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1. Letter from Judy Brown
2. Stonehenge Image Now in .gif format.
3. DNA Findings: Brit-Am Claims of  Hereditary Environmental Influence Verified?
4. Emmet Sweeney: A Valuable Source for Dating the "Megaliths"?
5. Question and Sources on Megalithic Monuments
6. BRIT-AM AM NOW TABLE OF CONTENTS (Selections from nos 1 to 350)
7. Pagan Canaanite Practices of Our Ancestors?

1. Letter from Judy Brown
From: Judy Brown <ljb144@msn.com>
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-582
Hi Yair,
We met when you spoke to our "Ephraim's Brigade" group recently on the patio of the Mt. Zion Hotel in Jerusalem.  Thank you so much for coming to speak to us along with Rabbi Avraham Feld and your Linguist.  You have confirmed so much of what I have discovered over the past 30+ years. From 1970 - 1990, I asked a lot of questions, but found very few answers.  From 1990 - 2000, I began to find more people who were at least willing to talk about the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.  However, since 2000, I have discovered researchers around the world who were also asking some of the same questions for 30+ years!  Now it is just incredible to watch God revealing additional insight daily regarding the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel that were hidden "in plain sight" for about 2700 years!
In 1995, after my husband, Larry, and I were in Israel and first met our tour guide, Shalom Pollack, we flew from Tel Aviv to London, then drove on to Stonehenge.  I am very interested in your Stonehenge information linked below, but unfortunately, have not been able to view the image you describe.  Have also tried to enter the URL in the "Address" slot at the top of the page on your website.  Guess I need some help.
Thanks again and many blessings on you,
Judy F. Brown (Yudeit)
Oklahoma City, OK
2. Stonehenge Image Now in .gif format.
 Orjan Svensson: Direction to Jerusalem?
Image on Brit-Am Web Site
Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Stonehenge
In the attached image [[
If you cannot view the image directly go to
and attach  Stonehenge_plan_mod3.gif
to  the URL in the the "Address" slot at the top of the page.]]
  I have indicated the directions
towards Jerusalem and towards the Giza pyramids.
The stones marked with "6" do not seem to give exactly
the direction towards Giza, but not far from it.
3. DNA Findings: Brit-Am Claims of  Hereditary Environmental Influence Verified?
From: Duncan Long <duncan@duncanlong.com>
Subject: Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny
 Whew! Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny
By Brandon Keim <http://www.wired.com/news/feedback/mail/1,2330,0-1364-68468,00.html>
*Story location:* http://www.wired.com/news/medtech/0,1286,68468,00.html
/02:00 AM Aug. 16, 2005 PT
The more we learn about the human genome, the less DNA looks like destiny.
As scientists discover more about the "epigenome," a layer of biochemical reactions that turns genes on and off, they're finding that it plays a big part in health and heredity.
By mapping the epigenome and linking it with genomic and health information, scientists believe they can develop better ways to predict, diagnose and treat disease.
"A new world is opening up, one that is so much more complex than the genomic world," said Moshe Szyf , an epigeneticist at Canada's McGill University.
The epigenome can change according to an individual's environment, and is passed from generation to generation. It's part of the reason why "identical" twins can be so different, and it's also why not only the children but the grandchildren of women who suffered malnutrition during pregnancy are likely to weigh less at birth.
"Now we're even talking about how to see if socioeconomic status has an impact on the epigenome," Szyf said.
Researchers have already linked some human cancers with epigenetic changes. In a few years, scientists hope that doctors, by looking at an individual's epigenome, will be able to detect cancer early and determine what treatments to use.
The same might be done for other diseases -- and as the effect of the environment on epigenetic change is better understood, people will be able to address the environmental aspects of health.
The field, though still embryonic, won't be that way for long. "Epigenetics is one of the fastest-moving areas of science, period," said Melanie Ehrlich , a Tulane University epigeneticist whose lab linked human cancer to epigenomic changes in 1983.
Back then, Ehrlich's discipline was largely ignored. Walter Gilbert , a Nobel Prize-winning biologist, famously said that since fruit flies had no epigenomes, people could hardly need them.
But in the past two decades -- and especially the last couple of years -- studies have linked the epigenome to disease and development, showing that it changes in response to the environment and can be passed from parents to children.
