"Brit-Am Now"-588
1. Dr. Timothy J. Sakach: Pullback Only Temporary
2. The USA is also Blessed?
3. Jeremy Birningham:Our lack of Humility
4. Question on "The Land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12) and Australia
5. Web Site Usage
1. Dr. Timothy J. Sakach: Pullback Only Temporary
I agree with the people of Judah that the " West Bank" and " Gaza" are part of Israel and are included in the promises to Abraham. Furthermore, this pullout I am convinced is only temporary and that the Philistines themselves will eventually be driven out of the land. All the best.
Dr. Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D.
2. The USA is also Blessed?
B wrote:
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-587
The promise/blessing was given to Abraham, not Judah, that whoever blessed
him would be blessed and so on.  The same with Israel, it included all of
Israel, not just Judah.  Thus the US and Britain are included in the
blessing, not threatened by it.
True. Concerning the blessing to Abraham your point is correct.
I assume your remark is a reaction to recent comments by some of
our contributors (and by other people on  other lists) that due to the USA
pressuring Israel to give up part of its land the USA may lose some of its blessings.
Let us take things in perspective:
a. Israel lost land and weakened its security. By giving up land Israel was probably transgressing
a Biblical commandment.
Even so, precedents do exist. One of the Hashmonean (Macabee) monarchs transferred Jewish populations
out of portions of the Land of Israel that had a majority of pagans and brought these Jews back to
areas of Jewish concentration. Later the Hashmonean monarchs did re-conquer these pagan areas and
made most of them Jewish. Even so a temporary transfer population had taken place
when this was considered the least of two evils.
b. Only a relatively small numbers of people (less than 10;000) were moved and Israel still retains
some control over access to these areas and in the event of war or provocation could retake them
and even repopulate them.
c. We do not know all the background to the whole story and mitigating factors may exist we are not aware of.
d. The USA has taken control of Afghanistan and Iraq and set up bases in Central Asia thus
neutralizing or at least greatly alleviating very severe threats to the State of Israel.
e. The USA has supplied Israel with support and funding when nobody else would.
The USA continues to support Israel and has done a thousand times more good to us than harm.
The USA also benefited from this though in this case self-benefit was not the major motivating agency in the
USA  policy. On the contrary the USA backed Israel despite the possibility of negative repercussions.
f. The retreat would not have taken place without the supports of Arab MKs but other elements were also
influentially negative such as the Israeli Judiciary, the Media, Big Money (why?), segements of the Military
and Police Forces, etc.
I personally believe that US pressure was the primary factor in this case but the EU and Japan (and their money)
were also responsible. There are those however who disagree and wish to place most of the responsibility
on the shoulders of PM Sharon and his cronies.
(g) The USA is a good nation and is dominated by people of Israelite origin as our studies demonstrate.
Together with all this it is worth the following is bearing in mind:
(1. Apart from the general blessings to Israel (and Joseph) helping " Judah"
also brings a blessing of its own and harming Judah brings the opposite.
See our chapter on " Judah" in "The Tribes".
(2. Transgressing the will of God is not healthy. The possession of the Land of Israel
by Israelites and at this stage especially by Judah is Biblically desirable.
One should beware of going against such a situation.
(3. Part of the Biblically-ordained role of the USA and Britain and the daughters of
Britain (as primary representatives of "Joseph") in this age should be to help Judah
return to the land and settle and develop it.
By acting in the opposite way to what should be the national destiny a negative chain  of events may be set in motion.
This also applies to each one of us on the individual level. We should not set our standards lower because
our neighbors etc get along quite well without them.
Each one of us has a potential destiny and goal in this life which may well be quite different
from that of others around us.
Because one has been awakened to the importance of Brit-Am one may well be
expected to assist Brit-Am whereas less enlightened beings may not necessarily be so privileged.
The same applies in  other areas.
3. Jeremy Birningham:Our lack of Humility
From: J B <jeremiah_71@hotmail.com>
            The empire's that once made up the Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Turks etc have disappeared and no longer exist with the power and influence they once held. They where ancient civilizations that at one time where viable and a coherent entity which today does not exist in the same manner as they once did. Yet, the Jews exist today in Israel in the same manner with their mission for the most part intact as in ancient times when the above empire's existed but have now disappeared. The statements made where just showing how the hand of God has kept the Jews from disappearing. This is a miracle considering what the Jews have endured over thousands of years. I don't know about you but I don't see too many Roman soldiers running around these day's! The Jews are an ancient people who really do represent all of Israel in our modern times until the other tribes are revealed. It is only learned people who know of the other tribes where abouts.
           Yes, the other tribes have paid some hardships over the millennia. However the Lost ten tribes have not had to carry the Law of God and represent the Law of God on earth like the tribe of Judah has. For this reason alone the Jews have been persecuted way more then the other tribes in my opinion and history can easily prove that. The Jews have carried such a huge responsibility and God Bless them. As well the Lost Ten Tribes caused much of their own hardships with idolatry, colonization and war that was mostly fought for land, money and power.
