"Brit-Am Now"-622
1. Jay Tompkins: In Defence of Michal
2. New WebSite Features
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(b) Overview of Genealogy Surname features in one page
(c) PDF Format for Brit-Am works.
(d) A few additions to our entry "Questions on Race".
3. Noel Rude: The Power of "Speech"?
4. Articles by Shalom Pollack: Brit-Am Tour Guide
5. Brit-Am Last Week
6. Wayne Laurence: Importance of Book on Scots Heritage
7. Now Admitted: DNA Changes Cannot Be One-Time Events??

1. Jay Tompkins: In Defence of Michal
Dear Mr. Davidiy:

Please write more about "Eglah". I believe that she has has been
unjustly accused by both Christians and Jews. Eglah (Michal) criticized
David for exposing his genitals to young girls. David justified his
actions by announcing that he was dancing to YHVH. Does this excuse him
from exposing himself? What if Prince Charles exposed himself in
public by dancing in a kilt without covering himself with breeches, as
the priests (Cohenim) were instructed by Moses so as not to expose
themselves shamefully?


When we get to the place (2-Samuel 6:16) we will write about it .
So far Michal is receiving a reasonably good coverage from us.
I even suspect that the descendants of Michal and David made their
way to the British Isles in Celtic times.
This would place an element from both Judah and Benjamin in early British Royalty.
"ITHREAM" in Hebrew is "Yitra-Am" meaning the "Rest (or Remnant) of the People".
The root for the word "Yitra" (Yither) is related to the English word "other" or "another".

2. New WebSite Features
(a) Brit-Am Genealogy
NEW List of Featured Surnames

(b) Overview of Genealogy Surname features in one page

(c) PDF Format for Brit-Am works.
Rabbi Avraham Feld's book "Mohamed Wept" is now available for downloading
in PDF Format

The book "The Staff of Moses" by Yair Davidiy is also available in PDF format:

The pdf format is thanks to Duncan Long.

(d) A few additions to our entry "Questions on Race".

3. Noel Rude: The Power of "Speech"?
Here's an idea,

The symbolic interpretation of Genesis has Israel as Adam (Ezek 34:31), "you
all are Adam" [adam attem], and the creatures as all the other nations, as
in Ramban's Genesis Commentary: "the beasts are the kingdoms which do not
know God". [Note: This is not to say that messiah cannot also be ben Adam.]

Now of course we know that all men bear God's image individually, which can
be interpreted as the gift of language which all humans have. Thus where
Genesis has (Gen 2:7), "and man became a living soul", Onqelos paraphrases,
"and there came to be in Adam a spirit of speech."

Adam is separated from all other creatures by the fact that he alone
possesses language.

And so toward the end of six millennia (symbolized by the six days) we see
the return of the Shekhinah and Adam-Israel given dominion over all the
beasts--meaning dominion over all the nations (Gen 1:26-28; Psalms 8). But
how? Via speech, as it says (Is 2:3; Mic 4:2), "And many people shall go
and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house
of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in
his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD
from Jerusalem."

God will have breathed into Israel the breath of life, into the House of
Judah (Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook - see
as also into the
dry bones of the House of Israel (Ezek 37:10 - "and the spirit came into
them, and they lived"), which means that God will have implanted in both
Houses of Israel the spirit of speech in order to teach Torah to the nations
(Zeph 3:8): "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they
may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent."

Whereas individuals within the nations possess the gift of language, it is
only through Israel that God has revealed himself through language. And it
is only through Israel that God will reveal himself to the nations.



4. Articles by Shalom Pollack: Brit-Am Tour Guide
The tour guide for the Brit-Am Tour of Israel
is Shalom Pollack.
Shalom has his own website where he gives his resume,
interesting accounts of his touring experiences,
and general worthwhile articles of interest.

5. Brit-Am Last Week
Last week Yair Davidiy was working more on research, improvement of articles, and the like
and did not put much effort into the Brit-Am e-mail list. I just processed matters of interest sent
by our readership. Looking back on the week
I see that some very valuable points were brought to our attention.

