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1. Israelite History: DAN AND ANCIENT GREECE
2. Don Hamilton jr: "don"t tread on me"
3. Israel Feld: Mystical-Psychological
Explanation of "Burma and Brit-Am"
4. DNA Research
5. Question concerning Germans and Walloons in Sweden
6. Brit-Am Faces the Future
7. Ongoing Research Projects

1. Israelite History: DAN AND ANCIENT GREECE
The Tribe of Dan in the land of Israel were seafarers from an early stage:

"Why did DAN remain in ships?" (Judges 6:7) asked the Prophetess Deborah.

The Prophet Ezekiel linked Dan together with Javan (i.e. Ionia in west Anatolia or Greece in general) as trading with Phoenician Tyre:
"Dan also and Javan going to and fro occupied in the fairs: bright iron, cassia, and calamus, were in thy market" (Ezekiel 27:19).
The above verse is alternatively translatable (from the Hebrew) as saying:
"Dan and Yavan from Uzzal were your sub- contracting intermediaries [Hebrew: "Izvon-aich"], they gave iron manufactured, alloyed, and in bars [Hebrew: "asot kidah ve-kenah"] They were amongst your guarantors" [Hebrew: "ma-arav-aich"].
Cilicia was one source of iron and the Dananu of Dan were in Cilicia.

Danaus: Greek tradition related how Danaus after coming out of Egypt came with his daughters to Greece whereas his brothers went to Jerusalem. In Greece the daughters of Danaus intermarried with the local aristocracy and their children became rulers. In honour of Danaus the local Pelasgian Ionian Greeks renamed themselves DANAIOI by which term the early Greeks are often referred to by Homer, though some say that by "Danaoi" Homer was referring more to a specific ruling warrior class..
"Danaus, the father of fifty daughters on coming to Argos took up his abode in the city of Inarchos and throughout Hellas [i.e. Greece] he laid down the law that all people hitherto named Pelasgians were to be named Danaans" (Strabo 5.2.40 quoting Euripides d. ca.407 BCE).

Diodorus Siculus (i;28;1 5),
"They say that those who set forth with Danaus, likewise from Egypt, settled what is practically the oldest city of Greece, Argos, and that the nations of the Colchi in Pontus and that of the Jews, which lies between Arabia and Syria, were founded as colonies by certain emigrants from their country..."

Herodotus 6;53: "...in what follows I give the tradition of the Greeks generally. The kings of the Dorians (they say)) counting up to Perseus, son of Danae,...If we follow the line of Danae, daughter of Acrisius, and trace her progenitors, we shall find that the chiefs of the Dorians are really genuine Egyptians....."
Herodotus means that the chiefs of the Dorians came out of Egypt and therefore he calls them Egyptian even though they may not have been of Egyptian stock.

The Philistines are believed to have been of the same stock as the Greek Pelasgians and the term "PELAST" (meaning Philistine) in early Greek inscriptions is considered interchangeable for Pelasgian. As suggested, the struggle of the Danites with the Philistines within the Land of Israel may be somehow connected with the coming of the Danaoi to Greece. There is an opinion that the Danaioi formed a peculiar military class amongst the Mycenean Greeks (MICHAEL C. ASTOUR, "Hellenosemitica. An Ethnic And Cultural Study In West Semitic Study On Mycenean Greece", Leiden 1967 p.8 n.7.) At all events the Greek account may be understood as saying that a small number of DANITES came to Greece, intermarried with local rulers, gave their name to an early already present segment of the population, and not much more than that.
Archaeologists now believe that an offshoot of the Hyksos, about the time when they were expelled from Egypt came to Greece, conquered it, and laid the basis for Mycenean civilization (see Cambride Ancient History). They identify these Hyksos with the Danaioi of Greek tradition. This new school of thought also infers that the Danaioi were relatively few in numbers though qualitatively determinative.
(Adapted from "Lost Israelite Identity", by Yair Davidy 5757/1996)

2. Don Hamilton jr: "don"t tread on me"
Subject: your books

I have read all 4 of your books. a couple of comments about the USA people live east of the Mississippi or west of it we live north of the mason Dixon line or south of it the first battle flag carried in the revolution was a snake on a field of white with the logo "don"t tread on me"

keep up the good work Don Hamilton jr

3. Israel Feld: Mystical-Psychological Explanation of "Burma and Brit-Am"

[Preliminary Explanation: Israel Feld was probably (after Yair Davidiy) the very first true believer in the "Brit-Am" message as presently known. Israel helped us greatly in the early stages and introduced his brother, Rabbi Avraham Feld, to our findings. Israel Feld provided us with the rabbinical sources that we quoted from in the final chapter of our work "Ephraim". The concept that Israel Feld speaks of below is much more simple than it may initially appear. The concept is that a widespread acknowledgement of the true identity of Joseph (especially on the part of Judah) could bring about a process leading to the Final Redemption. This however would not be in the interests of The Forces of Adversity who might be aroused to do what they can to stop such a development. If however these potentially negative forces were to be somehow "misled" that nothing serious is happening then the True Blue "Joes and Jews" who are in the know can go ahead and slowly consolidate their positions until the time is ripe for a more widely accepted revelation and re-unification.]

