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1. Halstatt part two
2. "The Tribes", Thank You.
3. The Messianic Era and the Resurrection: Will There be Room for Everybody?
4. What is "Identity"?
5. Purim and Haman

1. Halstatt part two
Halstatt Civilisation in its strict sense began well after 700 BCE i.e. after the arrival of the Cimmerians. Archaeologists have noticed "striking analogies in weapons and ornaments, in brooches and pottery found in Russian Armenia and the Hallstatt area of Europe"26 (Encycl. Britt. "Archaeology", p.253). Russian Armenia means the territory held by Urartu wherein the Cimmerians had previously established themselves. The Cimmerians forefathered the Celts and "it is generally agreed that the Celts came from the east by the valley of the Danube"27 (Encycl. Britt. "Archaeology", p.253). The newcomers in the west practiced four-wheeled chariot burials. The wheels of their chariots are unlike those previously used in Urnfield Europe BUT the same as those of Assyrian carts from the 700s BCE as seen on palace reliefs 28 [Sandars (1976) p.47 quotes G.Kossack (1970)].

The chariots of Halstatt civilisation had a standard gauge (3' 6" to 3' 9"), examples of which have been found in Britain, and whose origins hark back to the city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamian Sumer. (Piggott p.246: "The Hallstatt wagons had a narrower gauge about 3 feet 6 inches to 3 feet 9 inches and wheel ruts of this interval were also found at Maiden Castle; it was also the gauge of the solid wheeled wagons in the Royal Tombs of Ur". "Ur" or "Ur Chasdim" (translated as "Ur of the Chaldees", Genesis 11:31) was the native city of the Patriarch Abraham progenitor of the Israelite nation.

Piggott noted "how Asia Minor, Syria, and the far-off kingdom of Urartu round Lake Van contributed to the toreutic art [i.e. metal embossing] of prehistoric Europe"30. (Piggott p.171 ff). Piggott was referring mainly to the Halstatt period after 600 BCE He noted both the Greek and Phoenician influences on this art.

The term "Phoenician" includes Israelite. The Neo-Assyrian era is associated with the re-settlement of Israelite exiles. It was noticed that a new type of horse harness and bridle from the era of king Sargon onwards led to a greater emphasis on the employment of cavalry (as against chariotry) in the Assyrian armed forces. Regarding this innovation from the 700s BCE onwards, Piggot says that,
"Probably Cimmerian north Pontic peoples" were responsible for, "the appearance of a whole group of novel metal types associated with the bridle bits and harness of horses"....
"From the Hungarian plain to the Swiss Lakes, Belgium, the south of France, and even Britain and Scandinavia"...
"Their distribution stretches eastward to the Caucasus, and it has recently been pointed out that Assyrian horse bits, constantly depicted on their monumental reliefs, change, late in the eighth century, into versions of this same type,.."
i.e. Cimmerian migrations may be traced from the Assyrian-dominated Middle East across Europe into Britain. They were noted for their equestrian specialties as the exiled Israelites (with whom they are associable) had been.

Apparently referring to Cimmerian (and Scythian) influence on the Assyrians, Urartians, and Persians, Piggot remarks:
" The Cimmerians have been invoked as an ultimate agent in the further adoption of cavalry from the seventh century onwards by the contemporary civilizations of antiquity" 31. Piggott p.181.

Similar traces of the Cimmerians also appear at Carcamish in north Syria on the Euphrates and in Persia.


The early centre of Celtic Halstatt civilisation was centred in Austria. A Latin document known as The Austrian Chronicle and purporting to be based on ancient traditions may shed some light on Cimmerian origins [The last entry in this Chronicle is 1404].

[1]. This source says that Central Europe had been subjected by the Assyrians and that Jews exiled by Sennacherib were carried into Eastern Europe along the Danube River. Beginning in ca. 707 BCE says the Chronicle, the Jews overcame a certain King Gennan who then became Jewish; consequently, the Jews intermarried with the local rulers in the regions of Austria and Hungary, the pagans were subdued and the whole country was Jewish until ca.227 c.e. This legend sounds quite far-fetched but it is interesting to compare it with known fact: Many Jews from Judah were exiled by Sennacherib and they appear to have joined the northern Lost Ten Tribes in Exile and to have become identified with them; There are signs in Europe at this time of Assyrian influence; the Cimmerians (who at the least included Israelites amongst them) did come westward in the period ca. 700-650 BCE and did gain control; A Cimmerian-Celtic presence may have remained more or less dominant in the area of Austria up until the late date ascribed to Jewish suzerainty.

Homer and the Greek Orpheus (in ca.500 BCE) recorded a Cimmerian presence in Britain.