Ian McCrae (Scots Part of Israel.
"Jock" (Jacob) A Nickname for Scots
"Brit-Am Now"-621)
brought up the point that the Scots nickname themselves and as nicknamed by others
as "Jock" which is shot for Jacob.
This should be considered together with the fact that "Yank" is also a form of Jacob
and we have the British Union "Jack" and other usages of the name Jacob and
nicknames for Jacob as explained in our works "Ephraim" and "Joseph".
see also:

In addition:
Wayne Laurence sent us
(in "Brit-Am Now"-618
item #3. Alexander Klienforth and Robert Munro: More Strong Evidence Justifying Brit-Am.
New Proof Vindicating Brit-Am: Manasseh, Scotland, and the USA)
very important extracts that demonstrate and confirm the Brit-Am beliefs
concerning the identity of Ephraim and Manasseh.
Britain is aristocratic in character as Ephraim was supposed to be.
Manasseh was a dominant element in Scotland and became a dominating influence
in the USA and their character is that of finding their fullest expression
through responsible representation.
Brit-Am has been saying the same thing all along but the extracts from
"Scottish Invention of America, Democracy and Human Rights" by
Alexander Klienforth and Robert Munro
proved our point even more.

Other important points were also noticed last week.

This all demonstrates that Brit-Am is a joint effort and a combined enterprise.

6. Wayne Laurence: Importance of Book on Scots Heritage
From: Wayne Laurence <wayne@bydand.co.nz>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-619
item #3. Jack Flaws: Disappointed in Article on Scots Heritage

I am surprised that you were disappointed Jack. Yet possibly not! The book
does not specifically mention the Israelite identity of Scotland and the
Scots, but that is not the end of the world! That does not devalue the books
contribution to the overall Saga, especially the influence the Scots had on
the formation of America. You need to read the two chapters again and see
that it is a revolutionary document, especially in the time zone it was
written. This why the monarchs of Scotland were styled as the King or Queen
of Scots. None other Israelite nation has this unique feature.

The Arbroath Declaration has more value that just that one statement about
Israel. It reveals their understanding of freedom and that they would drive
even Robert the Bruce out of the country if he went along with the English
invaders. The Bruce placed is own seal to the document, giving consent to
this concept of liberty. This shows their Israelite identity. It is the Saga
that is important!

I do hope you get the book, as you will not be disappointed.

Aye, Wayne

7. Now Admitted: DNA Changes Cannot Be One-Time Events??

(a) The same Haplotype does not necessarily mean the same ancestor.
What was really Aaron's lineage? (Cohen modal haplotype)
<<A small note: if two men have the same haplotype, it does not mean that they are descended from the same ancestor. >>

Dienekes Pontikos is a known researcher who monitors an important (often-referred-to) website
with updates on DNA and Anthropoligical Research, etc.
Dienekes sent the following reply to a question by Yair Davidiy:
<<The CMH [Cohen modal haplotype] can arise on a J1 and a J2 background independently. In
addition to the CMH, there are numerous other haplotypes shared by
both J1 and J2, and there is no reason to believe that the CMH in
particular was the ancestral haplotype of haplogroup J. Actually, it
was almost certainly not, because the CMH has a long DYS388-16, and
ancestral J almost certainly had a short DYS388.>>

i.e. The CMH developed in elements of both J1 and J2 groups after J1 and J2 had divided from each other.

Brit-Am Comment: The implications of the above answer (which in the light of
additional information) appears to be reliable is that:
(a) The particular DNA (CMH) structure found frequently amongst Cohens is also
found amongst other people who are unrelated to the Cohens or at the least
LESS related than many of those amongst whom it is not found.
(b) Under certain conditions the same DNA structure must be able to appear amongst unrelated
(c) This does not mean that DNA research in tracing ancestry etc is useless. It is extremely valuable.
Nevertheless it must be treated carefully and with great reservation.

Remember: You saw it first in "Brit-Am Now" and we have been saying the same for some time now.
You MIGHT (and might not) see it later in the intellectual press but it could take quite a while
and I would not hold my breath.
The Government of Finland just gave a lot of money to the Palestine terrorists.
Brit-Am (that really does work for the real good of the Finnish people) did not receive even a postcard.
The same applies to the governments of all other Israelite nations.

The Brit-Am list is all we have.
We need your support to function.
Relatively speaking we may not need much but we need something
and we are working to serve you
so take us into consideration.