While predicted treatments run from diabetes and heart disease to substance abuse and schizophrenia, the most promising applications are in cancer. Research shows that some cancers follow from the deactivation of tumor-suppression genes. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first epigenetic drug, azacitidine , which treats a form of leukemia by reactivating those genes.
Not only does the epigenome change over time, it also differs in every major cell type, of which there are a couple hundred.
In Europe, a consortium of public and private institutions is collaborating on the Human Epigenome Project, while mapping in the United States is scattered among a handful of companies and government-funded scientists.
4. Emmet Sweeney: A Valuable Source for Dating the "Megaliths"?
 Emmet Sweeney has his own theories. I have read very little of his material
and there may well be many points on which we do not agree.
Nevertheless, concerning "megalithic" monuments. Sweeney is correct in dating them to the Late Bronze-Early Iron Ages.
He may well be right in other matters.
It is now admitted, for example, that Beaker Folk were "contemporaries both of indigenous late neolithic groups and their early bronze age descendants,"3 whilst "The extent to which [Neolithic] natives and [Beaker] newcomers worked together on these great [megalith-building] projects is problematic, but they were clearly present together at many sites."4 The writer here quoted also remarks on "The fallacy of the traditional bronze age pottery sequence - beakers with inhumation, followed by food vessels  with inhumation in the early bronze age, enlarged food vessels and collared urns with cremations in the middle bronze age, and late collared, cordoned and encrusted urns in the late bronze age." This sequence, although now known to be largely fictitious, has proved "very resistant to attack."5
So there we have it, from the pen of one of the most respected British archaeologists. The late Neolithic was in fact contemporary with the Beaker/Early Bronze; yet the Early Bronze is itself indistinguishable from the Late Bronze Age (and presumably also the early Iron Age).
We are therefore on fairly secure ground when we declare that the first megaliths, and probably the majority of them, were erected in the 9th and 8th centuries BC. by Celtic-speaking peoples, from various parts of Europe, who arrived in the wake of the final series of cosmic upheavals and climatic disturbances. That these settlers were mainly peasant farmers who employed stone tools for most of their needs says absolutely nothing about their language or ethnic grouping.
5. Question and Sources on Megalithic Monuments
 "sean.grieve1@virgin.net" <sean.grieve1@virgin.net>
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-579

>Stonehenge is at SU123422 in the British Grid System and
This is a good point and I have studied this type of thing quite a bit, there seems to be an older grid system than the one we currently use, and the accuracy you could navigate by it is quite amazing considering what we imagine about the past.
On the subject of the British stone rings, do you think they had any connection to the earlier cannanite flat stone rings?
Yes they were made by the same people.
This and related matters may become a major project of Brit-Am.
See "Brit-Am Now"- 390
#1. Megalithic Monuments: New Evidence
where it is proven that similar stone circles in Sweden date from the Late Iron Age (Roman)
see also
"Brit-Am Now"- 479
#Iron Age Megalithics
"Brit-Am Now"-491
#1. Jeremy Burningham: Stonehenge, a Neolithic impossibility
see (from Orjan Svensson)
6. BRIT-AM AM NOW TABLE OF CONTENTS (Selections from nos 1 to 350)
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7. Pagan Canaanite Practices of Our Ancestors?
From: "sean.grieve1@virgin.net" <sean.grieve1@virgin.net>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-582
Brit-Am is offering you access to information so take advantage of it.
Dear sirs, I appreciate what I see you do, however, I would still like to know if you know if the flat stone circles were related to the cananite ones, and possibly mean that some of the old pictish festivals held on hill tops related to those of the high places of the cananites and others, which would in turn imp ly that we should be careful of what we bring in with our family history from that period?
Your question will (God willing) be answered in more detail Later.
The Early Britons (and Scandinavians etc) did celebrate Canaanite
and similar pagan practices (such as the Beltane) alongside Hebraic ones.
It was for this reason that the Northern Tribes had been exiled in the first place
(2-Kings chapter 17).
It is part of the evidence that these people came from the region of the Land of Israel and
strengthens our belief that they were Israelite.
The moral issues, possible blemish in family history, etc should not worry us.
Our concern is that of family origin.