"Brit-Am Now"-561

1. L: Cecil Rhodes Vision of British settlers in Israel and the Euphrates Valley
Will Ephraim Intercede for Judah?
2. Steve Coneglan: Insights about Zebulon
3. Susan: The Glory of Scotland
4. Athol Bloomer: "Gog" Identifications Premature
5. Stephen Spykerman: Magen David in the Queen’s Robing Room
6. Jeremiah Birningham: Gog
7. Robert Jones: Gog is China?
8. George Bush Sells Jerusalem?
9. Stephen Coneglan: The breastplate

1. L: Cecil Rhodes Vision of British settlers in Israel and the Euphrates Valley
Will Ephraim Intercede for Judah?
Subject: Joseph selling Judah down the river
Shalom Yair,

Furthermore, the great English diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes of the late 19th to early 20th Century had a vision of English settlers settling in Palestine and the Euphrates River valley. Could the War in Iraq (fought almost exclusively by Joseph) in fact be a prelude to the return of Joseph to this region? Could it be that Rhodes' vision may yet be fulfilled?

Bless you,

2. Steve Coneglan: Insights about Zebulon
I note further on in the same chapter [38] that Ezekiel speaks of 'the merchants of Tarshish', similar to the 'ships of Tarshish'.
What has struck me since the time I began researching the twelve breastplate stones is that stone number ten is the tarshish stone. Tenth position on the breastplate matrix, taking the only history given concerning birth order - that of Genesis 29 and 30 - belongs to the tribe of Zebulun. We know that Zebulun was represented by the symbol of a ship. We therefore have the tribe bearing the emblem of a ship also bearing the tarshish stone.
Now I don't know if this is coincidence, or one of those weird things that often happens in Scripture where images and symbols coalesce into a composite kind of meaning. But throwing in our knowledge of the tribe of Zebulun being sea-farers and traders, their proximity to the seaport of Tyre and intercourse with the Phoenicians (to what extent were the Phoenicians of history actually Israelites?), it seems quite a strange synthesis of symbols.
Yes, I'm aware that some scholars attest to a different birth order, but for reasons I won't go into here I reject their conclusions outright.
By and large, the 'ships of Tarshish' represent a large ocean-going fleet, but perhaps there's more to it. Personally, I see the term as possibly representative of the idea of trade, a catch-all for the stock market, as it were. Trade is conducted mainly by sea. And everyone knows just how much the Dutch love trading. There's more to it besides, but you get the general picture.
Furthermore, harking back to the thought on Zebulun, Holland (Amsterdam) is today the nation (city) where the price of oil is set, if I remember rightly (diamond prices, too). Therefore one might venture to say that the evil horde is intent on taking over the control of resources from the Israelite nations.

Moving on from the 'ships of Tarshish' and the interesting coincidence with the tribe of Zebulun (there's probably a fruitful area of research in there), I'd like to mention one or two other things I've noticed in connection with this particular tribe.
The prophecy in Genesis 49 has been well commented upon, but there may be even a little more there. When I read of his 'borders (flanks) unto Tzidon', I understand it as meaning that his flanks (this very word was used on a Discovery channel doco when referring to the flanks of land that jut out into the North Sea from Holland) shall have the same eminence as Tzidon had in the ancient world. In other words, Tzidon was the busiest seaport in the world at the time Israel spoke, and Zebulun was one day to inherit this blessing. And so it is, with Europoort in Rotterdam the world's busiest port.
A second point refers back to the tarshish stone. It has been the general, but by no means absolute, consensus of scholars that the identity of this stone is most likely the citrine. The main evidence relates to Tarshish being thought of as a colony in Spain, with the tarshish stone being named after this region. From antiquity this region has produced the citrine, also known as Spanish topaz. It also agrees with the traditional jewellers' use of citrine in conjunction with gold - the similarly coloured gold complementing the beautiful colour of the citrine - and the mention of tarshish with gold at Songs 5:14.
If you look at citrine - whose colour resembles gold - in the light you will notice a beautiful orange hue running all through it. Coincidentally, the House of Orange rules over the Dutch, whose national strip in sporting events is also orange or golden-orange. It would seem that the tribe has maintained its tribal colour over the many centuries.
A final point concerns the Mosaic blessing and its wording. At Deuteronomy 33:19, the word translated 'sand' is the Hebrew 'chol', a word which generally indicates 'sand of the sea', as the verse implies. The Hebrew cheth being known to have sometimes been softened into more of an 'h' sound, could there be anything here in relation to the name Holland conceivably originating from the Hebrew as chol-(land)?

