"Brit-Am Now"-567

"Brit-Am Now"-567
1. Aram Paquin: Brit-Am Rose
2. Paul Niehoff: Appreciation
3. The Names of Solomon
4. Aram Paquin: French-Acadian Israelites, Genetic Evidence?
5. Climate Change in the Past?
6. Tore Gannholm: Ancient Swedish Connections to the Middle East
7. Question on the number 600, 000

1. Aram Paquin: Brit-Am Rose
From: Aram
Subject: Rose insignia

I think a badge or"button" with the Brit-Am Rose is an excellent idea.

I do, too, Nils.
Put my name on the waiting list, Yair.

I now wear a pin depicting the crossed flags of the USA and Israel on my "cowboy" hat. A Brit-Am rose right next to it would be nifty. If you decide to pursue this idea, consider that almost every Brit-Am follower drives at least one car equipped with a rear bumper.
Pendants on chains for the ladies?

"Made in Israel", please!

Besides promoting Brit-Am, such items could bring in a bit of needed income.
I urge all Brit-Am readers to write in to Yair supporting this idea.

On a related subject, does anybody know where I can buy orange paraphernalia protesting Judenrein "disengagement"?
I'd prefer both English and Hebrew script.
Feel free to email me.

Aram Paquin

See also:
"Why the Rose?"

2. Paul Niehoff: Appreciation
Hello Yair,
I find your emails very interesting and desire to keep reading them and purchasing your books as they are published.
Thanking you
Paul Niehoff

3. The Names of Solomon
G'day Yair,

I wonder if you would take a moment and explain why Shlomo rather than the YHVH given Yedidyah nomenclature has been the customary name attached to the son born to ª and
(2Samuel 12:24) David comforted Bat-Sheva his wife, and went in to her, and lay with her: and she bore a son, and he called his name Shlomo. The LORD loved him;
(2Samuel 12:25) and he sent by the hand of Natan the prophet; and he named him Yedidyah, for the LORD's sake.

In principle we prefer not to answer general Bible questions unless they are directly connected to the Lost Ten Tribes or to what we are currently studying in our regular Brit-Am Bible Study postings.
At all events:
We find quite a few people in Scripture (whether expressly stated or not) had more than one name, e.g. AND IT CAME TO PASS, AS HER SOUL WAS IN DEPARTING, (FOR SHE DIED) THAT SHE CALLED HIS NAME BENONI: BUT HIS FATHER CALLED HIM BENJAMIN [Genesis 35:18] .
Nachmanides (Deuteronomy 33:12) explained both the names "Shlomoh" and "Yedidyah" to concern the future role of Solomon in building the Temple.
Tradition says that everyone has a name given them by their parents, a name given by the Almighty, and a name they earn by their own actions.

4. Aram Paquin: French-Acadian Israelites, Genetic Evidence?
From: Aram
Subject: A sad but real bit of genetic evidence for LTT connection
From http://www.angelfire.com/tx/cajundon/baby.html

"In Louisiana, Tay-Sachs is known as "the Cajun disease." Twenty-seven percent of the victims of this disease are of French-Acadian ancestry, but it also targets descendants of Central and Eastern European Jews."

Brit-Am Note: The next one or two Brit-Am Now Posts may be dedicated (on a once-only basis) to Brit-Am DNA discussion.

5. Climate Change in the Past?
Clues of climate and the Bible's seven lean years
By Robert C. Cowen

6. Tore Gannholm: Ancient Swedish Connections to the Middle East
(taken from another list)

This week there is a very interesting joint Scandinavian Television program about the Scandinavian Bronze age.

There are direct links with Mykene [Mycenea] in Greece and Egypt on pictures in Scandinavian rock carvings and vases from Mykene and Egyptian paintings. On the rock carvings they are also identifying the Greek gods of that time or Phoenician gods, especially Baal.

The centre seems to have been Skene with rock carvings in southern Sweden and along the coast up to northern Norway.

The interesting thing is that this high (Greek , Phoenican, Egyptian influenced) culture suddenly disappears.

Another centre with Mykene related monuments is Gotland. There the large stone mounds with a built up grave in the middle appear in quantity.
The largest "Uggarde r ir" measures 45 meters in diameter and 7 m high.

The younger Bronze age stone ships in Gotland have grave houses for the bones identical to Italian at the same time.
As I have earlier mentioned, the Gotlandic stone ships are from the same time as the foundation of Rome.
page 2

It is interesting to note that this high culture does not appear in "Germania" but in Scandinavia and Gotland.

7. Question on the number 600, 000
Yair shalom,
On page 137 in your book "Joseph"... Eliyahu of Vilna is quoted; The Ingathering cannot be less than 600,000...My question is why? And how has this figure been calculated? Thanks so much for the posting July 3, 2005, Brit-Am List of Some Proofs (Out of Many) Concerning the Lost Ten Tribes. I have been procrastinating, wanting to do this so I would have concise,acurate information to use as an outline for speaking.
God is good ...all the time !
God bless you, Diane

We quoted the excerpts from Eliyahu of Vilna for the sake of interest, as something worth taking into account but not necessarily on the same level as a Scriptural Passage.
The quote said:
Ransoming Captives
[2.118] “And the ransomed of the LORD shall return and come to Zion” (Isaiah 35;10): The task of ransoming captives belongs to MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH who performs it by ingathering the Exiles…The Major Ingathering of Exiles cannot be less than 600,000…They will come with rejoicing and happiness.

The number is based on the count of the Israelites who came out of Egypt.


I assume just as Divine Providence wished that a certain number be available when the time came to be delivered then so too in the latter days would the same number be needed.
In 1948 when the State of Israel was declared there were a bit more than 600,000 Jews in what was then called "Palestine". They had been enabled to come to Israel and begin to rebuild the Land at least partly due to the policy of nations we identify with "Joseph".

See the article posted by the "Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

"The Vilna Gaon fervently believed that the ingathering of the Jews from the Diaspora would spark the redemption of all the Jewish People in their land, and the nations of the world would recognize the right of the Jews to a national and spiritual life in the Land of Israel. When asked by his students how they could facilitate this redemption, he answered:

""We must bring 600,000 Jews to the Land of Israel. That number will be decisive. Indeed, at the time of the exodus from Egypt 600,000 left that place. There is also a special blessing in the prayer book to be recited when one sees 600,000 Jews assembled in the same place... Then our God, who promised the Land of Israel to our ancestors, and who promised that their descendants would live there in security, will bring more and more Jews there."

"The Vilna Gaon's foresight is astonishing. When the State of Israel was born, just over 600,000 Jews lived in the country. While today nine times that number live in Israel, at the end of the eighteenth century it would have taken a special spiritual intensity and profound understanding of events to believe that there might ever be such a large and significant Jewish presence in Eretz Israel. The insight of the Vilna Gaon that the time had come for practical action to bring the redemption closer, was the essential idea that preceded the modern return to the Land of Israel.

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