Dear Yair, I have been thinking about the plan to allow the Bnei Menasha to come to Israel, convert and do so with the recognition from the chief rabbinate that they are indeed from the lost tribes of Israel. What could this mean as far as the actual ten tribes are concerned. G-d truly wants to bring redemption to the world,and the prerequisite for the ultimate redemption is the return of the ten lost tribes. When the Mida of Din [Spirit of Prosecution] and the evil forces see that the lost tribes are about to be recognized they will try to hinder and stop this and will do what ever they can to nullify such a thing. On the other hand, when they see that there is recognition and acceptance of a group as being from the ten lost tribes, when in fact, they have no connection with them what so ever they, the evil forces, the Din [Prosecuting Force] will not try to interfere for they have nothing to fear, nothing to be afraid of. They don't see this as being part of the redemption. So they allow the thing to go on. Once the process begins then there is no way of stopping it. Once the process begins the evil forces can no longer nullify it. Who began the building of the second Temple if not a Gentile King? Midat Ha Din [Spirit of Prosecution saw who is building the Temple [Cyrus the King of Persia who initiated the building of the Second Temple] and kept silent and did not protest. G-d is using the same tactic now. What I am writing you is all true and clear. The expected conversion and Aliyah of the so called Bnei Menasha should fill us with joy and hope that the true redemption is getting near and please G-d may we merit to see it soon in our days. love and best wishes for a Chaqg Semeach [Happy Feastday], YIsroel

4. DNA Research
We believe that eventually the findings of DNA researches may well coincide with Brit-Am researches though at present they do not altogether do so.
Nevertheless even now these researches are of value especially concerning ethnic movements in recent centuries.
Interesting article on DNA research
Sorenson compiling huge DNA database

5. Question concerning Germans and Walloons in Sweden
From: axel robinson
during middle ages germans from Northern Germany emigrated to Sweden as well as some walloons[who settled in bergslagen] who came to teach the Swedes the iron trade in the 17 century can you link these German and Walloon immigrants to any tribe?

In the past (see "the Tribes") we identified the Walloons (from Belgium) with descendants of Bela(g) of Benjamin.
The Walloons however (especially those who migrated) were also associated with the Huguenots who were French-speaking Calvinists whom we suggested contained strong elements from Hugo of the Tribe of Gad.
We identified Sweden with Gad since (among other reasons) Sweden was overwhelmingly settled by groups whose tribal names reflect Gad such as the Goths (Goth means Gad in Biblical Hebrew), Svea (Suione from Shuni of Gad), Heruli from Ha-Areli, etc.
Historically the Goths also ruled over Northern Germany for a while and though they later moved out (to be replaced by others) it stands to reason that some must have remained behind. It may well have been descendents of those Goths who remained in Northern Germany who later moved to Sweden.
We have noticed in history a tendency for identified segments of a Tribe to re-coalesce around a central core.
Once a founding element has been identified it remains to see as to whether or not those who came elsewhere from other places could also have belonged to the same Tribe.

6. Brit-Am Faces the Future
Yair Davidiy has returned to action after resting somewhat over the Passover holiday.
We will try to improve Brit-Am and to spread the message more than we have been doing hertofore.
The financial problem still needs to be solved but God willing we will get over it.
We could use help in this matter. Likewise we would like to see more involvement of those who agree or at least sympathize with us. Many of you are very capable and talented in various fields and could help Brit-Am develop both inwardly and externally.
We would also like to establish some kind of coalition of groups who are working along similar lines to ourselves regarding belief in the Bible and Israelite Ancestry. Past attempts in this direction did not turn out too well but it may be worth while trying again.

7. Ongoing Research Projects
Apart from maintaining present interest and spreading the message (something we need to improve upon) Brit-Am is also involved in ongoing research.
Present projects include the following subjects that may eventually result in published articles, booklets, and books:
a. The Biblical Identity of All Major Peoples of the World.
b. The Israelite Identity of the Western Celts according to History.
c. The Israelite Identity of the Northern Peoples according to History.
d. Biblical History.
e. General History from an Israelite Perspective.
f. Biblical Studies with an Emphasis upon "Brit-Am Identity".

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
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