That's mostly me for now. I do, however, have a question that I wonder if you could answer. In the Bible the name Zebulun has three different spellings. I'm particularly interested in the longer form of the name with two vavs either side of the lamed. Can you give me any information on this, and which spelling is likely to be the oldest? It's just a matter of real personal interest, and any and all info would be gratefully received.
Yair, all blessings as you continue in this most important work.
Stephen Coneglan

3. Susan: The Glory of Scotland
Hello, I have been reading your website with interest. A few years ago, I was reading Genesis where Jacob blesses Ephraim and says Ephraim would be a multitude of nations. I have been pondering it ever since. When I did a word search on Ephraim and multitude of nations I believe I came across your website.
In the meantime, I have become interested in genealogy. I really didn’t know much about my family’s history at all just that they were Scots and some Irish and maybe some French. So as I have been doing the research I have found that my family on my Dad’s side at least is extremely Scots and Scots Irish. So I have been reading up on the Scottish people. There is a fascinating book called, I think, “How the Scots Created Modern Civilization” I left the book at my Dad’s house so I don’t remember the title for sure but it tells an amazing story about the Scottish people.
While I was looking over your website the other day and started remembering the things I read in it and how they might tie in with your website. And this is what I have come up, When you talk about the British Empire and how great it was and America, New Zealand, Austrailia, etc. the thing is, what made them great are the Scottish people The people who built the British Empire were really not the English it was Scottish doctors, lawyers, Prime Ministers, Industrialists, Generals, soldiers, and just plain ordinary men, women, and children, etc, etc, etc, that made Britain great. I didn’t realize that.
Plus, what has made America in to what it is today is all the Scottish doctors, lawyers, Presidents, industrialists, generals, soldiers, and just plain ordinary men, women,and children, etc, etc, etc.
Plus, the people who aggravated the Romans enough to make the build a big, long wall were the Scottish people.
Plus, the people who started that Freemason ungodly occultic group were Scottish people.
Plus, when I have been going through the family DNA, my red headed, freckled faced family’s DNA is linked to central Turkey, the Caucausus, Iran somewhere?!?!, and is really looking close, at least as far as I can tell to Jewish DNA.
So, I’m thinking that perhaps who is Ephraim is the Scottish people.
I am going to keep reading, this is all very fascinating!

4. Athol Bloomer : "Gog" Identifications Premature
From: Athol Bloomer
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-560: Gog

Personally I think this discussion of Gog and Magog premature. The events of Gog and Magoog in Ezekeil 38 and 39 happen after Judah and Israel are restored under the Davidic Monarchy (see Ezekiel 37). It is after this Era of Peace ushered in by the reunion of the two houses that a final evil figure arises called Gog. Note that it is at the time when the restoed Israel is living in peace in unwalled cities that these events happen.
Cheers Athol

5. Stephen Spykerman: Magen David in the Queen’s Robing Room
From: Stephen Spykerman
Subject: Magen David in the British Parliament?

Shalom Yair
I noted the comment by Roger Davis in your Brit-Am Now 560 issue, and I must admit that I am not aware of a large Magen David symbol being positioned on the floor in front of the entrance to the House of Commons in the British Parliament. However, I can confirm that numerous Magen David’s are displayed in the flooring immediately in front of the throne situated in the Queen’s private Robing Room in the House of Lords. I have seen it with my own eyes and I have the photographs to prove it! The Queen’s Robing Room in the Palace of Westminster is a large and most magnificent private chamber over which the Sovereign has complete authority. It is used by the Sovereign only once a year for the purpose of being robed in her royal robes for the official State opening of Parliament. The room contains a magnificent throne situated on a dais three steps above the floor. The wooded parquet floor surrounding the red carpet of the steps and the dais is of the finest quality and within its borders it contains the most beautiful marquetry using different colours of woods. This border is divided into squares with each square containing a Magen David! If this is not amazing in and of itself, it does not end there, as each Shield of David emblem contains a further unique Israelite symbol at its centre. These alternating representations refer respectively to the ‘Rose of Sharon’ and a variation of the ‘Breastplate of the High Priest.’ The Rose of Sharon portrayed within the Star of David has twelve petals, presumably symbolising the ‘Twelve Tribes of Israel.’
Thus in this most private chamber, which is only ever seen by very few eyes, lies hidden the secret of Great Britain’s long hidden ancestry. Keep up the wonderful and lonely work you are doing Yair! One day the world will recognise the work of your hands.
Best wishes

