"Brit-Am Now"-553
"Brit-Am Now"-553
1. Israel ben David: Coming to Israel? New Avenues
Ephraimite immigration development
2. All Israelites To the USA? and Brit-Am Reply Regarding Return to the Land of Israel
3. Hosea: A Message for the Lost Tribes

1. Israel ben David: Coming to Israel? New Avenues
Ephraimite immigration development
From: info@sheevtayisrael.org
In a recent Brit-am post a reader asked the question that many Ephraimites have been asking lately. What is Brit-am, and other supporters of Ephraim in Israel, doing to help open the door for Ephraim's return back to the land?
This is a good question and one that was the topic of a recent meeting between Rabbi Feld, Yair and myself.

For More Details
Ephraimite immigration developement
Israel ben David

See also the Brit-Am comment to the item below.

2. All Israelites To the USA? and Brit-Am Reply Regarding Return to the Land of Israel
From: "Saurondon, Michael James
Subject: Appreciate Your Work


Just a quick note letting you know how much I appreciate your work in unraveling the hidden mysteries of the Lost Tribes.
God is starting to tell us which of the tribes we belong to. He is whispering in our ears the names. I had the name of my tribe years before I even began looking into the migration of the tribes. Much to my surprise when I find While my “armchair research” is no where is complete or in depth as yours the whole discussion has me searching as much as I can to find pieces of the puzzle as well. I do believe however that one point is being missed within your research. I would like to open a friendly discussion regarding such a subject. It centers around 2 Samuel 7:10 where God through Nathan told David “Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime” Given that statement, it makes me believe that the division of the tribes was on purpose, as they made their way north and finally across the sea. From my own view of the division process coupled with that scripture, I am wondering if the truth of the matter might be that the final “promised land” was not “America”. Here we have a land that has all the natural resources that we require. This is a land of milk and honey. From what I can see of Israel and the surrounding areas, no offence, there is not much their to be desired. Perhaps it was once fertile. Yet, I view fertile the way in American would see it based on my own country. I honestly believe that what we are waiting on is the collapse of Israel and the retreat of the people of Judah to come home to America, than all tribes will finally be together in one location. We are the tribes of Israel, you are the tribe of Judah. This is where we finally settled, I seriously doubt that you will find any of us willing to leave. Look at it, there has to be a reason that peoples from nearly every country tries/tried to get the America. Why do we leave our borders open? We will not close them until the last child of Israel has come home. Respectfully,
Michaeljames Saurondon

Brit-Am Replies:
We are not encouraging anybody to come to Israel other than as tourists. The ultimate solution will become apparent towards the Messianic Era and it will involve the total Israelite communities rather than the actions of isolated individuals. Even for those few who feel they MUST come as soon as possible we warn them that it is not easy and we would not encourage any hasty steps whatsoever.
We are however in favor of very greatly increasing local Israeli Jewish awareness as to who their Israelite brothers really are. If we and/or others were to succeed in such a task then attitudes in general could change.
At all events only good could come out of such an endeavor.

So too, in the USA and in other Israelite countries, the more Brit-Am knowledge that is spread the better. Not everyone is interested. Many people are not even "built' to really comprehend at this stage what is being spoken of.
The idea is to contact those who will respond to A STILL SMALL VOICE (1-Kings 19:12) and want to know. As the knowledge and understanding of others increases so will our own.

