"Brit-Am Now"-580

"Brit-Am Now"-580
1. Archaeology: Possible Finding of the Palace of King David?
2. Comment on the Changing of Prophecy.
3. Rochelle Altman: Hebrew-Phoenicians in the British Isles
4. Stephen Spykerman: HOW the UK GAVE ISRAEL THE ATOM BOMB
5. Charles Bassett: Appreciation
6. Readers Comments on Stonehenge and Brit-Am Remarks:
7. Everyone has their own unique task

1. Archaeology:
Possible Finding of the Palace of King David?

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Note: Eilat Mazar, like her father before her, is a responsible archaeologist who would not make a claim without being able to substantiate it.

2. Comment on the Changing of Prophecy.
From: Christina Kelly
Subject: Re: AMOS REVISITED no.2

Dear Yair:
Thank you, Yair, for responding to the changing of prophecy through prayer.
Firstly, I absolutely do not think the USA is immune from the wrath of YHVH. In fact, I think it is close at hand.
Secondly, I know that YHVH sees the end from the beginning and He knows who will and who won't repent. While He may have mercy on an individual who prays, the nation as a whole will suffer because of it's overwhelming sin (i.e. godlessness, corruption, abortion, pornea). And just as all of Israel paid the price when David or another king of Israel (or Judah) messed up, so will the USA and Britain and other Ephramite nations suffer when their leaders go astray (ex. The Road Map to Peace). Therefore, I believe the scriptures which were inspired by YHVH, and have been given to us in writing, are not going to be changed. If prophecy changed, we would have to rewrite the Bible, and I don't think that is going to happen. (Although, maybe we would find scrolls [words] that have been hidden [sealed as in Daniel 12:9] and could now be "unsealed" with different endings!? I don't think so.)... Thank you for your continuing work of faith!
Love and Shalom,
Christina Kelly

Christina Shalom,
I agree with you that it is anti-intuitive for someone who believes in the Bible to yet believe that some Prophecies (whether for good or bad) may yet not come to pass.
We could put it another way: Aspects of Prophecy are not clear and could be fulfilled in a number of ways, e.g. in the case of Jonah the City of Nineveh was "turned over" in a sense since they reversed their behavior.
By reforming ourselves and helping others we can always influence events for the better. The Almighty will decide.

3. Rochelle Altman: Hebrew-Phoenicians in the British Isles
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: new book: Altman, Rochelle. Absent Voices: The Story of Writing Systems in the West
I thought you might be interested in this. The following comments are from the University of Chicago's Ancient Near East list (ANE) for Aug. 6.
Brit-Am Note: We have Rochelle Altman's book and have already written a note on it and hope perhaps to further review it.
The book is quite technical but contains very valuable insights:
new book: Altman, Rochelle. Absent Voices: The Story of Writing Systems in the West

Extracts from a reply to correspondence by Dr. Rochelle Altman
[Brit-Am Note: This is not really fair to Dr. Altman since she meant her reply for another audience and her polemical academic style was not really directed to us.
Nevertheless the points are important to Brit-Am studies and that is why we are presenting them]:

Dr. Rochelle Altman wrote:
" Let's see, since the last time we went round on this, we have the bronxe age shipwreck off of Devon. The mtDNA study that proves the contact between the Atlantic coasts of Iberia and Britain/Ireland......
and there is more.

One point that seems to have missed some folks: the only way to get to Britain from the Iberian Peninsula (and from the Med[iterranean Sea] after the Med broke through into the Atlantic and Gibraltar became navigable ca. mid 4th millenium) was via the Atlantic western sea route -- to get to the East coast of Britain, you had to go up and around the top of the Islands and come back down with the current -- that's why the mtDNA stiudy shows links with the Atlantic coast of Scandinavia, too.
Some people do know something about geochronology, pluvial periods, and their relevance to navigable waters. (You don't go through the gulf from the WEST coast of Iberia.)

Then there are those tin ingots with Phoenician stamps at Falmouth... and that Mediterranean type vessel buried in the mud found back about 100 years ago.

The mtDNA article published in Nature was all over the headlines on the web. The shipwreck off the coast of Devon was also in the news and very recently. Very preliminary findings from the underwater site include bronze age weapons from the Med.

