"Brit-Am Now"-552
"Brit-Am Now"-552
1. Why Are the Estonians Not Considered Israelite?
2. Terminology: Identification Instead of Identity?
3. Israelite Identification: A New Criterion?
4. God is a Zionist
5. Question on the Gates of Jerusalem

1. Why Are the Estonians Not Considered Israelite?
From: axel robinson
Subject: Estonians
Are Estonians Israelites? I personally, cant see why not. I dont want to go into particulars but they are the closest people to Finns,both nations are [almost] adjacent to each other and very similar linguisitcally and culturally and perhaps the most important thing - they're indistinguishable physically.The country's been developing swiftly since the collapse of the U.S.S.R[despite it still carries a quite bucolic trademark even now] and its inhabitants are definitely not anti semites.Not in the slightest way,at least from what I've heard. So, provided all these facts are true why,if my memory serves me,you haven't said or mentioned they MIGHT be Israelites.Why?

Shalom, I have said before that our decision is no more than an opinion. There is an objective truth. The people concerned either are of Israelite origin or they are not. If they are indeed of Israelite origin then our opinion does not matter. The same applies in other cases.
In the future some opinions understand the Bible as indicating that everyone will be Israelite. This however is not how we understand matters. In our research we sometimes make decisions that appear somewhat arbitrary. In some cases the matter is quite clear but in others we are faced with border-line decisions that may not always be correct.
Concerning Estonia. I do not know much about it. I know the people are similar to the Finnish and often related to them by marriage etc.
A Russian Jewish woman once mistook me for an Esthonian. She said I looked like a friend of hers from Estonia and typically Esthonian (are they all handsome?) and that even though all the Baltic peoples (Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians) are anti -Semitic the Estonians are less so than the others. The Estonians may even have once spoken a British Celtic-type tongue as indicated by a report of Tacitus. The Estonians are not relatively numerous and so were often not their own masters.
We did not include the Estonians as Israelites because they did not fit into the Israelite tribal pattern described in our work "The Tribes" and did not seem to fulfill the criteria we had established. We may have been wrong but so far I think not.
The Estonians were associated with the Nazis in WW11 and do not seem to have freed themselves from the negative connotations this results in. There may be historical reasons for this in so far as they were reacting to Russian tyranny etc but for the time being our opinion (for what it is worth) remains as it was. This opinion concerns the majority though there may well be numerous exceptions as everywhere else.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

Holocaust: Nearly all the Jews in Estonia were exterminated. The Germans received some help in anti-Jewish measures from the local Estonian militia but most of the population were reluctant to participate. On the other hand they also did not hide Jews nor endeavor to protect them. Most killing of Jews in Estonia was carried out by Germans, Ukrainians, and Lithuanians. Esthonian Waffen SS Division reunions held in recent years in Esthonia and given official encouragement and recognition. The Esthonians
Characteristics of a Japhetic or Hamitic people in so far as historically and psychologically they were subservient to other groups (such as the Germans) and did not produce notable individuals or movements toward self-expression.
There are numerous groups that speak a Finnish-type language but most of them (apart from many of the Finnish of Finland whom we identify as Israelite) appear to pertain to Meshek.

Lacked Characteristic of Israelite Identification see the following item 2.Terminology

2. Terminology: Identification Instead of Identity?
"Identity" according the dictionaries means roughly "recognizable characteristics defining something".
"Identification" means roughly the state of being identified or the act of identifying or proof of identity and could be summarized as: identity applied to reality. The "Identity" Movement: Places the Lost Ten Tribes amongst Western Peoples (similar to Brit-Am) but often gives it a racial anti-Jewish twist. This gives a bad name to all those who have beliefs concerning the Lost Ten Tribes even remotely similar. The anti-Semitic Identity people are thieving misappropriates.
By chance I once was acquainted with someone who would thieve almost compulsively (a kleptomaniac perhaps) though apart from that he was quite likeable and even helped me out a few times. This person would enter someone's home under one pretext or other and then leave. The owner might notice that his electric clock had stopped but when he went to check the battery find that there no longer was one! Nothing was sacred, clothes, food, books, anything was liable to disappear very quickly in the presence of this person. Now and again I used to give him a light drink or a meal in my home but I had to watch him all the time since he seemed almost unable to control himself. As long as you did not loose (or failed to retrieve) anything you really valued the whole thing was in a way even amusing.
Anti-Jewish Identity people are like that. On a personal level they may be quite easy to get along with with but their misguided ideology pollutes one of the most profound truths in existence. Unfortunately they are unclean reprobates that need to be kept on guard against.

