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1.URLs of Interest
(a) The Exodus and Archaeological Finds
(b) Notable Inventions and Discoveries
From the Past 800 Years
Note the OVERWHELMING proportion of Lost Israelites amongst the names mentioned.
(c) Israelite Traditions Prominent in Greek Mythology
(d) Excavations of Mazar in Jerusalem: Photos

2. David Ben-Ariel : Abortion Must End
3. William Rasmussen: Circumcision Lessons the Risk of AIDS
4. Did You Know?
"John Bull"
"World Super-Power"
5. Proverbs 4:5-6 and a Recent Personal Experience

1. URLs of Interest

We found the following sites to contain articles of interest
with valuable information and insights.
WE DO NOT AGREE with everything they have written nor with other
articles of the people concerned
- in the same way as they may not necessarily agree with us.

(a) The Exodus and Archaeological Finds

(b) Notable Inventions and Discoveries
From the Past 800 Years
Note the OVERWHELMING proportion of Lost Israelites amongst the names mentioned.

(c) Israelite Traditions Prominent in Greek Mythology
This site authored by John R. Salverda
confirms the indications we noted in our work "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races" (1996)
that at one stage areas of early of Greek Civilization  had been conquered by Israelites.

From: John Salverda <john_salverda@hotmail.com>
Subject: The Hebrew origin of Greek mythology
Dear Yair,
...My name is John R. Salverda, I am the guy, if you will recall, who postulates the Hebrew origin of Greek mythology.  I have done quite a few articles since the one on Europa and would be delighted, to have you critique some of them..., in order to further the knowledge of Hebrew identity.  Please visit my web page at http://jrs.bravehost.com/Index2.html and click on the titles to read more of my stuff.  I feel certain that these will interest you and am looking forward to your response.

(d) 4. Excavations of Mazar in Jerusalem: Photos
Note: These pictures do not really say much to a layman but they are interesting all the same.

2. David Ben-Ariel : Abortion Must End
From: David Ben-Ariel <davidbenariel@famvid.com>
Subject: Abortion: Blood of Innocents (Jeremiah 6:15)


Abortion: Blood of Innocents (Jeremiah 6:15)   by David Ben-Ariel

What Jew isn't familiar with the Talmudic saying: "Whoever saves a single
life, saves a whole world?" What Jew can't empathize with those who have
no voice, who are considered less than human, and, through no fault of
their own, are marked for liquidation? Yet the Gentilized "Jewish" State
of Israel has permitted the "whole world" to be destroyed almost TWO
MILLION times!

Apparently, too many Israelis have forgotten these things. Efrat, a
pro-life organization, testifies that close to TWO MILLION innocent
children have lost their lives in Israel since 1948! Evil can harden a
heart. The big bucks that the abortion industry grinds out can cause some
to put cash before conscience. Whereas some may be unaware of how truly
abhorrent abortions are, an abortionist sees the child sacrifices offered
to the bloodthirsty god called "Choice." An abortionist is without excuse.
They've repeatedly taken innocent Jewish life with premeditation.
Abortionists have purposely stopped the heartbeat and brainwaves of
countless victims of Choice. They've cruelly extinguished the light of
Jewish stars (that our father Avraham hoped for) in the evil spirit of
pharaoh, Haman and Hitler.

The cult of Choice is the worst symptom evident in society of the
Hellenist disease. It sacrifices children upon the hedonistic altars of
convenience and irresponsibility in an immoral and idolatrous way. It
disguises itself as progressive and enlightened, but it is actually a dark
throwback to the pagan rituals performed in the Valley of Hinnom: the
holocaust of children that the prophet Jeremiah condemned (Jeremiah 7:31).

"They have acted shamefully. They have done abhorrent things - Yet they do
not feel shame, and they cannot be made to blush. Assuredly, they shall
fall among the falling" (Jeremiah 6:15). Where is a Jewish leader like
King Josiah who recognized the seriousness of his nation's deadly sins and
did all that he could to avert divine judgment?

Will Israel repent of despising their inheritance by surrendering it to
sworn enemies? Will Israel act now to stop the pagan practice of aborting
their future? Or must Israel fall before Germany and Jerusalem suffer EU

3. William Rasmussen: Circumcision Lessons Risk of AIDS
From: William Rasmussen <brasshalom@yahoo.com>
Subject: S. African AIDS Expert Urges Circumcision

Shalom Yair:  Looks like HaShem got it right with Abraham regarding the Brit Milah.  Now an AIDS expert is urging that Africans get circumcised in order to ward off the AIDS virus.


CAPE TOWN, South Africa - A South African AIDS expert Saturday advocated male circumcision as the best available "vaccine" against the virus in his country, where an estimated 6 million people are infected and more than 600 people die every day.
Francois Venter told a congress of health activists in the Treatment Action Campaign that a recent survey in the Soweto township indicated that circumcised men were 65 percent less likely to contract AIDS than those who had not been circumcised.

4. Did You Know?
"John Bull"
In Hebrew Bullock is "aegel". Historically this very name "Aegel"was a diminutive (favorite nickname) for the ethnic term "Angle".
The Angles gave England (i.e. Angle-land) its name.

It may be that Cyrus the King of Persia
was of Israelite descent. Another legend claims that Cyrus was the son of Queen Esther and King Ahashveirosh.

Jeremiah (31:21) refers to <http://britam.org/proof2.html#tag30>dolmens which are large stones set table fashion over others and often covered by large piles of rocks and stone.
Jeremiah says that the <http://britam.org/proof2.html#tag30>dolmens and other related stone monuments would form a connecting link between Israel, and places where the
Lost Ten tribes will be found such as Britain, West France, and Scandinavia.

"World Super-Power"
According to the Bible,
The Lost Ten Tribes, especially Joseph, were to become a <http://britam.org/proof.html#tag10>Dominant World Power and towards the End of Days, be the most powerful nation or national grouping in the world.

5. Proverbs 4:5-6 and a Recent Personal Experience
Rabaynu Yonah (1100s CE, Spain) points out that just before this verse we have been exhorted to keep the commandments in our heart and life for the sake of the tender love our mother bore us and the paternal worries of our father. Even if it was not quite that way for all of us the principle remains the same: We need to acquire good qualities and we need to acquire wisdom. We must not allow the wisdom we gain to diminish the intensity of the good qulaities we acquire but rather the wisdom should enhance them.

Iben Ezra says that Wisdom will keep us out of  trouble.
We should not take it for granted but should cherish the wise advice we receive.
The Almighty through Divine Providence communicates with us.

A Recent Personal Experience:
Usually I try to be good-natured but sometimes the "Other Side" (that we all have) takes over.
Recently  a member of my family forgot something and I was irritated.
I thought that if the matter was important to the person concerned they would not forgot it.
That same day I left the house and forgot to wear a belt for the first time in my life.
Because of my eating habits the lack of a belt had not made itself immediately noticeable.
Later the person apologized and it turned out he really had forgotten and had reason to forget.
My forgotting to wear a belt had already taught me to judge the case favorably.
Another person was supposed to meet me and did not turn up and again I was irritated.
It turned out that the person had been admitted to the hospital and had been unable to communicate with me.
In both cases my irritation had not been justified and even if it had I would have been better of  taking a more positive view of the two incidents.

Life is short and one should try to get on well with everyone especially those one is close to.
This is our task in this life.