It is quite usual to use the generic terms "Phoenicia" and "Phoenician" to refer to that specific area and to those specific peoples inhabiting that specific coastal strip. The recently published archaeological work on Sidon [Serhal et al, 2005; Review at:
shows that there was contact in the 19th-century BCE between Sidon and the Mycenaeans. Are people quite sure that they wish to assert that, generically speaking, these peoples were not in the area at an early date?

The connection between the British Isles and the Eastern Med[iterranean Sea] is relevant to study of the ANE [Ancient Near East].
The beaker peoples (two different types of beakers: corded ware in central Europe, uncorded in Cornwall, etc.) date to the third millennium in Britain. The association of the peoples of the Iberia Peninsula with Britain was pretty much accepted before World War II from the distribution of the corded and non-corded ware. Encyclopedias include matter of fact comments about commerce between Britain and the Eastern Med by 2500 BCE. Scholars studying the Early Christian Church had long ago become suspicious of the mass Celtic invasion from Central Europe premise [Davies, 1992; Meyr-Harting, 1991; Sims-Williams, 1990].

The mtDNA population study [of female ancestors] by Brian McEvoy, Martin Richards, Peter Forster, and Daniel G. Bradley (2004) supplies solid evidence that the contact was by sea-lanes. Their contour mapping of the genetic commonality among the populations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Scandinavia, and Spain settles the question of the sea-lanes between the West coast of Iberia and the West coasts of the British Isles. More relevant to shipping is that the mtDNA markers are on the Atlantic sea coasts.

The Channel between Britain and the Continent was an impassable, turbulent barrier for thousands of years; the passage is still difficult today. (Note: The Bay of Biscay is on the EAST side, not the West side, of Britain. The ocean current between the Atlantic Coast of what is now the Iberian Peninsula and the Atlantic Coast of the British Isles runs to the North-West on the Atlantic side.)

The current in the English Channel runs from North to South. From between ca. 10th millennium BCE and ca. the mid first millennium BCE, the English Channel was an impassable barrier. The only way to reach Ireland and Britain from the Continent was by the sea-lanes and only from the Atlantic (West) side of the islands. The only sea passage to the Continent from Iberia and the Med[iteranean] was to follow the Atlantic coasts of the islands and go up and around the top. This accounts for the mtDNa findings of a relationship also with the Atlantic coasts of Scandinavia. The waters of the channel were still so turbulent in the fifth century CE, that Brendan went north and west to search for the promised land. [O Donnnchadha, 2004 - ... It's the newest in a long line of books on the subject: oldest extant versions: 750 and 850].

The turbulence after the break-through of the Mediterranean took from 1,000 to 1,500 years to subside enough to allow passage by sea. The Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula was not accessible from the Mediterranean until sometime between the mid fourth millennium and the mid-third millennium BCE. The Straits of Gibraltar are narrow; the Mediterranean is still effectively a Closed Basin. The waters of the Atlantic flow into the Med over the sill; the lighter waters of the Med flow into the Atlantic at the top layers. The Mediterranean is still saltier than the Atlantic...

I could not help but be very pleased to read the mtDNa study and see that it solidly supports the mapping from the script designs of the sea route used to carry the North-African > Iberian > Brittonic > Goidelic script system -(Altman, 2004, p. 72).

Both Cunliffe and McEvoy et al certainly would explain the pre-historic architectural archaeological evidence of contact and interaction by sea route [Hamlin, 1953]. They also explain the linguistic evidence that *Old Irish* [NOT "Anglo-Saxon"] incorporates non Indo-European syntax and vocabulary, as well as linguistic evidence in the non-IE names of sites in Cornwall, Wales, etc. (e.g. Tintagal). In fact, it explains much of the findings discussed in Edwards and Lane [1992].

While most points, e.g. the mass emigration from Mercia to Gallacia in Spain [??], would fit nicely into the Phoencian/Iberian trans-shipment model proposed by Cunliffe, not all can. The greatest anomaly is that there is a clear "Mediterranean" presence in the area -- all pointing to contact between the (generic) Phoenicians and the British Isles over a very, very long period of time.

For example:
- At least four different "Christianities" were in Britain centuries before Augustine the Lesser arrived in 596: two came by the sea route; one came from France across the channel to what is now Scotland, and one was home grown (Pelagianism).

[Brit-Am Comment: Pelagianism in effect accepted Judaism as a viable alternative. This was "home grown"?]