6. Jeremiah Birningham: Gog
From: J B
Gog, could also mean the general geographic area in which the forces of Gog will march from onto Israel for war. Gog could be an alliance of people who are generally the same race from the same vast territory. It was interesting to note that I watched on the news and read on the bottom of the screen on the ticker that in South Korea there was a rally against America forces being in their country. This was about three weeks ago. We could also assume that in North Korea there is no love of America amongst the general population. Why? Because Americans killed thousands of North Koreans. North and South Korea are slowly but surely working towards reconciliation. Once the two Korea's come together you will see an anti-America attitude. And where anti-Americanism exists anti-Semitisms is right behind. You never have one without the other.
7. Robert Jones: Gog is China?
Subject: Ezekiel 38
Mr. Davidiy,
It has been a fore gone conclusion that Meshech and Tubal are Russia and those associated with them. Gog a person from the land of Magog. Is to be chief prince, ruler, or even dictator over Russia. Magog is an area that encompasses Siberia to the South China Sea. Whoever this ruler is, it seems apparent that Russia will fall under their dominion. It could be a treaty or simply that Russia is loosing its power every year. Their population is spiraling down faster than any other on the planet, while those in the east, China the Koreas are accelerating.
We tend to look at the Koreas in their divided state, and I'm sure because of Divine providence they have been kept apart. If they were to reunite, what impact would they have on geopolitics especially if the North is in control of the south. We cannot discount the fact that they are aquireing the nuclear bomb. China up to this point has been quiet over this peninsula, but keep in mind they commited hundreds of thousands to the Korean War. This was as weaken giant after WWII. Today they are not weak, and their aspirations have not changed
Whoever Gog is, I think you must look squarely at the Chinese, the momentum of power is in their favor not Russia's. The recent treaty with India (Cushites), the armament of the Iranians (Persians). Their desire to bring down the US. The recent accusations of Israel for breaking a treaty. It seems to me very clear, that a leader out of China will unite all of these nations in an alliance to attack Israel proper.
They may use other armies to do their dirty work against the land of Israel, but they will be engaged with America in Britain as a distraction and to keep them from defending Israel. This would create the surprise which is needed to fullfill the words of Ezekiel 38 verse 11....."I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people-"....
I feel strongly that China who encompasses the majority of Magog is the leader and the nation behind this scheme.
Rob Jones

8. George Bush Sells Jerusalem?
On June 2nd, President Bush issued a joint statement with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas calling for a return of the borders of Israel to the original 1948 borders as a goal in the "road map" to peace, which would effectively take Jerusalem out of Israel's control I think among other things.

What's your opinion on this, I could use your guidance.
Steve Lindsey

9. Stephen Coneglan: The breastplate
Finally, on the breastplate, I thought I'd like to leave this to mull over.
The second stone - that of Simeon - is pitedah, believed by almost all, myself included, to be our modern peridot. I've looked in many places for the etymology of peridot, only to find scholars can take it back no further than the 16th century. Years ago I noted that peridot (silent 't', a French word) and pitedah are exactly the same word, the one difference being that the hebrew teth is rolled into an 'r' sound (a very common occurrence amongst many peoples of the world, especially the double 'rr' being akin to a kind of 't' sound). I then note that teth is believed to mean 'a serpent', or something rolled (like a serpent rolled around looking at its tail). Strange then that the rolled 'r' sound is almost equal to the 't' sound (possibly teth). I've never seen this etymology given anywhere, but I've a hunch it's the correct one. Lastly, the ninth stone (Issachar's stone) - unanimously translated as amethyst, which I'm sure is incorrect - achlamah, bears an uncanny closeness in sound to a gem known as aquamarine. The suffixed '-ine' can be discarded for etymological purposes, leaving the stem 'aquamar'. The root chalam means 'fatness' and 'dream', so the stone probably had an association through its colour to the notion of dreaming. What better than the dreamy blue of aquamarine? The cheth and lamed agglomeration would be problematic on many tongues, and a likelihood exists that they would be softened into something resembling our English word 'calm' (whose root I believe lies in the Hebrew 'chalam'; note the silent 'l'). This might well have further changed with the influence of similar sounding words such as aqua and mare, which etymologists trace aquamarine back to (again only as far as the 16th century). I believe the true etymology goes back to the Hebrew, meaning that pitedah, bareqeth, sappir (lapis), achlamah and yashepheh are all directly traceable as precious stones in modern English.
Just food for thought.

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