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1. British Monarchs official claim to the title "King of Jerusalem"?
Historical Curiosity or Divine Providence?
2. Shlomo Scheinman: US Need for Change in Foreign Policy?
3. Rabbinical Sources
4. More Surnames added to Brit-Am Genealogical Section
5. Weekly Torah Portion
6. Brit-Am Tour to Israel
7. Questions and Answers Feature Greatly Expanded

1. British Monarchs official claim to "King of Jerusalem"
Historical Curiosity or Divine Providence?
JERUSALEM <<The ancient Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem has exerted a subtle fascination to Europeans since its inception in 1099.

While the City was lost to Muslim forces in 1244, the title to the state was retained by various monarchs, and the claims and

counterclaims to its proper succession are exceedingly complex. There are three main lines of thought here; all derive ultimately from the

claims of Frederick II, King of Germany and (1220-1250) Holy Roman Emperor. He managed to gain control over the Holy Land in 1225,

passing it on to his heirs in 1228. His son (Conrad, 1228-1254) saw the loss of the city and re-establishment of the Kingdom at Acre in

1244. His son, Conradin, was putative King of Jerusalem from 1254 until his unfortunate end in 1268. At that point, the fun begins...

The Cypriot Claim: <<The Kingdom of Acre (Jerusalem) was assumed by the Kings of Cyprus, who retained the title even after the loss of

Acre in 1291. Interestingly enough, this line devolves eventually into the Royal House of Bavaria, who are also listed under that state and

under Great Britain as the Jacobite heirs.

The Saxon claim: <<There is yet a third line of thought to pursue - if we measure the line from Frederick the Emperor, and accept only his

legitimate heirs, we end up with a succession following Conradin that looks like this...

<<Elizabeth (Queen of Great Britain 1952- ).....1952- It becomes, of course, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha succession from 1826, and thus the

Royal family of Great Britain from 1901. In a very peculiar twist of fate, this line is the one which can claim the best success at recovering

Jerusalem; Great Britain was granted a League of Nations Mandate over the Holy Land from 1918 to 1948, although I daresay that few if

any were aware that the British sovereigns could have exerted a tenuous and technical claim over the region already...

2. shlomo scheinman: US Need for Change in Foreign Policy?
From: sch <sch@600000men.com>
Subject: RE: Jerusalem News-382 -Comparison between World War I and the war to
bring democracy to Iraq

Comparison between World War I and the war to bring democracy to Iraq
President Woodrow Wilson entered World War I with the slogan to make the world safe for democracy.
Although in the short run the war did bring to power new democracies, the democratic values of those new democracies on the whole were

weak and under crisis, new dictatorships arose such as in Germany that were worse than the dictatorships before the war.
The costs and the disappointments concerning world war 1 made it much harder to enter the much more vital war of world war 2.
Nevertheless what good did come out of World War 1? Britain fearing that important allies were about to abandon the war, issued the

Balfour Declaration promising a Jewish Homeland in Palestine in order to try to buy new support for the war.
Based on this precedent I suggest that we explicitly make our support of the Iraq war and similar wars dependent on George Bush making

some significant contribution to the Jewish people, such as actively working to negate the political and economical problems that prevent

the rebuilding of the Temple.
And \Or Perhaps support for a new religious Jewish state in Biblical territories not currently controlled by the Secular\Appeasement

Oriented- Israeli government.
I stress that the odds that Bush in the short time that he has left as president can manage to change the culture of Iraq and other

countries to turn them into true friends, with peaceful values is so small to the point that it is not worth trying.
The sole question to be asked is, will this war or wars, help positively advance biblical prophecies concerning the redemption of Israel or

not. If yes, continue. If not , stop. Or at the very most bomb the enemy from the air without commiting ground troops.
shlomo scheinman

3. Rabbinical Sources
There is an enormous amount lot of material in Rabbinical sources pertinent to the Lost
Ten Tribes that still has not been widely publicized.
Most of this material is in Hebrew or Aramaic but even in English translations
there is still quite a bit.
It is not concentrated in one place however and is not always easy to locate but requires going
through a lot of material on other matters and understanding (at least to a degree) their relevance
and the context they are given in.
Brit-Am concentrates on the Bible because that is what ALL of our subscribers
can relate to but we also use Rabbinical sources to clarify points of Scripture
If anyone else were to come across any other sources of value we would be the first to
acknowledge them and to publicize their works as we have done in the past
and do at present in related fields.
At the moment this statement is still unfortunately hypothetical.

4. More Surnames added to Brit-Am Genealogical Section

5. Weekly Torah Portion
This week's Torah Portion is
Genesis chs.18 to 22

6. Brit-Am Tour to Israel


A 10-day tour of Eretz Yisrael, including several days spent in Eretz Ephraim, is planned for this coming spring. Visit the birthplace of the

Prophet Jeremiah. Tour Shiloh, Itamar, Kfar Tappuach, Elon Moreh … key locations in the history of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Visit

sites in Judea, including Gush Etsion and Hevron. Travel north to the Kinneret, Tsfat, Dan, the Golan Heights. Spend several days in

Jerusalem touring the Old City, the City of David, the Haas Promenade and the Tomb of Samuel the Prophet. Meet people who have a

heart and an ear for Ephraimites … such as Rabbi Chaim Richman, Gershon Salomon, Moshe Kempinski. Enjoy dynamic lectures by

Yair Davidiy of Brit Am.

Dates, speakers and locations are being finalized. Let us know if YOU are interested so that we may plan more effectively. Tentative tour

period: late March or early May. Register your interest, how many people might be in your group, and the time period most convenient to

you by emailing Shalom Pollack at

7. Questions and Answers Feature Greatly Expanded
Our Brit-Am Questions and Answers feature
has been greatly expanded.
Existing entires have been added to
and new entries have been added.
This has turned into a major project
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