- A distinctive Christian burial formula (hic jacet) that is found at sites known to have been settled by Phoenicians (Sardinia, Tunisia, Balearics, Cadiz. etc.) -- and is found up and down the West coast of Britain and the Atlantic coast of France - precisely in the areas that are mapped in the mtDNA study.

- There is detailed evidence of the superb command by British authors of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin -- including trilingual puns and spelling words, such as 'tzevaot' [Hebrew word translated as "Hosts", e.g. the LORD of Hosts], with a tzadee and not with an 's' as in "sabaoth." [a Greek form of transliteration] This was a command and fluency that required more than book-learning; it also required hearing and speaking. [Howlett, 2000, 1998 1997a, 1997b] [i.e. direct contact with Hebrews or at the least Phoenicians who spoke a similar dialect]

- "ADONAI" [Hebrew for "LORD"] is written in Rustic caps in the OE Illustrated Hexateuch [first six books of the Bible] - which is written in an AS [Anglo-Saxon] Square Biblical -- wherever the tetragrammaton [four letter name of God] is written in the Hebrew text -- just as Paleo-Hebraic is used in 11QPs. Also, in the OE Hexateuch, the names of the books of the Pentateuch, are written, transliterated, first in Hebrew, then in Greek, Latin, and OE - in that order. There is evidence, particularly in the spelling of names, that the Old English translation of the Hexateuch, from after the binding of Isaac through to the end of the Pentateuchal text, is from a primary Hebrew vorlage.

- There is very strong evidence that the OE translations of the Psalms in Bibliotheque Nat. MS Fonds Latin 8824 are from a consonantal primary Hebrew vorlage
[i.e. the Anglo-Saxons translated the Psalms into Anglo-Saxon directly from a Hebrew source and NOT from an intermediate translation such as Greek or Latin]

- Then, the Phoenician heavy cargo/ore carriers described in the MT (Ezek 27:35) and elsewhere were so large that they were proverbial for "enormous" by the time of Isaiah (Isa. 2:16; Ezek. 27:25) in the 9th -9th BCE. These ships are associated with metal in Isa. 60:9 and Ezek. 27:25, and as heavy cargo carriers for Solomon, crewed by Phoenicians, (1 Kings 9:26-27). [Albright, 1961; Parpola, 1970]. These distinctive ore-cargo ships appear to have been known to the Britons.

If the practice, back in ca. 18th-11th centuries BCE, of sending "envoys" or "overseers" to keep an eye on the cargo applied also to the Iberian-British sea trade route [Merrillees, 1974]; and If the practice of working passage on a ship if one wanted to travel by sea, as attested in the Book of Jonah, also was normal; then, a small presence of "Mediterraneans," with representatives at ports of trade up and down the West coast of Britain and the Atlantic coasts of the Continent as well as bi-directional people transport, would handle all the anomalies nicely.


Dr. Rochelle I. Altman

4. Stephen Spykerman: HOW the UK GAVE ISRAEL THE ATOM BOMB
Stephen Spykerman

FROM: Stephen J Spykerman - info@mountephraim.info
TO: Yair Davidiy
DATE SENT: Thursday, August 4th 2005

Shalom Yair

According to an article in today's The Guardian Newspaper, Great Britain secretly supplied the 20 tons of heavy water to Israel nearly half a century ago which enabled it to make nuclear weapons. According to the report the BBC Newsnight reporter Meirion Jones found a number of declassified files in an obscure Foreign Office counter-proliferation archive, which were lying unnoticed in the public records office. According to the files officials in the MacMillan government deliberately concealed the transaction from the U.S. The fullpage Guardian article goes on to say that, the deal was concealed from the U.S., which was hostile to proliferation, because the Eisenhower administration might have insisted on unacceptable conditions which would have scuppered the sale. When Robert McNamara became U.S. defence secretary in 1961, he and President Kennedy strived to stop Israel from going on to build nuclear weapons. He told Newsnight last night that he had never known of Britain's behaviour at the time. "The fact Israel was trying to develop a nuclear bomb should not have come as a surprise to me," he said.
"It's very surprising to me that we weren't told because we shared information about the nuclear bomb very closely with the British."