I suggest that those who hold Brit-Am type beliefs (whether identical to those of Brit-Am or not) refer to themselves from now on as belonging to Israelite (or Hebrew) Identification.
The Hebrew Identification Movement could even be used for the name of a general movement through which we might form some type of combination to work together?
The use of the term "Identification" instead of "Identity" might help us implant in the public consciousness a recognition that there is difference between us and those "others" whose kleptomaniac (in the ideological sense) tendency is not to be laughed but treated with contempt and loathing.

3. Israelite Identification: A New Criterion?
All Israelite Nations Exhibited a Degree of Identification as Israelite: Canada, the USA, Ireland, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

THE CRITERIA we used to determine Israelite ancestry APPLIED TO NATIONS included the following seven points:

(1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture.
(2. Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.
(3. Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths of migration.
(4. Judah: This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others.
(5. Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty.
(6. Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least, and at present in potential
(7. Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.

I would now add an extra criterion, Israelite Identification, meaning that in some way a significant (more often in quality rather than in numbers) portion of the peoples concerned at some stage or other to a degree are known to have identified themselves as Hebraic.
This holds in many cases but not in all of them.
(1. English-Speaking: Includes Canada, the USA, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, the UK.
(a) The USA had its own Israelite-identifying groups such as the early Puritans, some of the Foiunding Fathers, the Mormons, and numerous others, in fact within the whole structure of American religion especially of the Fundamentalist variety there have been such tendencies.
Israelite Identification is a recurring feature in American History.
Israelite Identifying groups from Europe even from such places as Germany and Russia and like-minded individuals from all over the world ALL tended to gravitate to the USA. USA support for the State of Israel also says something about an underlying realization of communality.
(b) British. Anglo-Saxon legend and tradition presumed Hebrew ancestry. Puritans. Restoration Movement. Personal Identification of Leading figures. Welsh Hebrew origins known of from early times. Scottish Food taboos and traditions.
(c) Ireland. Irish legend and tradition presupposes a significant degree of Hebrew ancestry.
(d) Finnish believed themselves descended from Lost Tribes.
(e) Denmark Sweden and Norway had periods of identification with Israel.
Early Swedish histories (quoted in The Tribes) spoke of this.
Danes also had an Israelite tradition and identified strongly with Jews at time of need. Descendants of Scandinavians in USA were prominent in Israelite Identification groupings and pro-Israel activities.
(f) Netherlands (Holland) acceptance of Jews and identification with them.
Tradition of Israelite origin and Puritan type Hebraic movements and sympathies.
(e) Belgium: Similar to Netherlands but moderated by Roman Catholic religion.
(f) France: Protestant French (Huguenots) identified with Israel. Periods of identification with Jews. Feeling amongst intellectuals of Gaul having had a Semitic (Hebrew) origin.
Much of French History may even be seen as a struggle between the Hebraic and the non-Hebraic elements and sentiment.
(g) Switzerland: Hebraic Calvinists. Some very moderated Hebraic feeling throughout.
The above suggestions comprise at present more "food for thought" at present than an actual statement.

4. God is a Zionist.
Those who attack Zionism are against the Bible.
It is not our job to explain, defend, or justify the Talmud but some people seem to think it is so we repeat (for the umpteenth time) that criticisms against the Talmud or against Judaism in general are answered at:


5. Question on the Gates of Jerusalem
From: "Dr. Lee Kelley"
Subject: Question

Shalom Yair,

Is it possible that the gates of Jerusalem will one day have the names of the tribes of Jacob-Israel on them? It would seem reasonable that the city would designate special status in this regard. If this is so, is it possible that the companions spoken of in Ezekiel 37, obviously gentile by nature, will be considered part of that particular tribe to which they have unknowingly attached themselves? Now I'm cognizant of the fact that Israel (lost tribes) do NOT know who they are YET, but when YHVH reveals to us who we are WILL t he companions be an attached or incorporated part of the tribe to which they had befriended themselves?
"The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions" (Ezekiel 37:15-16)


Those Gentile non-Israelites who attach themselves to Israel will be included in whatsoever tribe they happen to live amongst: The non-Israelite stranger who dwells among you will receive an inheritance together with the Tribe they dwell amongst (Ezekiel 47:22). Concerning your specific question however it seems to be understood that the "companions" are members of other tribes who are subsumed under the tribe mentioned,
e.g. "Judah" actually included Judah, Levi, Benjamin, and representative minority portions of all the others.
"Ephraim" means the Tribe of Ephraim PLUS all the other Lost Ten Tribes as well as some segments of Judah Benjamin and Levi who have been assimilated in Joseph.

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