"Brit-Am Now"-614
1. Sally: Encouragement
2. John Dryden and Israel in Britain?
3. Pretenders to Thrones
4. Sunday Times article: Brit-Am Supporter and Friend Clifford Smyth
with new findings about the Scottish Kilt
5. Rick: Support from Canada
6. Steve Mathe: pioneers of the great return must pray
7. Book in Hebrew. Competition? Hoax?
8. The Weekly Portion
9. Brit-Am Nations Still Least Anti-Semitic in World

1. Sally: Encouragement
Hello Yair, thanks for the clarification of issues you listed under 'Brit-Am matters to be dealt with'. Some of this probably needs to be restated occasionally. As Brit-Am makes progress toward it's goals, discord, questions and disagreements will naturally arise, and in fact is likely a sign that progress is being made. As to those who scorn or shun a convert to Judaism they might best be wise enough to understand that we will all be of the same people one day, and the reality of tribal identity that was (is) imperative for awakening some people of the the nations to their true identity will eventually determine our physical location in the Land. But we will all be one. Keep up the good work, Sally

2. John Dryden and Israel in Britain?
<<Then Israel's monarch, after heaven's own heart,
His vigorous warmth did variously impart>>
John Dryden, 1631-1700, English Ooet Laureate, upon the restoration of Charles II, 1660.
Source: Tribesman Remnanter report no.63

3. Pretenders to Thrones
This site was pointed out to us by Chaim Hyman.
It is interesting and contains points of possible historical importance.

4. Sunday Times article: Brit-Am Supporter and Friend Clifford Smyth
with new findings about the Scottish Kilt

5. Rick: Support from Canada
I have been receiving your emails for quite some time and have been very impressed with your work. We Ephramites need someone of your character and caliber so please keep up your research. I am convinced that the Father has placed you in this position for such a time as this and by your speaking out you are helping to bring about the Final Redemption.
I just wanted to email you and say thanks for what you are doing. ..Please do not become discouraged by the negativity coming from opposing camps. There are so many of us who are being helped by your newsletters. Blessings on you.
 NB Canada

6. Steve Mathe: pioneers of the great return must pray
From: Steve Mathe <shenabav@dslextreme.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-613

Truly Brit-Am has done and is doing a fine job of disseminating the unique and vital information necessary for the initial waking up phase of the Ten Tribes.
Given the varied religious state of the Ten Tribes in which we are finding ourselves upon awakening, it is best to avoid religious arguments re theologies and doctrines.  However there is a spiritual task for ALL of us to do.  That is to do whatever we can in order to "come close" to God in focused and concerted prayer as the first group to arise from the grave where we have been exiled to be dead identity-wise and spirituality-wise for the last 2700 years.  While Brit-Am is the only body that can represent Ephraim in a positive manner in Israel, we, the first contingent to arise to consciousness from the "spiritually" dead, comprise the only ones from the collective body of Ephraim that can represent Ephraim before God in a uniquely influential manner.   I am of the opinion that it is our duty, as members of that first contingent to represent in front of God our "spiritually dead" brothers and sisters.  Indeed, it behooves us to intercede for them, as our father Abraham did for the sinners of Sodom.  The instruction of the words of Psalm 80 have been written for us NOW.
With the knowledge of our identity comes the obligation to do something that our revealed identity uniquely qualifies and prepares us to do.  It is to form the core of a growing body of committed individuals whose aggregate effort in pleading before God for His Guidance builds a receptive place for that Guidance. We desperately need that Guidance for sustenance of the Brit-Am effort and for the "spiritual" guidance of this "first contingent."  Having been chosen by God to be in a pioneering work, we need that guidance to facilitate our return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Torah.  After all, we have been cast out of the Land, and from our identities as the "firstborn of God" because we have cast away the Torah and our obligations in it.  As pioneers of the great return to come, we are to set good examples for others to follow in relying on God's Guidance and empowerment.

I propose that from now on till Chanukkah, we on this list and who empathize with Brit-Am's goals, rededicate ourselves to a greater commitment in prayer regarding our "return to God."  This entails all of us asking before God  that He restore to us individually and collectively His Guidance in a more pronounced and powerful manner in the following areas:
1) that we in the "first contingent" be made receptive for His Guidance to facilitate our return to our obligations regarding the Torah and in our obligations in our unique and
    positions as pioneers in this time frame.
2) financial and logistics means for the Brit-Am message to go out to our peoples.

