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3. JR: Reservations on article  "History Lesson. America Be warned!" by Thomas Gray
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1. Important and Interesting New and Improved Web-Site Articles
The article
  Judah  and the Question of the
 Ten Tribes of Israel"
by Yair Davidiy
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The article by Steven M. Collins
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These articles are both well worth reading.
The article by Steven Collins is especially pertinent in light of recent events.
2. Descartes: Quotation
Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve
other problems.
Rene Descartes.
3. JR: Reservations on article  "History Lesson. America Be warned!" by Thomas Gray
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 18:47:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: J R
Subject: RE:
"Brit-Am Now"-585
item #4. Thomas Gray: "History Lesson. America Be warned!"
For your information: "They are all gone" is false. All of these peoples according to Biblical prophecy are alive and well awaiting in many cases to ascend to Empire again.
The Assyrian/Babylonian immigrants formed the 3rd Reich, the Roman Empire's last incarnation is building in the European Union, the Turks are in league with the rest of Muslim Arabia to start the Caliph again, but this time on a worldwide scale.
That is what bin Laden is about, he is a facist whose teachers worshipped Nazi's and incorporated that into Wahabist radical Islam.
None of these false world governments have gone anywhere. Only an uniformed individual would even suggest such an ignorant thing.
The tribe of Judah has not suffered any more than the other 12 tribes of Israel (Read Winning of the West by Theodore Roosevelt on the genocide against Manneseh in the Ohio Valley as an example.)
No where in scripture does it state anywhere that Judah is the strongest, the term lion, refers to royalty whose scepter has now passed to Joseph and will return to it's rightful throne in Jerusalem when Yeshua returns.
The house of Israel and the house of Judah are in this together as brothers and it is ONLY by the Father our God do we live. To convey glory on Judah as being so strong as the reason it survived is blasphemy in taking the glory of God's plan and protective work in planting, building and bringing a remnant back to the combined House of Israel.
God is Who all glory belongs to. His children are to glorify Him and not themselves for we are nothing without God.
4. Thomas Gray: Thanks
Dear Yair,
Thanks for publishing my "History Lesson".  I should mention that I already
presented this to my high school history class when we got to a section on
Jewish migration and a Palestinian Arab (non-Muslim) literally opened his
mouth in surprise as he listened.  I really wish that I was more of a
history expert, but it is all right there in the open in the history books.
I'm sure that your remark about Disraeli is accurate, that he "converted to
Christianity".  That is where my ignorance of history comes in: that I
didn't have the time to check out the details of his life to that great of
an extent.  However, I want to point out two things that still make it a
valid example:  One: the history does record that Britain did intend by
their law change to allow non-Christian Jews to occupy leadership posts.
Second, the promised blessing of God to those whose bless Israel is not not
conditional upon the orthodoxy of the Jews in question.  After all, the Jews
in the wilderness were not shining examples of morality when Balaam's
blessing was pronounced.
What I gather is that even if a Jew is immoral, an atheist, a conniving,
flattering jerk (as I gathered that Disraeli was from reading Queen
Victoria's biography), or (shall we dare say it) a Christian, if he is a
descendant of Jacob, the blessing or cursing still applies.  After all,
Jacob himself was a conniver and a liar, now that we think about it.  We
should always bear in mind that some ugly personality trait of certain Jews
is what is usually used as an excuse to mistreat Jews.  Of course, if all
Jews were lovely, kind and friendly, it would be too easy to follow the
Abrahamic instructions.  Maybe the Lord allowed some of them to rub us the
wrong way to test our faith in His promises.
Thanks again for passing on the information.  I hope that it is of service
in stopping some anti-Jewish feelings.
Thomas Gray.
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