"Brit-Am Now"-603
1. Nazi Claims George Bush is Jewish!
2. Athol Bloomer: Brit-Am Needs to Stay Focused
3. New Subscriber
4. Noel Rude: Need for Linguistic Research
5. Marcel: Anger Aroused?

1. Nazi Claims George Bush is Jewish!
( I bet it is news to him!)
As proof president Bush is depicted praying at the  Western Wall.
Also a photograph of a  pamphlet is shown entitled:
"Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors 1943-1944 5704"
printed by the
Jewish National Welfare Board
220 Fifth Avenue, New York

Mathias Bush is listed on Page 15 under "The Jews in the Wars of the United States".
"Revolutionary War "as amongst Jews who signed the Resolution of 1765.

Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush and Major Solomon Bush are listed at the top of page 16
as participating in the Revolutionary War.

Poor George!

2. Athol Bloomer: Brit-Am Needs to Stay Focused
From: Athol Bloomer <atholbloomer13@hotmail.com>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-602

Dear Yair,

I am glad you are getting back to your original charism for Brit-am. I hadn't realized you were getting sidetracked on to other things. It is very premature to try and bring Ephraimites back to Israel. They can do more good for Israel in the lands Hashem has given them by supporting Israel in their own communities. The present State of Israel is for Jewish people until the time is right. I suggest you keep focused on your research and publications as these are what will reach the most people- also talks given by Brit-am people to groups is the way to go. You need people who do not wish to push their own agendas but to do the work of Britam.

Cheers Athol

3. New Subscriber
I loved the articles on your web site and since I majoring in Biblical Studies this subject of the Lost Tribes of Israel is just fascinating to me.
I just moved to Jerusalem 3 weeks ago and everything in the Hebrew Scriptures just comes alive here.
Please add my email on your list.
Thank you and may God bless you and your family richly!

4. Noel Rude: Need for Linguistic Research
Noel Rude <Noel@Ballangrud.com> wrote:

Brit-Am, as you say, rides on scriptural, historical and scientific
evidence.  One area where a bit of expertise would do a lot of good is
historical linguistics.  And not just in finding linguistic evidence for
Hebrew migrations into NW Europe (evidence that would impress a historical
linguist), but Brit-Am also needs to grapple with the reality of the waves
of Indo-European speaking peoples who have dominated world history.

Why is it, for example, that great civilizations arose in Iran (Elamite) and
India (Indus Valley) and Italy (Etruscan) which were neither Semitic nor
Indo-European in language, yet the empires that issued from those lands were
Indo-European in language (Persian, Sanskrit, Latin)?  The ancient Iberians
had their own languages, but those died out and when Iberia arose in 1492
she spread Indo-European (Spanish and Portuguese) over a major portion of
the globe.  The forests of Russia were anciently the home of Finnic speaking
tribes, but the language of the Russian and Soviet empires was
Indo-European. The pre-Celtic and pre-Germanic peoples of Northwestern
Europe were probably not Indo-European in language, but the imperial peoples
who have flowed from those shores have been.  Some thousands of years ago
there was but one Indo-European speaking nation in a world deeply divided by
language.  Today half the human race speaks dialects of that ancient
language--dialects now as divergent from one another as Singhalese and

It should all make sense from a biblical perspective.  I find it a bit
disconcerting that folks tend to be uncomprehending and uninterested in this
side of the Brit-Am coin (speech is so central to our humanity that we
almost completely take it for granted--we use language to talk about
everything but language).

But I don't have the answers!  ...Cyrus Gordon once suggested--in
the papers cited below--that Abraham entered Canaan as a speaker of
Indo-European.  Hebrew being the language of Canaan (Is 19:18) meant that
Abraham's children would grow up speaking Hebrew (NW Semitic) ... but if
Abraham were originally of Indo-European linguistic stock (perhaps the
language that Peleg had inherited at Babel) it would be natural for his
exiled children (from memory or by God's direction) to migrate back into the
ancient landscape (language and culture).

Keep up the good work!

N Rude

Cyrus Herzl Gordon.  1958.  Abraham and the merchants of Ura.  JNES 17, pp.

Cyrus Herzl Gordon.  1963.  Abraham of Ur.  Pp. 77-84 in Hebrew and Semitic
studies. Festrischrift presented to Sir Godfrey Rolles Driver in celebration
of his seventieth birthday 20 August 1962. Edited by D. Winton Thomas and
W.D. McHardy. Oxford: Clarendon.