I am of the opinion, that in the period till Chanukkah, the feast of "rededication," we can ALL rededicate ourselves to join in this unprecedented effort to return our peoples to their promised restored status. The God of Israel has always mercifully let the speed of our salvation be contingent upon the efforts of a faithful committed few.  This time is not different.  I suggest that we let Yair know our participation in this effort and then carry through with it. The times dictate to us that we act NOW. As the forces of evil rise to oppose the coming deliverance of Israel, we need to speed up our efforts to speed up that process. Let us seize the opportunity to intercede for our people, and this time "bring back a good report."

Steve Mathe


"Only Torah and prayer can unify Israel."

7. Book in Hebrew. Competition? Hoax?
Brit-Am has a book in Hebrew, "Achim Acharim" (The Other Brothers").
It is based on our English work "Origin" with some changes and additions.
The work is compact, attractive, and convincing.
Reactions to the work have been positive.
The book is also available for viewing and down-loading
 on our web-site
where it regularly receives quite a few visitors.
In addition we have been sending free copies of the work to those
in Israel who request it  and to potentially interested parties even without
them requesting it. We do what we can with what we have.
We would like to be able to advertise the work in select venues
in order to make its existence and availability known to
those we feel should be aware of Brit-Am beliefs.

Recently someone has been sending a message round to addresses
harvested from Brit-Am postings and/or from those of similar groups.
The person states he is attempting to raise USA $50 000 and already has
$4000. He needs the money:

<<to publish a book in Hebrew on the topic of the Lost Ten Tribes
Revival, authored by Rabbis who are scholars on the subject and who are
pro-reconciliation on acceptable terms that need to be created for both
Houses.  This book will be distributed free of charge to all Rabbis in
Israel and effective decision makers in the world.>>

We have  never heard of any such "Rabbis".
We do not believe that this work (if it exists) contains anything beyond that
already published by Brit-Am.
We have so far not come across any Ephraimite use of Rabbinical sources
that were not ultimately derived from Brit-Am though usually this is not acknowledged.

Our attitude is that with even a fraction  of the said sum we could do far more
in the desired direction than anybody else.

We also do not know of any other group in Israel that genuinely represents
both Judah and Joseph in the way (or in any other way for that matter) that Brit-Am does.
Up until now all attempts outside of the "Brit-Am" framework have been negative
or one-sided in their effects.

At all events it is a free country and people can do what they like.
Brit-Am will continue what it can as well as it can according to the possibilities
Brit-Am is in need of your support.

8. The Weekly Portion
The Weekly Portion is
Genesis chs.12 to 17
Abraham, Lot,
Ishmael, Isaac.
Promises to Abraham.
See the Text and Brit-Am Commentary at
The Commentary includes some additional points.

9. Brit-Am Nations Still Least Anti-Semitic in World
Source:  imra@netvision.net.il
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 16:58:40 -0500
<<Subject: Islam's Embedded  Anti-Semitism>>
The Pew
Global Attitudes Report Spring, '05 . The polls  related to Jews, not
Israel. and thus negates the frequent assertion that anti-Israel attitudes
are mistakenly regarded as anti-Semitic. The report shows unfavorable
attitudes in selected Moslem countries towards Jews in Spring, 2005 to be:
Jordan-100%;  Lebanon- 98%;Morocco-88%;  Indonesia-76%;Pakistan-74%;
Turkey -60%. Some significant Islamic states were not included in the polls.
Results for the remaining 11 countries polled are: China-49%; Poland-27%;
Russia-26%; Germany-21%; Spain-20%; India-17%; France-16%; Netherlands-11%;
Canada-11%; US-7%; Britain-6%.

Brit-Am Comment: Note that those  nations that according to Brit-Am contain a
significant proportion of Israelites had the least degree of anti-semitism.
An interesting point is that according to the Pew web-site
Charts on Favorability  Ratings: Jews, Moslems, Christians
38% of US citizens are "very favorable" towards Jews while only
36% of UK citizens are  "very favorable" towards Christians!