"Brit-Am Now"-545

1. Value of Psalms
2. Jeremiah Birningham: Asher and Oil
3. Jeremy Birningham: An Event or a Prophet Required
4. First Map to label the New World as "America" to be Auctioned
5. Joan Griffith: The Wisdom of Prudence
6. Lost Tribes Distinguished by their "Mentality"
7. E-Book Suggestions

1. Value of Psalms
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-544

Shalom Yair,

You have probably heard from others but.... I keep all the messages you send, and have no commentary on Psalm 36.

Especially enjoyed today's on # 37. I read 5 Psalms a day; today- 8, 38, 68, 98, 199 chet, 128 -you get the pattern for every day) and they are always so fresh and new. Many, these days, I am 'praying back' to The Most High, on behalf of the people of Gush Katif and the other communities threatened by the evil decree... and under daily onslaught from the 'other' enemy.

May His Blessing rest upon you and may all your needs be met- abundantly!


2. Jeremiah Birningham: Asher and Oil
From: J B

Off the coast of New Foundland in Canada there are huge oil rigs out in the ocean. The oil reserve project is called "Hibernia". New Foundland is dominated by people of Scottish origin.

3. Jeremy Birningham: An Event or a Prophet Required
From: J B
What will trigger the return of Israel on mass. Either a huge event such as war or hopefully a miracle of some sort like important Rabbi's initiating some kind of outreach to the tribes. Or as we all know history repeats itself and maybe Hashem will give us a figure like Moses again a great prophet who will open our eye's, show us the way back home and be our deliver.

4. First Map to label the New World as "America" to be Auctioned
Story from BBC NEWS:

A copy of the first map to portray the world as a globe is set to raise up to 800,000 at auction.

Christie's, in London, is due to sell the 1507 drawing - the first to label the New World as "America" - in June. It is one of four surviving copies of the map, made by German cartographer Martin Waldseemuller. It followed claims by Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci that the New World was a separate continent - not part of Asia, as Christopher Columbus had said. The name "America" was derived from Vespucci's first name, and the map was the first to distinguish North and South America and to show the Pacific Ocean. The copy being auctioned lay undiscovered in the stock of a European collector until two years ago. Although Christopher Columbus landed in America before Vespucci, he was convinced the land mass was Asia. It was Vespucci, after sailing there a few years later, who put forward the then-revolutionary argument that it was an entirely new continent. In 1505 Rene II, the Duke of Lorraine, gathered a group of scholars at the Monastery of Saint Die des Vosges near Strasbourg, led by Waldseemuller, to create a new map of the world. They worked from a French translation of Vespucci's voyages and, in 1507, published a work called "Cosmographiae Introductio" arguing the existence of a new land mass to the west. They followed it within a month with the map showing the continent for the first time and clearly marking it "America". "This simple sheet of paper holds so many new and anticipated discoveries, all created with an enormous leap of faith by a venerable geographer in a small town in Lorraine," Mr Lamb said. The map is set to be auctioned as part of a sale of important maps, atlases and globes on 8 June.

5. Joan Griffith: The Wisdom of Prudence From: Joan Griffith Subject: Re: Brit-Am and Burma? no.3 Readers Reactions

Well, Yair, You may well be standing in Jonah's shoes, so to speak...even tho you are not a rabbi. However, he was certain he was being sent on a mission by G-d. You are not, and rightly so. If G-d has a higher mission for Brit-Am, he will make it known plainly and simply. Not too many people need to be swallowed by a whale to encourage them to fulfill the will of G-d. Certainly King Cyrus did not! However, anyone who thinks you are on the road to a higher mission should be happy to contribute to its success. God created the world, but the people of Israel and Judah built the Tabernacle and Temples with their offerings. These people who urge you on to greater things seem to forget what happened to the prophets. I think it was [Jeremiah] who was dropped into a cesspool to die (and was pulled out by a foreigner)... Elijah had to hide out in the desert, thinking he was all alone... We know Jonah was swallowed by a whale... when a foreigner with leprosy, Naaman, came to visit the prophet Elisha to be cured of his disease, he was the ONLY person healed in many years, the scriptures say. That can only be because the people mainly were unworthy (and probably didn't ask for healing)--and I'm not saying that to pick on them; that can be said of the greater number of people today in every nation. The general point made by scriptures is that it is not desirable to bring these things to government attention even with G-d's full backing. I also recall that certain information was written in a scroll and sent to a king, who took out his knife and sliced it into the fire. Nonetheless, the words are in the scriptures for us today. Therefore, it is good to be wise and prudent--in fact, those are the people to whom G-d shows his will. Anyway, as we say in America: haste makes waste. Everything will take place in G-d's timeframe, not ours. Joan

6. Lost Tribes Distinguished by their "Mentality"
From: JHH
Subject: Re: Brit-Am and Burma? no.3 Readers Reactions

A mistake many make, when looking for the "Lost Tribes" is that they look for Judahistic signs, like remnants of temples, and religious items that for the most part would be identifiable with Judah, not Israel, because even before the captivity, the Israelites wanted very little to do with the true worship of God (2 Chron. 30.10), however some did want to restore - continue the true worship (:11), this is very similar to the attitude of the USA, Britain, etc. When remnants of "Lost" Israel are discovered, when a synagogue is involved, it is usually remnants of Jewish settlements, as Israel had rejected the Sabbath long before the captivity. Also when people find some supposed branch of certain "tribes of Israel", they are usually people that might have accepted some of the laws of God, or If Israel had influenced them, they might have partially intermarried with Israelites. However the Prophecies pertaining to Israel in Gen. 49 are speaking of the bulk of the various tribes and the unique blessings involved for each, not just little obscure branches of mixt Israelites. It is very possible that certain nations like Pakistan have some Israelitish blood, but they've not been the bulk of the nation or inherited the blessings of Israel, but it makes us wonder where names like Jacobobad and Samariane come from. Israelites are generally identifiable by their mentality, which is nothing like the mentality of gentiles, Israelites are an empathetic and generous people, and very rarely are dictators ruling over Israelites, even Napoleon Bonaparte was a type of Benevolent dictator, he made war, when war was "honorable", and more acceptable, and was even allowed to retain his title after his first defeat, yet Napoleon's ruling over Rueben, raised France to a position that she'd never been before, partially fulfilling (Gen. 49:3). Napoleon was not Israelite though, he was of Italian blood, yet even then he might have had some Israelite blood in him, because most of those Islands like Corsica, Sicily, etc. are full of many racial strains, because of being occupied by many different nations through out history.

7. E-Book Suggestions
From: Henrik V Blunck
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-544
Shalom Yair Davidiy

On sunday, april 17th 2005 you wrote at 3:26PM (local Danish time) on the subject of ""Brit-Am Now"-544": 7. The Future of Brit-Am?

Perhaps you should give prayerful consideration to the following ideas:

- The development of ebook formats: It might be useful, since manuscripts are no doubt already in some form of digital format, to consider the publication in an ebook format. The PDF format is one that can be used by all users regardless of whether they use Windows, Macs, Linux etc.
Also, once saved in that format, you have no costs in printing or shipping and handling, and could virtually manage this almost automatically.

- Translation of books:
Especially "Origin" and "Biblical Truth" have a world reaching audience. Translating into Danish, for example, could reach the nordic countries of Norway and Sweden as well.

I hope one or both ideas could be useful in your planning, and certainly wish the work of publishing my sincere prayers for success.

Shalom. :-)
Sincere regards
Henrik V Blunck
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