"Brit-Am Now"-539

1. Irish Israelite Traditions
2. Timothy F Murray: Levites in Scotland?
3. My heritage - African, Native American and Caucasian...Blessings to you and your ministry and your mission
4. Worth Quoting:
5. Reply to Criticisms

1. Irish Israelite Traditions
"It is stated in very old copies of The Book of Invasions and other ancient documents that it was the Mosaic law that the Milesians brought into Errin at their coming; that it had been learned and received from Moses in Egypt by Cae Cain Beathach, who was himself an Israelite, who had been sent into Egypt to learn the language of that country by the great master Fenius Farsaith, from whom the Milesian brothers, who conquered Errin, are recorded to have been the twenty second generation in descent; and it is stated in the preface to Seanchas Mord [i.e. "The Great Tradition", the central compilation of the ancient Irish Law] that this was the law of Errin at the time of the coming of St.Patrick".
LOUIS HYMAN, "The Jews of Ireland", Jerusalem, Israel, 1972, p.1.

2. Timothy F Murray: Levites in Scotland?
From: Timothy F Murray
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-538

Greetings, Yair,
I recall talking with you a year or so back and noting that the Scots have been identified with the tribe of Levi by Prof. Totten. You found that unusual, as I recall, and I found myself unable to remember why Totten had made this link. It seems to me that one small thread could be found in this food-taboo subject. Of all the Israelite tribes, one would expect the Levites to give the most attention to this kind of prohibition. It's not conclusive by any means, but it's interesting.
Peace to you,

3. My heritage - African, Native American and Caucasian...Blessings to you and your ministry and your mission
From: "H."
Subject: Re: Psalms 35

Thank you for this email. We needed this today for an intense battle that is going on in our congregation. I am what they call "African American." I am proud of all facets of my heritage - African, Native American and Caucasian. I do not hate you. Blessings to you and your ministry and your mission. There is so much to learn and I have a lot of questions at times. These will be answered in His time and as things progress. Thank you for what I have learned at your website. Anyone manfesting hate, I want nothing to do with. And especially those manifesting hate towards Israel, I want absolutely nothing to do with. Shalom

4. Worth Quoting:
"I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life and as soon as I done it I seen it."
Unknown Source: Found in a series of quotations on a "spam" e-mail letter.

5. Reply to Criticisms
In our commentary to Psalms 35 we said:
"People say wrong things about Brit-Am.
At least one web-site exists dedicated entirely to attacks against Brit-Am.
Most of the things said thereon are not so..."

People asked for details. The site is based in Europe (Italy or Germany) and the person running it sometimes says he is Jewish but also has claimed to be Assyrian (a Christian from Iraq), and has used various pseudonyms including an Indian one. He works as a kind of Christian missionary amongst Gypsies in Europe and considers the Gypsies a kind of chosen people.
That is neither here nor there.
He can believe whatever he likes.
But he also appears to hate British, North Americans, and their kin as a people.
He attributes to Brit-Am beliefs we do not hold, statements we do not make, and the use of sources we did not use.
I intended to write more on the subject but decided it would be counter-productive.

Nevertheless, just for the record:
Brit-Am does not claim to be an "Orthodox Jewish" organization per se. People of several persuasions including many Christians support Brit-Am. It does however so happen that the heads of Brit-Am are Orthodox Jews and refer to sources accepted by Orthodox Jewry. On the whole however we try to keep focused on the Hebrew Bible (i.e. "The Old Testament") which is a source accepted by all, or nearly all, our supporters.

Yair Davidiy never ever said he was a Rabbi and keeps telling people not to address him as such.
Readers of the "Brit-Am Now" postings can testify to this.

The Bible does speak of Israel (both Judah and Joseph) as a "Chosen People" in the physical as well as the spiritual sense. This entails blessings and liabilities that are inherited.
If this is "racial", so be it.
We did not write the Book, only receive it.
Every Bit-Am belief is that of the Bible.

We never said that any physical type of person was inherently superior to another.
What we did say can be seen on our website.
We did not however deny that the so-called Nordic (along with other) types were present amongst the Ancient Hebrews.
An honest person, in my opinion, would need to admit that the net effect of Brit-Am teaching would be to reduce prejudice (all the way round) rather than increase it.

Enemies of Brit-Am nearly always
(a) have a pathological dislike for either Jews or "Anglos".
(b) Seldom, if ever, respect the truth.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
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