Brit-Am Now"-591
1. Greetings from Holland!
2. Ashira Morgenstern:  Temple Music Preserved in West?
3. Message from Louisiana
5. William Rasmussen: The Warning of Bill Koenig
6. Henry Rhea: Another Opinion -followed by Brit-Am Comment
7. Brit-Am People "Birds of a Feather"?
1. Greetings from Holland!
From: "TW" <>
Dear Yair,
The last few years i saw a lot of websites on Isral Identity. Your site
is one i could find no danger in. Take that as a big compliment!
I consumed lots of Brit-Am research material on your site and within
your books. I myself do some (in the smallest sense) research on the
link to the Netherlands, and find your research most helpful.
Because i live in Holland, i have found some things that could
contribute. The name Holland comes from holt land (i.e. wood land)
Holland is a part of the Netherlands, and North-Holland is a part of
Holland. Tough a Frisian or any other Dutch from outside Holland may
call theirself a Hollander (Dutch), factually they are not. Just like a
Zebulonite may count himself as a Ephram(-Isral)ite.
Within the *north of Holland* there are west-Frisians (conquered by the
real Hollanders of the south), but within the *north of the Netherlands*
there are the ("Leeuwarder-")Frisians. Next to them (in Germany) there
are east-Frisian, near Schleswig-Holstein (the regions below Jutland).
In the north of the Netherlands within Groningen,there is a village
called "Oude Pekela". I have never seen a banner more similar to the
banner of Zebulon.
And some history on the Jewish community in Oude Pekela:
Near Oude Pekela there is a village called "Sellingen"
Last year i wend to the Sallingen peninsula in Jutland/Denmark,
"Sallingen" sounds exactly like the Dutch "Sellingen". And on the
peninsula you can find a village called "Grnning", which has the same
meaning as the Dutch province of Groningen (green "place").
Historical there are two "types" (skull and bones) of frisians: The
first lived during Roman time until a great flood. They fled from the
Netherlands (lower countries) back to Jutland. When they returned to de
lower countries they were more of the Saxon type (DNA) than the early
Frisians (Frisii).
I hope i could contribute some!!! Keep up your great work!!!
Do not put to much pictures of yourself on the website, your work speaks
for it self!
2. Ashira Morgenstern:  Temple Music Preserved in West?
I'd like to thank R' Davidiy for sharing his work and thought.
I'm a screen writer/director and music composer/producer living in Jerusalem.
Also have taught Tenach for some 25 years now. A former student of the Freifelds, my hobby is ethnomusicology - I've been researching the Spanish and Celtic connection to the music of the Beis HaMikdash [Holy Temple] for over twenty years. Also, I have a strong belief that at the time of chorbon bayis sheni [Destruction of Second Temple] there were navigable waterways from the Mediterranean through the Ukraine to the British Isles.
Sarah Wurtzel ("Ashira Morgenstern")
3. Message from Louisiana
 My name is K.. I live in Louisiana. I have
spent many years searching for what you have been
writing about in relation to the lost ten tribes. I
have always believed that somehow my ancestors were
possibly Hebrew. I have mostly made this ascertion
based on the fact that my surname is H.... My ancestors migrated to this
continent from France in the 16th or 17th century.
First to Acadie (Nova Scotia) then they were exiled by
the English, and made thier way to Louisiana.
Obviously they spoke French, but what is interesting
is that the pronunciation in Hebrew and French is very
30 August 2005 | 25 Av 5765
*For Zions sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalems sake I will not remain quiet,*
*Till her righteousness shines out like the dawn,*
*Her salvation like a blazing torch.*
*I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;*
*They will never be silent day or night.*
*You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest,*
*And give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.*
*- Isaiah 62:1, 6-7*
*"This is what YHVH says, who gives the sun to be a light by day, *
*and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars to be a light by night, *
*who stirs up the sea, so that its waves roar; YHVH of Armies is His name" *
*- Jeremiah 31:35*
5. William Rasmussen: The Warning of Bill Koenig
 Hurricane Katrina -Shalom from Bill Rasmussen
Shalom Yair:
There is a Christian author and journalist by the name of Bill Koenig, who wrote a book in 2001
called, "Israel, the Blessing or the curse".  In this book, Mr. Koenig documents from the time of George Bush the father through Bill Clinton and on to George W., each time that one of these presidents has done something to harm Israel through giving up land to the Palestinians, that America has been hit with natural disasters.  The book documents each action taken by one of the three presidents and the subsequent natural disaster that quickly came upon the United States.
Mr. Koenig has written a new book called, "Eye to Eye-Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel".This updated book deals with the almost immediate consequences that the United States has faced when it has forced Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians.  The book can be checked at "Koenig's International News" at <>
President Bush made it clear that in spite of what the Bible has to say about Israel giving up land, he is determined to push through his agenda at all costs.  His Roadmap to Peace is in fact the Highway to Hell.  President Bush also needs to know that those of us who supported him in the past, will no longer do so if he continues to cause harm to Israel.
Shalom, Bill Rasmussen
6. Henry Rhea: Another Opinion -followed by Brit-Am Comment
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-590
The message is clear: Do not mess around with Israel.
From: Ashirah Yosefah
From the website of Rabbi Lazer Brody 8,500 Jews evacuated from
850,000 Americans forced to flee their homes in Louisiana, Condoleeza
Rices home state.
This is idiocy and just plain unprincipled !  We have millions in
chaos resultant from Katrina, with well over a million forced to flee
their homes from the New Orleans area alone, never mind the rest of
the affected areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and probably Alabama as
well, and some jerkwad would be spiritual guru wants to turn that to
Israels advantage by a claim forcing the numbers to appear to
reflect a judgement of God for the abandonment of Gaza?
From the BBC:  About a million people evacuated from the area before
the hurricane struck, but tens of thousands of others are trapped in
the city.
That is speaking of the New Orleans area alone, with tens of
thousands yet to be evacuated, never mind the rest of the affected
Gulf Coast region!
.... today charlatans of all stripes and
religions think nothing of making outrageous claims in the name of
God with no witness whatsoever other than their own opportunist lying
May God preserve us, Jews and non-Jews alike, from idiocy and idiots
who follow such!
Henry Rhea
Brit-Am Comment: Unfortunately it appears that we will have a lot of time and a lot of
factors with which to make comparisons between what happened at Katif and that which is happening
with Katrina.
People are suffering at the moment so we should all hold back for a while on this issue.
On the other hand the immediate contingency of the two events is indicative.
Brit-Am will continue to post messages out on this issue
but we will try not to moderate the issue, at least until after some degree of recovery has (God willing)
taken place.
Latest News Reports say that the whole city of New Orleans may have to be abandoned for months.
7. Brit-Am People "Birds of a Feather"?
A correspondent (who turned out to be a somewhat anti-Semitic anti-Israel follower of BC and Jerry Goldin
and who claimed he has his own web-site radio-program with millions of followers) was irritated with the comments of Brit-Am people posting to our list.
He said that they were "birds of a feather like you who have gathered unto you".
He intended these words in disparagement but I actually I was rather flattered though I think he was exaggerating somewhat.