The Sources however indicate:
Judah will precede Joseph into the Land of Israel (Micah 4:8) .
Judah will be initially loathe to recognize Joseph since Judah was alone in its time of exile and persecution (Isaiah 49:21).
Judah will be preparing the way for the rest of the Tribes (Hosea 6:11 see the Brit-Am Commentary) .
Joseph will return to Gilead (Syria and Jordan) and Lebanon (Zechariah 10:10).
The Lost Tribes will return to Bashan (Syria and Iraq) and Gilead (Syria and Jordan) see Micah 7:14.
Jeremiah calls upon Ephraim in Exile to study proofs (such as the historical pathway of "Megalithic" Monuments) of its paths of Exile in order to know the way to come back to its cities in Samaria (Jeremiah 31:19-20).
Eventually the Land of Israel will divided up amongst the Tribes of Israel with a special portion set aside for the Levites, the Temple, and the Ruler (Ezekiel chapter 48) with the non-Israelite stranger who dwells amongst us and identifies with us receiving a portion in whatsoever tribe he is attached to (Ezekiel 47:22).
How these events will take place we do not know yet we see the possible beginnings of part of them daily unfolding before our eyes. What was once a far-fetched fancy becomes closer to actuality. It would also seem that a portion will remain in their present areas of settlement whereas others will return to different parts of the Greater Land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond. There will be a climatic change and other upheavals will take place. We repeat however that all of these events are described as involving the Tribal groups as concrete entities. These groups must be made aware of their identity. This is the work of Brit-Am. It also should be the work of a combination of organizations and individuals who believe along the same lines. We propose that such a confederation be formed on an informal basis to spread this knowledge. For want of a better term we would call such an arrangement HIM (Hebrew Identification Movement.

3. Hosea: A Message for the Lost Tribes

Hosea is told to take to wife a loose woman named Gomer (1:2-3). He has three children by this woman who represent three parts of the northern Ten Lost Tribes. The name Gomer was also the name given to the Cimmerians, “Gimeru” in Akkadian. The Cimmerians were a people who first appeared on the fringes of the Assyrian Empire shortly after the Israelites were exiled. From the Cimmerians emerged the Celts, Scythians and Goths. Gomer was also the name of a son of Japhet: “And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphah, and Togarmah” (Genesis 10:3). Places associated by the Rabbis with Gomer of Japhet are also those to which the Lost Ten tribes were recorded as having been exiled. This, together with the Book of Hosea, suggests some kind of combination between the exiles of Israel and the descendants of Gomer.
The three sons of Gomer (i.e. Cimmerians) in Hosea represent three sections of the exiled 10 tribes and do not represent Judah who is separately spoken of (1:7). The first child born to Hosea and Gomer is named “Jezreel” whose name connotes both scattering on one hand and ingathering and sowing on the other. The second child was called “Lo-Ruhamma” meaning “Not-Be-Shown-Mercy”: "FOR I WILL NO MORE HAVE MERCY UPON THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL; BUT I WILL UTTERLY TAKE THEM AWAY" (Hosea 1:6). Judah was not to be exiled with the Ten Tribes, "BUT I WILL HAVE MERCY UPON THE HOUSE OF JUDAH" [Hosea 1:7]. The third child is called “Lo-Ammi” meaning “Not-My-People”. At first the Ten Tribes will be rejected and exiled but later God will return and accept them.
The names shall be changed. The meaning of Jezreel becomes understandable as “ingathered”, and as being sewed in the ground in order to give forth manifold (2:22-23). The Ten Tribes shall join with Judah and be ingathered (1:11). “Lo-Ruhamma” becomes “Ruhamma” (“She-Who-Is-Shown-Mercy”, 2:23) and “Lo-Ami” becomes “Ami” meaning “my people” (2:1, 23). In their place of exile, as well as being extremely numerous, they shall enjoy great bounty: “CORN, AND WINE, AND OIL, AND MULTIPLIED HER SILVER AND GOLD” (2:8). They shall worship the “Baal” (2:8, 2:13, 2:16) like the Celts in Britain and Gaul once did. Redemption will come through righteousness, judgment, loving-kindness, and mercies (2:19). In the Last Days they shall Return to God and seek the Kingdom of David (3:5). In their place of exile Ephraim will have given birth to strange children (5:7). In the end times, according to the great commentator, Abarbanel, the returnees will come with their non-Israelite women and their children will be recognized as Israelites. Judah will prepare the way for the other tribes Kalischer (Hosea 6:11)
. Ephraim will mistakenly put his trust in Assyria and other “lovers”.
An attempted placation of the Muslims represented by the mad prophet Machmad (Mohamot) augurs not well for Ephraim (9:1). Ephraim is mostly to the west from the Land of Israel (Hosea 11:10).
Judah will remain faithful (11:14).
Ephraim is rich and a merchant people (12:7).
Israel will return unto God and be reconciled (Hosea chapter 14).

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
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