"Brit-Am Now"-562
"Brit-Am Now"-562
1. Parthia: The First Effusion of Reuben?
2. Choong Keat Yian: Gog May be Both China and Korea
3. Mac Overton: Book Identified
4. Questions on Goliath and Excalibur
5. The Apple of God's Eye (Zechariah 2:8)

1. Parthia: The First Effusion of Reuben?
Source Taken from Another List:
"Mark Passehl"
Subject: Susa: city of lilies

I'm posting this because it's an obscure text easy to overlook.
Athenaios of Naukratis bk.xii, p.513E-F:
"Persians were the first of all men who became renowned for luxury, and their kings wintered in Sousa and passed the summer at Ekbatana. Aristoboulos and Chares say that Sousa (ta Sousa) was called that owing to the blooming beauty of its position; because `souson' in the language of the Hellenes is `to krinon' [= a lily]. They spend the autumn at Persepolis and the remaining part of the year in Babylon.

And the kings of Parthoi pass the spring at Rhagai, stay the winter in Babylon and the remainder of the year ."

The Loeb editors fill the lacuna in the text with Hekatompylos on the evidence of the wealth and sophistication of the city attested by Diodorus (xvii.75). But Isidoros' evidence on the palace complex and residence of the Arsakid royal harem at Adrapana near Ekbatana favours the latter.
They also cite Herodotos ii.20-21 for the list of Persian royal residences, and Athenaios p.689D on the lily as well as the Hebrew word Susanna, while claiming that Susa = Shushan = "the palace" in Nehemiah i.1.

The fleur de lys as a royal symbol seems to come from Susa, and appears on Seleukid coinage as well as being the dominant device on the S34 coinage of Orodes I.
Mark K.P.

Brit-Am Commentary: Orodes 1 was a Parthian Monarch. The above notation says in effect says that the fleur de lys was used as a symbol by the Parthians. The Seleucids were descended from the soldiers of Alexander who ruled over Syria and were rivals of the Parthians. They also used the symbol apparently in imitation of their Parthian neighbors and contestants.
We understand The Parthians to have been a confederation of nobles from different regions of the Persian Empire who were led by a Scythian clan.
We identified the Parthian rulers as Israelites.
Steven Collins (scollins@ll.net) also identified the Parthians as Israelites and has written several books on the subject giving an excellent overview of Parthian history and culture, see especially "Parthia. The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and its Role in Biblical History" by Steven M. Collins, USA, 2003.

The Parthians were linked with the Scythians and their rulers were related to the regional kings of Scythia and to the Goths.
The parthian power emerged when the Arsacid family emerged from Scythia, took over the province of Parthia in Northeast Iran, defeated the Seleucids and then took control of all Persia and neighboring regions.
"Ruling from 247 B.C. to A.D. 228 in ancient Persia (Iran), the Parthians defeated Alexander the Great's successors, the Seleucids, conquered most of the Middle East and southwest Asia, controlled the Silk Road and built Parthia into an Eastern superpower. The Parthian empire revived the greatness of the Achaemenid empire and counterbalanced Rome's hegemony in the West. Parthia at one time occupied areas now in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel."

The Parthians were followed by the Sassanians who ruled Iran from 211 C.E. to 641 C.E.

In "The Tribes" chapter eight:

"The Mandrake is described as having a purple or white flower, perhaps this gave rise to the white lily (Fleur-de-lis) the traditional symbol of the French monarchy whose precedent is to be found on Judaean coins of ca. 130 BCE The first Frankish kings, the Merovingians, had a sun cult and the French king Louis XIV (considered the apotheosis of French Royalty) was known as "The Sun King". The rising sun is also a symbol associated with Reuben, according to popular traditional Jewish sources. In Jewish synagogues the symbols of the twelve tribes serve as a frequently employed theme of decoration. More often than not Reuben is accorded the rising sun symbol.
"Each Israelite tribe was represented by an animal in addition to some other symbol. The symbols of different tribes were also interchangeable under certain circumstances and one tribe could use (on occasion) the sign normally reserved for the other (Song of Songs Rabah 4;7).
The animal symbol of Reuben is unknown to the author but the Merovingian Franks did have a BEAR cult.
The Parthians too are compared to "BEARS" in the Talmud (Megilla 11a).
The Parthians in Eastern Scythia took control of Persia.
They were connected to the Goths in the east and were of Israelite origin to a significant degree.
Part of the Tribe of Reuben had been important amongst them. France prior to the Franks was known as Gaul or Galia and its inhabitants were called Galli, which in popular Latin also means "rooster".

The use of the fleur de lis as a symbol by the Parthians adds interest tot he possibility that they contained a strong element of Reuben amongst them. Reuben came to dominant France and the fleur de lis was for centuries the symbol of France.

In "Biblical Truth" we said:


"We identify Reuben with France. The Zohar ("VeYechi") said this verse in Genesis referred to a future attempt by Reuben to conquer Jerusalem and to fight in the Land of Israel. The Franks (French) led the Crusades that did conquer Jerusalem for awhile. Will the French participate in a future attempted European intervention in Israel? Alternately the prediction could also be fulfilled in a positive manner."

Reuben was the firstborn. Reuben settled mainly in France.
Out of all the Israelite dominant nations it may be said that
France was the first to become internationally powerful and reached a full cultural expression of itself long before the others.
France was the firstborn.
Parthia also might be considered an early expression of the firstborn reaching maturity before the other brothers.

