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1. Jeremy Birningham: They Are  All Gone
2. Names Written in the Mountain Profiles
3. The Newly-Found Palace of  King David?
4. Thomas Gray: "History Lesson. America Be warned!"
6. Stephen Pursley: "Helping Brit-Am. Donations and purchases"
7. Great Scotsmen
8. Yair Davidiy: Gush Katif Personal
1. Jeremy Birningham: They Are  All Gone
From: J B <jeremiah_71@hotmail.com>
         The Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, The Turks, The Third Reich are all gone but the Jews remain. A people who have survived the most persecution against all odds are still here today back in Israel. This alone is a miracle when you think of the magnitude of what Jews have over come. In our present time we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Palestinians.
         Judah you are the lion you are the strongest out of us all. Only you could endure these hardships and be Gods witness. The rest of us could not even come close to bear the burden you have carried for humanity. The Messiah will be born from you and given to you and you will be kings of peoples. God bless Judah. God Bless Israel.
2. Names Written in the Mountain Profiles
From: Annie Stephens
Subject: Something I saw on your site some years back
Some years back I think I saw a picture of an ariel view of the city of Jerrusalem or the Mountains of Israel and there appeared to be the letter "shin" from the Hebrew alef bet or the "YHWH" in the Hebrew alef bet.  I was so impressed as it appeared that the God of Israel had placed His name on the land of Israel.  Do you know what I am talking about and if you do can you direct me to where I can see that picture again?
I appreciate any help you can give me.
Annie Shalom,
A Satellite Photo showing name of  God in the mountains near
Beth-el and the name of Ephraim in the Mountains of Samaria
may be sen at:
In addition the letter "Shin" (representing "Shaddai" another name of God
translated as "ALMIGHTY" in Genesis 17:1)
is formed by the three valleys (Kidron, Tyropean, and Gehinom)
that intersect  the Old City of Jerusalem and theTemple mount.
We have not got a satellite photo of this but Tomas Turner <Tommy704@aol.com>
has carved out
a coffee table stand that  physically reproduces the contours involved.
Photographs of this appurtenance should be posted on our site soon.
Tom Turner  (of  Edote Products) is the man who produces and sells the
Ezekiel Stick.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
3. The Newly-Found Palace of  King David?
Informative Article with some pictures
4. Thomas Gray: "History Lesson. America Be warned!"
Dear Yair,
I ahve been teaching history and was amazed at what popped out at me even
form a secular history book.  It has taken me a awhile to put it together,
but here is the summary I came up with.   A real history expert might
improve this with more details, but I think this is startling enough.  Now
if we could just get President Bush to read this...
A History Lesson that Teaches a Bible Lesson
First, a sample of the many promises in the Bible:
Genesis 12:1-3 "Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy
country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that
I will show thee:  And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless
thee, and make thy name great: and thou shalt be a blessing:  And I will
bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee
shall all families of the earth be blessed."
Genesis 26:4  [To Isaac]  "... and in thy seed shall all the nations of the
earth be blessed."
Genesis 28:14 [To Jacob]  "... and in thee and thy seed shall all the
families of the earth be blessed."
Numbers 24:9 [To the nation of Israel as a whole]  "... Blessed is he that
blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee."
Now the history:
(Historical information gleaned the high school history textbook, World
History: Connections to Today, published by Prentice Hall, 1997.  A few
other details gleaned from The Catholic Encyclopedia of 1910, World Book
Encyclopedia, and others are common knowledge.  It should be recognized that
at times, prevailing sentiment among people can be different from the
leaders' and this perhaps can cause some apparent exception to the rule (or
apparent delay), but the rule is very remarkable in its consistency.  It
sort of jumped out at me as I read the history book.)
The rise of the Roman Empire was associated with a toleration of the Jewish
faith, excusing them from worshipping Roman gods and allowing them to live
in their land.
From the time that the Romans destroyed the temple and expelled the Jews
from the land of Israel, they suffered cruel and insane emperors with a few
exceptions until the Empire could not deal with its problems any longer and
fell to the Germanic tribes.
The Catholic Encyclopedia specifically says that the Byzantine Empire at
times blessed the Jews and other times cursed them, however, I have not yet
found full details and years.  They lasted a long time, with continual loss
of territory and power until the final collapse in 1452 to the Ottoman
Muslim Turks (You'll never guess what those Muslims did.  See below.).
1000-1300 Jews were welcomed into Muslim-controlled Spain, and given
responsible posts in the government.
This was Spain's golden age of philosophy with Muslim scholars such as
Avarroes and Jewish scholars such as Mamonides.
1290 Jews were expelled from England after a growing antipathy towards them,
but welcomed into Poland.
1347-1350 The Black Death (spread by fleas) killed one fourth of Europe's
population and the Jews were blamed for it by many.
1394 Jews were expelled from France, and welcomed into Germany.
During this century, Cracow, Poland became the cultural center of Europe
with the leading university of Europe.
