"Brit-Am Now"-565

"Brit-Am Now"-565
1. Do Not Come Back Now!
a. Confusion concerning Brit-Am Intentions
b. The Aims of Brit-Am
c. What Joseph Should Do.
d. The Difference in Religion Issue
e. Ephraim Needs Brit-Am

2. Gog and Magog on US Soil?
3. Proverbs 2:9-11

1. Do Not Come Back Now!
a. Confusion concerning Brit-Am intentions
Not so long ago we sent out an article titled "The Two House Doctrine". This explained quite thoroughly why we do not encourage "Ephraimites" to seek to return to the Land of Israel at present. [If this is not clear please re-read the article or request a copy if you did not receive it.] Later however we sent other messages such as "Ephraim Returns" that stated we will encourage steps to make the sojourn of those Ephraimites who do come to Israel easier. This and other matters have caused some confusion for which we may be partly responsible.
It should be emphasized once again that most of this whole discussion is theoretical since what we do or do not say is not necessarily liable to have any effect one way or the other. It is also not a field we wish to be involved in and not within our Mandate of activity. We have been almost "dragged" into the subject against our will.

b. The Aims of Brit-Am
Brit-Am exists to promote knowledge concerning the present-day Israelite identity of the Lost Ten Tribes. In addition we are interested in increasing Biblical Consciousness in general though the emphasis remains on Brit-Am Israelite Identification. The three Rs of Brit-Am:
a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Brit-Am Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

c. What Joseph Should Do?
After Iraq Joseph should take over Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus. Joseph should seek to establish colonies in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan and parts of some of the other areas. Ephraim should work with Judah to move the Palestinians elsewhere.

d. The Difference in Religion Issue
Brit-Am is run from Jerusalem.
Brit-Am seeks to conduct itself in accordance with the good of the Jewish and Israelite peoples and the Jewish religion.
We do not seek to convert anyone. Judaism does not want converts and even if it did Brit-Am would not wish to serve as a conduit or be qualified to do so. We want neither your body nor your soul.
We work for the good of all the Israelite peoples and believe that religious differences will be resolved in the Messianic Era by better people than ourselves. That should be more than enough for anybody.
Some of our subscribers are non-Jewish who have adopted some Jewish practices. Personally I see this as a positive step and a sign of Hebraic arousal on the part of Ephraim returning to his roots. We do not however have any official attitude to the phenomenon one way or the other.
We frequently receive questions saying something along the following lines:
"We are Christians and not prepared to give up our beliefs. We are however prepared to keep the law, to promise not to missionize Jews, and we are Ephraimites. Could we not be allowed to settle in Israel preferably as citizens but at the least under some other status?"
It is true that Brit-Am has no say in the matter but the people asking these questions seem to think that our attitude is important. We are in favor in principle of Ephraimites receiving relaxed regulations of sojourn. Contrary to certain allegations, we do not aim for anybody to give up their beliefs and try to avoid theological discussions. Differences in belief do however exist and EVEN IF everything else were equal (and it is not) this would remain an insurmountable problem until the Messianic Era. This is the MAIN POINT. Apart from that (just for the record) you would not keep the Law but just parts of it and according to your own understanding and convenience, at least at first. You personally may not missionize but others of your group would not be able to resist doing so and you yourself would exert an influence. Most of you are very good people but there is a small minority amongst you that are negative and in some cases anti-Jewish. It might be (or may not be) possible to deal with these secondary points but the main one will have to wait to further on in the End Times. In the meantime we should all try to do for good what we can as well as we can. [The next point below (e) continues the answer].

e. Ephraim Needs Brit-Am
You say that you are Ephraimites from the Lost Ten Tribes and we in Brit-Am agree with you yet until this day it is still not clear to me on what you base your belief.
You may instinctively feel it and that is legitimate but requires Brit-Am type explanation to justify.
Alternately you may have Brit-Am type justification but it is seldom heard. A few of you help Brit-Am to do its task but most of you do not.
Why is this?
If the belief is so important to you and you are so certain of it should you not wish others to hear of it and believe as yourselves?

Our understanding is that whatever is to be done, Brit-Am Hebraic Identification should be the first step. Those who are serious in these matters should therefore support Brit-Am.

2. Gog and Magog on US Soil?
Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 speak of the War of Gog and Magog. There are opinions that the described events encapsulate several wars. According to the simple meaning the whole scenario involves the Tribes of Israel after they are ingathered to the Land of Israel. How these events will turn out in the end we will not know until after they do so. Traditionally the Sages discouraged detailed speculations on these matters. It may be however that an aspect of the said events will involve North America as it now is. Such a possibility does not negate our belief in the literal fulfillment of the prophecy as given in the Bible.

China, Korea, and Iran in a moment of desperation are all liable to attack the USA. Russia and parts of Europe under certain circumstances could join in. The words translated as Ethiopia and Libya in Hebrew are Cush and Put that could just as well refer to India and Pakistan.
The citizens of North America in many ways could be considered Israelites who were persecuted or not accepted in their homeland and came to America for refuge. They are now dwelling securely in unfenced cities. The above mentioned Asian nations could indeed be motivated to attack America in order to inherit American sources of wealth and sustenance. If they were to attack Arab and some Latin American nations would not hesitate to join the quest for loot. Already according to reports Mexicans and others are streaming in claiming California and Texas for themselves. Will they be after Texan cattle (Ezekiel 38:12)? Indonesians and Vietnamese are also candidates. The countries of Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish will join with Gog since they too will want a share of the spoils, of silver, gold, livestock and goods (Ezekiel 38:13).

Just a thought.
To cheer you up.

3. Proverbs 2:9-11
The fear of Gid and the quest for knowledge of HIS ways will help us do what we should and give us the understanding to make correct decisions.

Not only will you benefit from doing the right thingand understanding the ways of the Almighty. You will enjoy it. It will make life worth living. Every living creature strives to fulfil that which it is and an Israelite has an inner urge to serve his Maker.


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