup According to Character
The Los Angeles Times
Sunday, June 29, 1986

by: Henry Kissinger

Extracts Only:

The modern style of soccer in fact emphasizes defense ­ with few exceptions like Brazil, Argentina and France...
The result is a very tactical game, its complexity becoming a fascinating reflection of national attitudes.

The styles of leading soccer powers like West Germany, Brazil, Italy and England illustrate this point.

West Germany, a finalist today, is, with Italy and Brazil, the most successful team of the modern era. West German soccer entered the postwar era with no particular legacy. Postwar Germany's newly professional soccer being as novel as the frontiers of the state it represents, it could adopt total soccer with a vengeance. The German national team plays the way its general staff prepared for the war; games are meticulously planned, each player skilled in both attack and defense. Intricate pass patterns evolve, starting right in front of the German goal. Anything achievable by human foresight, careful preparation and hard work is accounted for.

And there have been great successes. Of the last six prior World Cups, Germany has won two, was second twice, third once and out of the running only in 1978. At the same time, the German national team suffers from the same disability as the famous Schlieffen plan for German strategy in World War I. There is a limit to human foresight; psychological stress on those charged with executing excessively complex maneuvers cannot be calculated in advance. If the German team falls behind, or if its intricate approach yields no results, its game is shadowed by the underlying national premonition that in the end even the most dedicated effort will go unrewarded, by the nightmare that ultimately fate is cruel ­ a nightmare reinforced by the knowledge that the German media are unmerciful when high expectations go unfulfilled. The impression is unavoidable that an outstanding national soccer team has not brought a proportionate amount of joy to a people that may not in its heart of hearts believe joy is the ultimate national destiny.

Brazil suffers no such inhibitions...

Italy's record places it among the top teams of world soccer although it fell victim to the same absurd seeding as Brazil. The Italian style reflects the national conviction, forged by the vicissitudes of an ancient history, that the grim struggle for survival must be based on a careful husbanding of energy for the main task. It presupposes a correct assessment of the opponent's character, paired with an unostentatious and matter-of-fact perseverance that obscures many intricate levels on which the competition takes place. The initial objective of Italian teams is to force the opponent out of his game plan, to wreck his concentration and to induce him to abandon his preferred style. In the early stages of a match, the Italian team tends to look destructive and purely defensive ­ a style achievable only by extreme toughness and discipline. But once the Italian team has imposed its pattern, it can play some of the most effective, even beautiful soccer in the world ­ though it will never waste energy simply on looking good.

No discussion of national soccer styles can be complete without reference to England. Before World War II and for nearly a decade after, England was clearly the dominant power. I say England, because for purposes of international soccer, the United Kingdom fields four teams: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A single United Kingdom team using the best players from each would be even more formidable.

The decline in the fortunes of the English team is, in my view, primarily caused by a refusal to adapt to the tactics of the modern era. Before World War II, the English team overwhelmed its opponents with speed, power and condition. But as defenses massed, the English quick-breaking style lost much of its effectiveness; as most of Europe went over to professional soccer, the advantage of superior conditioning eroded. Yet England refused to adapt its tactical plan to the passing game needed to break open the modern defense.

The English national team had never lost a game at home until 1954, when Hungary prevailed with its roving center forward. Since then, the English team has gradually declined. It is steady, reliable, tough. It never yields to panic. It is never defeated one-sidedly. It achieves everything attainable by character and tenacity. Regrettably ­ because I thought the pre-World War II game was more fun to watch ­ it has also been somewhat pedantic, as if in nostalgic thrall to a bygone era. England has never won a European championship; it has prevailed only once in the World Cup and that was 20 years ago playing before its own fans. All of us who enjoy England's muscular game hope that England's relative success in the current matches heralds a real revival.

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