Britain had got the heavy water from Norway for its own military purposes, but then chose a different technological route making the material surplus to requirement. Norway refused to cancel the heavy water contract, and it must have been tempting for those in charge of budgets to get their money back. The cover story was that the heavy water was "understood to be required by Israel for peaceful use in a reactor connected with desert irrigation".
Accordingly, in June 1959, and again the following June, two lots of heavy water of 10 tons each were, according to a note by Alan Brooke-Turner, then first secretary at the Foreign and Colonial Office in charge of disarmament, "put on board Israeli ships at a UK port" and shipped out to Dimona.

It certainly is a most remarkable revelation and without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the 20th century. I felt it was worth sharing this information with Brit Am readers and supporters in that it provides yet another indication as to how Hashem used Ephraim, alias Great Britain, not only to instigate the very conception of the Jewish State, but also helped her subsequently to steal the most strategic military march on her enemies.

Kind regards


5. Charles Bassett: Appreciation Dear Mr. Davidi[y]:... I appreciate all that you are doing with the BritAm information, I wish a lot of your people and ours would finally learn who we really are. Thanks Charles Bassett of Owensboro, Ky.

6. Readers Comments on Stonehenge and Brit-Am Remarks:
From: Bob Davis
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-579


Dear Yair

If Stonehenge were to be the terminus of a chain of dolmen leading back to Israel, then it would surely point to the next link, in Brittany, France and not necessarily Jerusalem. Although being a circle one could make a case for it pointing anywhere. Also, the clue to this meaning would need to be very prominent or obvious to people descended from the ten tribes. The "message", if there is one, would have been designed to stand for many generations. I occurs to me that the central group of stones look like Hebrew letters. Do they say anything to those who can read Hebrew?

From: Jack Flaws
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-579
In response to Paul's question about the line drawn out from Stonehenge, he's on the right track. In my early studies on the Pyramid I found that a line drawn from those two Station Stones would hit the Pyramid. I've also seen a chart that shows a dating system, much like the dating system in the inner passages of the Pyramid. This would indicate a definite connection between the two. I believe that Southwest England is a Holy place for God. Glastonbury is there, Avalon.

Brit-Am Comments: There was at least one structure in the Golan Heights very similar to Stonehenge.
We interpreted Jeremiah as saying that the Israelites in their place of exile were to set up dolmens and other megalithic monuments and these would serve as indicators of the paths of migration from the Land of Israel and the way back to it. i.e. as a proof of Israelite origin. Our interpretation relied upon niceties of the Hebrew language and the observations of Classical Commentators such as the Radak and Abarbanel as well as the simple meaning of the verse in Hebrew.


For more details see our commentary at:
or go to
and scroll down to

Nevertheless, Jeremiah may not have been referring to a conscious action. Jeremiah spoke in the IMPERATIVE sense SET THEE UP ....MAKE THEE ...SET...TURN AGAIN
He spoke as if commanding BUT this could be considered a literary style and he was in fact predicting what would be done and the effects of it that in the future could be used as evidence.
If Jeremiah was in fact predicting more than commanding it does not really matter why these monuments were constructed only the fact that they were.

7. Everyone has their own unique task
From: "Root & Branch Association, Ltd."
Subject: DIVERSITY by Yosef HaKohen
Let us review the following teaching of the Chassidic rebbe,

Reb Zusia:
"Our Sages have said, "Just as their faces are different, so too are their thoughts different" [Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Brochos 58a]. There exist on earth millions of people, and they all have the same basic features on their faces: Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Nonetheless, no two people look alike. Similarly, if the outward appearances of people are so diverse, then how great must be the differences in their inner workings, the qualities of their souls, and their natures. If the beauty of the soul in all humans was identical, then why would HaShem [i.e. God Almighty] need to create so many millions of people, where each one is no different from the next? However, the secret is this: Each person is sent down to this world in order to fulfill a specific Divine task, to carry out on earth a lofty, heavenly purpose. This is the mission of human beings on earth. Moreover, for as many people as HaShem sends down to earth, He has just as many different tasks and purposes. The work of one person is totally independent of the task of any other person, and each one must carry through and complete his given purpose. Therefore, HaShem endows each person with unique talents and attributes necessary for him to fulfill his task. These talents cry out within each person, demanding to be expressed and to fulfill the mission for which they were sent to this world.

[HaModia, Cheshvan 10, 5759]

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