"Brit-Am Now"-607
1. Updates to Website
a. Genealogy
b. "The New Middle East"
c. Questions and Answers
2. Info on the Brit-Am Website
3. Ian McRae: Islam In Europe
4. Orjan Svensson: Gematria and Tribal Identifications
5. Hurricane Warning to Repent

1. Updates to Website
a. Genealogy
Some new files have been uploaded to the genealogy section, which may be seen at:
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b. "The New Middle East"
Our article
"The New Middle East"
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"Brit-Am Now"-607
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c. Questions and Answers
A Question and Answer feature (also accessible from the
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Expect almost daily updates to this feature over the next several weeks.
Some of the material will be new but much of it will consist of references to
existing articles especially those in the "Brit-Am Now" Archives
The new feature will nevertheless be worth visiting since it will allow for
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2. Info on the Brit-Am Website
Following the guidance of our friend and supporter Menachem Melinger
we submitted our site to the Traffic Rankings analysis of Alexa
This site claims that our site is doing very well, increasing in popularity
at a phenomenal pace (320% over 3 months??) with  entrants averaging six pages of perusal.
The figures are hard to believe and do not seem to correspond with other
statistics which also show an increase but one that is much less dramatic.
Nevertheless if the figures are correct and if we can maintain the pace
we may be on the way to having the beneficial effect we are working towards.
Perusal is up but publication orders seem to be down?

3. Ian McRae: Islam In Europe
Hello Yair,

Using this different e-mail address, as I'm at work right now and this
is the easiest one to use here at sea.

I am just reading your book, "Biblical Truth", which I find quite
inspiring.   I noticed a particularly interesting section on page 67,
where you say, "Esau took a daughter of Ishmael in addition to his other
wives. This coupling is said to hint at a future union between Ishmael
(The Arabs and Islam) and Esau (Europe and conventional Christianity)
versus Israel (The Anglo Saxons) and the Jews of Judah."

Do you think this may be why Europe, and particularly Britain, is being
flooded with Muslims at this time, with the apparent agreement of
governments and established religion ?

Best Wishes,

Ian McRae

4. Orjan Svensson: Gematria and Tribal Identifications
Preliminary Brit-Am Note: We have added some explanation of our own
to the following message.  We do not adhere to the method involved but
Orjan is doing his own thing and we are posting it out of public interest.

From: Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Comparison between some tribal Names, gematria values,
 and names of relevant countries


GEMATRIA seems to confirm that Zebulon is in Holland.

This is so because Zebulon has the gematria value of
[Zayin, bayit, lamed, vav, nun]
7+ 2 + 30 + 6 + 50 = 95 (when the gematria method Ragil
and no great numbers for Finals are used).
[i.e. straightforward numerical values].
The SAME gematria value is obtained when calculating
the gematria for Holland in Hebrew:
5 + 6 + 30 + 50 + 4 = 95.
[heh, vav, lamed, nun, dalet]
If I for example then calculate the gematria value for
Sweden in Hebrew, then I get for "SHWeDIaH":
[In Modern Hebrew, Sweden is called Shwediah with the  w sounds represented by two vavs]
300 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 10 + 5 = 331.
[Shin, vav, vav, dalet, heh]
This value is identical to that of EPHRAIM, because
Ephraim in Hebrew has the gematria sum of 1 + 80 + 200
+ 10 + 40 = 331.
[Aleph, Peh, Raish, Yud, Mem]
This identification of Sweden with Ephraim indicated
by gematria is in agreement with the teachings of the
Swedish small group or sect "Efraims budbהrare" (=
"messangers of Ephraim"). I believe that this group
which has existed in Sweden for a quite long time is
But if I reduce 331 to 3 + 3 + 1 = 7 [an acceptable procedure in Gematria], then I of course
obtain the gematria value of the tribe of Gad (3 + 4 =
7), [gimel,  dalet] which is in complete agreement with Yair's

Next I can check the gematria for Scotland in Hebrew:

60 + 100 + 6 + 9 + 30 + 50 + 4 = 259.
[sin, Koof, vav, lamed, nun, dalet]
This is the SAME as the gematria value for the tribe
of Reuben: 200 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 50 = 259.
[Resh, aleph, vav, beth, nun]

So gematria seems to identify Scotland with Reuben,
whereas Yair identified it with Asher.

The agreements in gematria above could be
coincidental, but nevertheless I think they are of
some interest.


5. Hurricane Warning to Repent
From: UASFitness@aol.com

Posting relating to News Headline of WorldNetDaily.com
<<Hurricane postpones another homosexual party
Theme for Florida Keys Fantasy Fest: 'Freaks, Geeks, and Goddesses'>>

Dr. Luckey

This is interesting. I also find the timing interesting between our country "urging" (twisting it's arm more accurately), Israel to give up God given land and the last round of Hurricanes, and President Bush sitting in the rose garden yesterday with another terrorist, Abbas and the approaching Wilma. Is there a cause and effect going on here or is it just coincidence. "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you"

Perhaps it is time we drop all religious pretense and personal agendas and preconceived ideas, etc., and simply look at what the laws of nature are telling us in a detached, logical fashion.

On the spiritual side I think that if the Creator of the Cosmos said I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" I would imagine His creation might have been encoded with those words in the very laws of nature, right along with e=mc2 the law of gravity etc. Have we been blinded by the harsh light of political correctness?