France and England became entangled in the Hundred Years War, 1337-1453.
In Germany, Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440 and began
spreading the Bible throughout Europe.
1492 / 1497 Spain, then Portugal, expelled all non-Catholics, especially
Jews, although some of the rulers afterward were from Jews who converted to
Catholicism.  The Jews were officially welcomed into the Muslim Ottoman
Empire with a letter asking the Jews to "bring your blessing"!!  They also
were welcomed into Italy and Holland, although in Italy they were required
to live in Jewish ghettos.
This was the middle of the Italian renaissance, in the middle of the lives
of Michelangelo (1475-1564), Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), and Raphael
In Holland, this was the time of Erasmus and the spreading of the Bible.
Christopher Columbus took Jews with him on his voyages of discovery.
1588 The Spanish Sea power was broken as their Armada was destroyed in a
freak storm and by the skill of the English navy.  The English antipathy
toward the Jews was reversing in England.  This was the Elizabethan age of
England, the time of Shakespeare, when religious toleration and prosperity
grew in England.
Meanwhile the Portuguese lost their world trading empire to the Dutch,
starting with the "Happy Return" of the first Dutch trading fleet. The Dutch
were the only ones allowed to trade with Japan and the Far East.
The Ottoman Muslims enjoyed their "Golden Age", famous for their inventions
and compilation of scientific advances, including Algebra and a vaccine
against rabies.
1530-1550? The 150-year welcome for Jews in Germany came to an abrupt end as
Martin Luther (1483-1546) changed from a friendly attitude to frustration
and a call for Jews to be expelled and their property seized.  Ironically,
his archenemy, Pope Paul IV, at the same time, also joined in a call for
Jews to be expelled from Catholic Germany.
1618-1648 The Thirty Years War tore Germany apart into 360 small rival
kingdoms and spread suffering, famine, torture, and death throughout
Germany. Germany lost around half of its men, mostly those in their
reproductive years and a church leader called for surviving German men to
take two wives to avoid the extinction of the German people.
Many Jews escaped to Eastern Europe and Russia.  1682-1796 was the time of
the great expansion of Russia under Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.
1652 England , under Oliver Cromwell, officially welcomed Jews back in.
England became a leader in first the scientific revolution, then the
industrial revolution, with scientists such as Isaac Newton (who published
his Principia in 1687) and Robert Boyle, then many others later such as
James Watt, Eli Whitney and George Stephenson.
1763 The first Jewish synagogue was founded in North America
1776 With the financial aid of a Jew, Haym Solomon, and the sacrifice of
many Jews who fought in the Revolutionary War, the United States of America
was founded.
1812 Under Napoleon, restrictions against Jews were abolished in France and
In the 1800's anti-Jewish feeling began to rise in Russia and many Jews
emigrated to Germany, America, and other places.
1868-1880 Under Queen Victoria, laws requiring government officials to be
members of the Church of England were repealed, allowing a Jew, Benjamin
Disraeli, to become prime minister.
[Strictly speaking this is inaccurate, Disraeli had been converted to Christianity as a child
along with other members of his family-editor]
The British Empire expanded world-wide.
1871 Germany reunited under Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm after several
hundred years of division.  Germany then invented the gasoline engine and
the automobile (by Karl Benz in 1885) and became an industrial giant and a
world power.
1880-1914  Russia initiated pogroms against Jewish communities, killing and
expelling many Jews who escaped to Germany, America and other places.
1917 Czar Nicholas was forced to abdicate and was killed in the Communist
Revolution.  Russia gave up WWI, losing territory in the agreement.
The same year, Britain signed the Balfour Declaration, in favor of a
homeland for Israel.  Britain and the U.S. then won WWI and Britain and
France were given control of the Middle East, Britain having authority over
the land of Palestine.
1920-1940 Anti-Jewish sentiment rose in Germany, Italy and Poland.  The
NAZIs came to power with the goal of destroying the Jews.  Albert Einstein,
Enrico Fermi and other Jewish scientists were taken by the U.S. as refugees
from Germany and Italy.
1945 The U. S. and Britain won WWII, stopped the Jewish holocaust and the
U.S. began a phenomenal technological development.  Russia allowed Jewish
scientists to work in the Soviet Union and also began to advance
The Scandinavian countries, famous for saving Jews from the NAZIs, also
prospered greatly in peace.
1947 Britain was afraid to take a stand for the Jews in Palestine because of
the Muslims and turned the country over to the U.N.
The same year, Britain lost India as a colony.
1948 The U.S. sponsored the nation Israel under the U.N. and the modern
state of Israel was born. Britain lost Burma and Ceylon.  The U.S. added
territories and Alaska and Hawaii as states.
1950-1961 Britain lost almost all of the rest of its colonies around the
The U.S. continued its growth in technology and power.  The U.S. supplied
(and received) military technology and equipment to Israel.