2. Choong Keat Yian: Gog May be Both China and Korea
From: winisd@netscape.net (Choong Keat Yian)

Hi David, I dont know how much correct I am, but for the info, the evidence is clear by now that if there is any possibility of conflagration, then "The King of the East" would seems to be China these days, also remember the mentioning of the 200 million man strong army in the bible? that fit China very much and for Gog, I also feel that it is possible from your past information to tie them with Korea, or should i say N.Korea, but then do you all know that the Koreans were once the people of Han which means that they are a Chinese offshoot? So if this is true, then the biblical forecasting off "Gog" as Goguryeo was meant to be the Chinese after all as any oriental with 3 names with a preceeding paternal surname as me will be unmistakenly a Chinese., so, I am also presume that "Magog" could means the Eurasia people such as the Russians and the surrounding regions of "Magya" .

Just some thought.
Choong Keat Yian

3. Mac Overton: Book Identified
From: Mactheknife350@aol.com
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-561: Gog Giggled
item 3. Susan: The Glory of Scotland

The book the lady is referencing is "Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped the Modern World," by James Webb.

4. Questions on Goliath and Excalibur
Question: From: David
Subject: RE: 1-Samuel 21-1
So .... Where (as per legend) is the sword of Goliath today? Would it not be the symbol of the ownership of Palestine today? Is it not the banner under which the Arabs/Palestinians must lay down their arms? Is it the Excalibur of Israel that should be held by a descendent of King David?

Answer: David Shalom. You have hit the right answer on both apparently disparate points. (a) There is a tradition that Ishmael (the forefather of the Arabs with whom the Palestinians are also identified) will return to the right path, repent of his evil ways, and acknowledge Israel but only after he has between thoroughly defeated. This indeed is consistent with Arab tradition in which the mastery of your opponent and identification with him takes place when he has manifestly beaten you or is more powerful than you. This is why the Arabs overwhelmingly identified with the Ottoman Turkish Empire and why many Arabs felt a mystical attraction and impulsion to serve the Nazi cause in the Second World War. Anwar Sadat (the future President of Egypt who trapped Israel under "Begin" into a false and dangerous "Peace" process) had been a Nazi agent and wrote a peaen of praise to Hitler in the 1950s after reading a mistaken report in the Egyptian Press that his "Frueher" was still alive.

My impression (based on sources) is that it will be primarily the task of the sons of Leah led by Judah to defeat Ishmael whereas the sons of Rachel led by Joseph must counter Esau. We are preparing an article on this subject.

(b) Excalibur was the magical sword of Arthur that only Arthur was capable of drawing out of the stone in which it had been inserted.

See the following extract and the Brit-Am Comment after it:

A Discussion of the Origins of King Arthur's Sword
By David Nash Ford

"The Tradition: The Name "Excalibur" was first used for King Arthur's sword by the French Romancers. It was not the famous "Sword in the Stone" (which broke in battle), but a second sword acquired by the King through the intercession of his druidic advisor, Merddyn (Merlin). Worried that Arthur would fall in battle, Merlin took the King to a magical lake where a mysterious hand thrust itself up from the water, holding aloft a magnificent sword. It was the Lady of the Lake offering Arthur a magic unbreakable blade, fashioned by an Avalonian elf smith, along with a scabbard which would protect him as long as he wore it.
"The Name: The earliest Arthurian stories give the name of King Arthur's sword as Caladfwlch, a Welsh word derived from Calad-Bolg meaning "Hard Lightning". Later it developed to become the Caliburn of Geoffrey and Monmouth and finally the Frenchified Excalibur that we know today.
"Ancient Origins: Legendary figures throughout the World are associated with magical swords, often the symbol of their Kingship.
"The deposition of swords, weaponry and other valuables in sacred lakes and rivers was a popular practice amongst the Celtic peoples. Strabo records such rituals near Toulouse and notes that other sacred lakes existed throughout Europe.... Archaeolgical finds of exotic metalwork deposits at Llyn Fawr in Morgannwg include axes and sickles of around 600 bc. Further weaponry was discovered Llyn Cerrig Bach on Ynys Mon (Anglesey) dating from the 2nd century bc to the 1st century AD. Celtic Iron-Age deposits in rivers are too numerous to count. Especially well known are the superb Battersea Shield and Waterloo Helmet from the Thames. This major British River appears to have been particularly popular for swords like Arthur's." Britannia.com

Brit-Am Comment: The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has many parallels with the account of David and his heroes and with the legends and traditions that grew up around them. There is nothing necessarily significant in this from the Brit-Am point of view since it is the way of legends and folklore to borrow freely fron all sources available. Nevertheless a more intensive and interesting study could be made on this subject. Some work has already been done in this direction but my impression is that nothing even moderately serious has really been attempted.

5. The Apple of God's Eye (Zechariah 2:8)
As far as we are concerned the Jews are The Apple of God's Eye (Zechariah 2:8).
Jew-haters or anti-Zionists including the followers of Barry Chamish and those who hate Britain and/or the USA cannot consider themselves friends of ours. I do not like to say such things because we need everyone we can get,
do not have enough supporters as it is and I do not like to turn anyone away.
Nevertheless this is the path we have taken and we understand it to be the Biblical truth, the truth of Brit-Am.

We have one of the best groups (possibly THE best of all) of its kind on the web. We have achieved a merging of minds, a commonality of understanding and a merging of interest. We demand loyalty to ourselves and mutual respect.

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