PS: ..When Rome conquered Judea she subordinated a third of the scepters of Israel
(Judah, Levi, Benjamin, Simeon), which suggests that two thirds of the
scepters (Reuben, Issachar, Zebulun, Gad, Asher, Dan, Naphtali, Joseph)
remained beyond the reach of Rome, which would seem to be echoed by Josephus
(Jewish Antiquities, XI. 133): "But the Israelite nation as a whole remained
in the country.  In this way has it come about that there are two tribes in
Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while until now there have been ten
tribes beyond the Euphrates--countless myriads whose number cannot be

Josephus' two tribes versus ten tribes reflects 1Kings 11:30-32.  Initially
only one tribe was left to the house of David (1K 12:19-20), but Benjamin
chose to remain also (2Chron 11:12) as did the bulk of Levi (out of a job
under Jeroboam).  And Simeon's inheritance was with Judah from the beginning
(Josh 19:1, 9).

So where were ...Josephus' "countless myriads
whose number cannot be ascertained"?  We're they being absorbed into the
Indo-European homeland whence they would later emerge clothed in another
language and culture?

Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you for your letter. You have provided us with food for thought.
We may now say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the original tongue of the
inhabitants of the British Isles was Hebrew or a dialect close to Hebrew.
See our article:
This article has received mixed reactions from people who know Welsh:
Some confirm its content while others do not.
Nevertheless the basic message is certain as proven
by Karel Jongeling whose work ("Comparing Welsh and Hebrew"
published by the University of Leiden, Netherlands, 2000)
has temporarily disappeared from the public eye but which we hope to shortly
post a review of on our site.

 Terry Marvin Blodgett
 in 1981(c) published a Ph.D. thesis
("Phonological Similarities in Germanic and Hebrew", The University of
Utah, 1981) in which he proved that the original tongue of the northern
"Barbarians" who overran Europe was Hebrew.
A short article on this work may be found on our site:

"The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues"

Similarly Orjan  Svensson  in Sweden  and Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem
have published short notes in Brit-Am forums regarding the linguistic connections of Hebrew with
Northern Tongues.

We hope to do more in this regard shortly. Shmuel James, a linguistic researcher now living in Jerusalem,
will be assisting us.
You brought up some interesting points.
It could also be asked why do such Classical Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit, Greek, Latin,
Gaelic,  and the Germanic tongues have so many Hebrew words or words whose source can most be convincingly
be attributed to a Hebrew source?

Could it be that in addition to the Ten Lost Tribes other related groups (such as Edom, Moab, Ammon)
were also grafted onto these peoples?

5. Marcel: Anger Aroused?
From: marcel <up2zionsg8@yahoo.com>
Subject: Lost Tribes ,botha

The God of Abraham did not lose anything .There are no lost tribes with Him.

I don't look forward to what we are now seeing ,(Katrina,Guatemala,Pakistan,destruction)
but I strongly believe the Gaza retreat and surrender is the TRIGGER to all of the destruction which will end with Joel 3 .

For Behold,In those days and at that time............
I will gather all the nations, and bring (drag) them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.

Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance,Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations,

Just think of  the satanic inspired suicidal arrogance it takes to interfere in what the Creator said will be His agenda and course !!!
We are on a major cosmic collision course over the tiny tiny nation of Israel.


The Jewish people ,American's, the World are clueless to this connection ,but a remnant will understand ,as the prophet Daniel wrote about the generation to witness ' The Day of The Lord', His judgments poured out on the earth.
 The Bush Road Map is much more serious than most people realize.
It is the stick in the eye of God.

I posted this below at ynet ,telling the *sleeping Jews about this and they don't want to deal with God or reality yet ..but they will .

We are watching something major occuring around the world.
I believe that the globally sanctioned removal of Jew's from their cities and villages has TRIGGERED the anger of the God of Abraham and that He is no longer seated and silent. Israel's appeasers are in big trouble with him.
If this is true ,watch for even more catastrophic events which level whole cities and leave them ethnically cleansed of all living people. Israel's God promised to bring back His people to His land and the Bush Road Map WILL NOT STAND.
America falls for it's wickedness and it's interference in Israel is the tipping point.
All the earth will suffer for this evil plan which rewards terrorist's and their jihad at the expense of Israel.

*sleeping Jew is one in denial about the link between judgments now happening and their relation to the Gaza surrender and retreat.