Russia supplied military technology to Israel's enemies.  Israel defeated
the technology and Russia lost its technological advantage.
1980 and afterward Germany expressed repentance for the holocaust.  German
young people went to Israel to care for elderly Jews.  Germany was reunited
in 1989.
1978 The U.S. pressured Israel to give back the Sinai to Egypt in the Camp
David accords.  President Carter lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan.
Steel factories and other industries shut down.  Inflation and other
economic problems become rampant.  The U.S. lost more industry and
technological advantage.
1991 The U.S. helped save Israel from Saddam Hussein's weapons, including a
one-kilometer long gun based on NAZI technology.  However, the president
George Bush began to put pressure on Israel to make concessions to the
Muslims. He lost the 1992 election to Bill Clinton.
The Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Clinton was a Jew, Robert Rubin.
The U.S. enjoyed a better economy until the end of Clinton's presidency
neared.  (I am well aware that many of George Bush's policies were
apparently responsible for the economic well being of the Clinton years.
This is not about analyzing specific immediate causes.  It is about the
blessing of God, who can use any cause He wishes.)
The second George Bush has made it a stated goal to achieve a Palestinian
State during his administration, requiring Israel to return the territories
conquered in the 1967 six-day war, apparently thinking that it will result
in peace, although the fundamentalist Muslims have made it clear that the
only acceptable option to them is to control the whole land of Israel.
2000 U.S. economy began to turn down, accentuated by the World Trade Center
2002 U.S. attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.
2003 The "Road Map to peace" signed requiring Israel to give back land for a
Palestinian state.
2005 The United States pressured Israel to follow the "road map" and give up
the Gaza strip.  This went into effect August 15, 2005.
2006 ???
Now my conclusions and comments:
Each of these historical developments has individual and local causes and
associated events, such as wise or foolish decisions and the morality of
society and countries' leaders. However, the common factor in all of them is
too clear and pervasive to be just a coincidence.  It must be that God
permits those other factors based on His promise to Abram and the blessing
or cursing that the country deserves.  It is clear evidence to me that the
declaration of God is true.  Now, if some weird guy with side curls comes up
and says he is a Jew, should we not be on the safe side and bless him,
rather than bet on a wild notion that he is really an imposter from Esau and
risk the wrath of God by cursing him?
Dare we make some predictions for the future based on this?  There are
different degrees of cursing and blessing and, at times, there is a kind of
mixed bag.  The U.S. certainly is not expelling Jews or severely persecuting
them.  However, we do have a lesson from the Camp David fiasco as to what to
expect next from the road map fiasco.  The U.S. has had economic trouble and
seems to be on an upturn.  However, I, just from the records above, say that
the U.S. economy is headed for the pits.  There will be blame thrown right
and left and economic and political talk, but the Bible and history tell us
the real reason.  May God have mercy on the U.S.
Thomas Gray.
6. Stephen Pursley: "Helping Brit-Am. Donations and purchases"
Shalom Yair,
I would like to urge everyone who identifies with Brit-am and desires to see the fulfillment of the
Scriptures to make donations and purchase Brit-am literature.  The more books that are purchased, the greater the chances that more people will be made aware of Brit-am and it's
significance.  Any donation, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can only be helpful.
My own donations have been small but I have been assured they are appreciated.  The completion of G-d's plan is the only reason for the creation of the world and all people.  The Almighty could easily accomplish this with just a mere thought.  Instead, He gave that job to us, His people.  That is what being "chosen" actually means.  We were chosen to complete
His plan for the world by being faithful and obedient to Him.  By sending donations of any amount to Brit-am at regular intervals we would be helping to do that very thing.  Our Lord does
What He says He will, to "bless them that blesseth thee, and curse them that curseth thee."  Let's give a little and receive a lot!
Stephen Pursley
7. Great Scotsmen
Today in 1897 Sir Ronald Ross established the link between mosquitoes and malaria, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1902. Of Scottish descent, Ross was born in India in 1857 and spent many years there as an army medic, where he carried out his research. Read more on great Scots at <http://heritage.scotsman.com/greatscots.cfm>heritage.scotsman.com
8. Yair Davidiy: Gush Katif Personal
My son and his family have left Gush Katif  along with the members of the settlement
they were staying in. The US-induced retreat from the area  is continuing.
After that it is intended to apply the same treatment to Jewish settlements in  Northern Samaria.
Condoleeza Rice is playing the role of a modern Jezebeel and saying that after the retreat
Israel will be expected to make additional suicidal "concessions. It may be however that she is merely playing the
role dictated to her and would dance to whatever the tune was.
More on such matters in coming posting of "Jerusalem News".
9.  Brit-Am Appeal: A Detail
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Publication  orders fluctuate.
We exist more or less in a permanent state of  "near-miracles".
The Almighty helps us through your agency.
Our understanding is that if you help us you will not lack because of it
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Brit-Am represents you.
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