          We must also remember that Messiah and future king will come from Judah. We of the other tribes should be humble and not be like Jeroboam. It was our lack of humility that got us in this mess to begin with. We owe Judah our dear brother a debt of gratitude for all he has preserved and all he has endured for his goodness and love of Hashem Elohim. I hope I live to see the day when I can humbly bow my head to the King that will come from the tribe of Judah. He will be the Messiah to us all!
4. Question on "The Land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12) and Australia

Hi Yair,
I have been reading your book called "Origin" and being born in Australia was very interested in page 82 which claims that Sinim mentioned in Isaiah 49:12 is referring to Australia.  I agree that the term Australia means Land of the South.  However you mention that, "The Egyptians referred to the southernmost known area of land as sin-wur" and that "This corresponds to the Land of Sinim meaning Australia".
I was just wondering if it would be possible to find out from what source you derived this information from?
Kind Regards,
Daniel Harry
Daniel Shalom,
We identify Australia with the Land of Sinim from which a portion of the Lost Ten Tribes will return (Isaiah 49:8) because:
a. Sinim was understood to be the " South Land" and the name " Australia" means the " South Land".
b. Sinim was translated as Australia.
c. The Egyptians used a term ("sin-wur") similar to "sinim" for the southernmost land known to them
and they were aware of Australia.
d. The Torah Codes identify Sinim with Austrlia.
e. It fits the general pattern of Brit-Am evidence that identifies the Lost Ten Tribes with Western Peoples and Joseph especially with
the English-Speaking People who indeed are concentrated in the North and West (from the Land of Israel) as Isaiah says and in Austrlia
which Isaiah appears to call the " Land of Sinim".
This is what we wrote in "Origin":
"Isaiah says (49:8) that the exiled of Israel will be preserved and become "a covenant of people (in Hebrew a "Brit-Am"), who will establish the world and inherit wasted heritages. They will use released prisoners to colonize these heritages (49:9), as the British did at first in North America and Australia. They shall return from the north and from the west, and from the land of Sinim. "Sinim" is interpreted to mean "Land of the South". In the Vulgate Latin version of the Bible which was translated by Jerome after consulting with Jewish sages, "the Land of Sinim" is rendered as " Australia". The term " Australia" means "Land of the South". The Egyptians referred to the southernmost known area of land as "sin-wur". This corresponds to the Land of "Sinim" meaning Australia. There are reports of Egyptian and Phoenician remains being found in Australia."
For more of the same see:
Biblical Proofs: Australia
The information  about the term "sin-wur" was obtained from
JURGEN  SPANUTH,. "Atlantis of the North", UK, 1979, p.94
Spanuth (despite the "esoteric" nature and title of his work)
usually used reliable sources. He said that "sin-wur" was the southernmost
place known to Ancient Egypt.
We believe that the Ancient Egyptians had knowledge of Australia
and so we combined the two pieces of information in light of the fact that
Australia is referred to as "Sinim" for additional reasons.
Yair Davidy applied the Bible Codes system to "Sinim".
Shmuel Treister (of Tsafat in Israel) did the same but much more thoroughly.
The results conclusively and repeatedly link Australia with Joseph, the Lost Ten Tribes,
and the Land of Sinim.
The relevant articles were published in our magazine (a precursor of
our current publication "Brit-Am Truth") "Tribesman" issue no. 3.
The articles will be republished (with illustrations) and either posted to our website
or in a coming issue of our magazine or both.
In addition to the above, Craig White, in his monumental, highly-recommended work,
"In Search of ... the Origin of Nations", shows how the Australian Aborigines are originated in Ancient Egypt.
He quotes physical anthropologists who say that the Australian Aborigines
left a substratum in southern Arabia ( Oman and Yemen), offshoots amongst the Veddoid natives in India, may have intermixed with the Ainu of Japan, and a few South American tribes, and reached Australia. Links between the Aborigines and Ancient Egypt include: the boomerang, words, names of idols, belief in reincarnation, raised scars instead of tattoos, deprivation of front teeth, wearing of human hands around the neck, mummification, and so on. Also in Australia there exists a wild dog known as the dingo. The dingo is believed to have arrived in Australia together with the aborigines and to originally have been domesticated. The dingo is similar in type to a breed of dog native to the Middle East.
DNA findings:
On the one hand:
DNA analysis seems to indicate that Negroes and Australians are the two least related peoples in the world
The Aborigines of Australia actually appeared genetically closer to Europeans than they did to Africans.  In fact, the Aborigines' diversity suggested that fifteen lineages had found a way to cross from Asia to Australia.  According to Becky, et al, the founding of Australia may have been made by a people "who knew exactly where they were going and had gone there time and time again."  [Keep that little quote in mind!]  In other words, it wasn't just some clown in a big canoe, island-hopping.  The primordial Aussies had thus come originally not from Asia, their next door neighbor, but from Africa?
Yet Again:
Original inhabitants of Terra del Fuego in southern Argentina may be related to Australian aborigines.
The mtDNA (transmitted by the female) of a sizeable proportion of Australia aborigines is similar to groups
in Africa to the south of Egypt, i.e. some contact must have existed.
The aborigines came from Egypt or had been dominated by Egypt and they moved to Australia possibly via Asia.
The Egyptians were aware of Australia
and this taken together with other evidence justifies our identification of the Biblical term "Sinim" with Australia.
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