According to Wagner,
"Early Celtic civilization seems to have its roots in the civilization of the North Balkans (Thrace), Asia Minor, and the adjacent Iranian and Mesopotamian areas. This does not exclude the possibility of certain features of insular Celtic civilization having either a very old Western European background or direct links with North Africa"43. (Wagner p.44).


Jacobstaht distinguished three components of Celtic (chiefly La Tene) art:

(1.Geometric features which were oriental but seem to have been derived or at least have been influenced by North Italian prototypes.

(2. Floral features which were imitations of Greek examples.

(3. A definite eastern component whose origin is unexplained. Jacobstaht stated that early Celtic art has no Genesis66. Celtic works of orientalising style are not just copies of Persian or Scythian patterns but have their own style which developed from the same background67.

Adapted from Chapter Five of "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races", by Yair Davidy, 1996, Jerusalem.

2. "The Tribes", Thank You. Thank you ever so much for this book!! I enjoyed reading about the role of England during ww2, at this time my mum worked with Sir Winston in the british admiralty, so everything i learned at an early age about England had a bit of a bias. As they were bombing London and my father had been killed, i was placed in a Catholic Convent ....during this time i saw a painting of the lion of Judah. I felt drawn and attracted to it. in later years have done family research on my side and hubby's side and amazed to find he too goes back to England. I was reading the Bible one day and saw the words " is this not written in the book of Asher? which led me to Josephus and other writings, after spending a year in the study of Genesis I thought there is more. ...One day while just looking through Search on the Internet I found your site. This has been such a blessing, and amazment at how much research you have done and your grasp of understanding and I thank you for your efforts. A.

3. The Messianic Era and the Resurrection: Will There be Room for Everybody?
From: "Keith, Brent"
I have a question if you don't mind, it is concerning the Messianic era, the resurrection, and the logistics of the Lost Tribes and Judah occupying the land. Perhaps this is a na´ve question but what is the Jewish understanding of the resurrection and how could logistically all those of the Lost Tribes, attached Gentiles, and Judah, throughout history, fit into the Promised Land. Is it the "spiritual" nature of the resurrection that allows this? Thanks for any time and/or answers you may provide. God Bless.

Brent Michael Keith +
Software Systems Supervisor
301 Technacenter Drive
Montgomery, AL 36117

Brent Shalom,
I am no more an expert in these matters than you are. If it says in the Bible that something will happen then so it will. You can rely on the Master of Creation to be able to make do with what HE has created.
Theoretically I do not see that your question poses a great problem.
I understand that statistically a good portion (maybe most?) of the people who have ever lived are living now.
We are speaking of the Promised Land from the Nile to the Euphrates, Cyprus, Syria. Lebanon, parts of Southern Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and other areas. The climate will change, the area will be much more fertile.
Already this is beginning to happen before our eyes.
The Yatir Forest in the Southern Hebron Hills (a former semi-desert area) is now spreading naturally at a very fast rate.
In addition to the above we also have indications that not all the Israelites will return to the above borders but only representatives from each family
Also other sources say that the holiness of the Land of Israel will spread to other parts of the world.

4. What is "Identity"?
From: Beit Yosef
Subject: "Identity"

Shalom, Yair.
Some times I try to explain to people what this whole Two House thing is about, and they ask me if I am aligned with the "Identity" movement. I don't know what they are asking, so I don't know what to tell them.
In your understanding, is this "Identity"?
Or what is "Identity"?
Thanks much,

Your best bet is to ask the people speaking to you to be more precise. Apart from that in common parlance "Identity" is often used to refer to the scumbags who give us a bad name.
Most of those who believe along our lines concerning the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes in the West are strongly favorable towards the Jews and the State of Israel.
There exists however a minority of reprobates, perverts, and no-good lowlifes who are anti-Semitic. [They even published a whole 47-page booklet in 1995 attacking that classic wondrous work of ours, "The Tribes". How low can one get?].
Anyway these pathological cases are often criminal types who have committed hate crimes and even murders. They get a lot of publicity and are the darlings of the Pink press.
This is what is sometimes intended by the term "Identity".

5. Purim and Haman
In Jerusalem over the next three days we will celebrating in different ways the Feast of Purim.
As we pointed out in our Biblical Studies this feast has significance in light of the role of Saul, King Agag of the Amalekites, and the descendants of Saul, Mordecai and Esther and the descendant of Agag, Haman.
I stated that "Kish" was another name for Saul whereas in fact Kish was his father (1-Samuel 9:1). Further clarification later.
Haman in the Book of Esther is the descendant of Agag who attempts to exterminate the Jewish people.

It may be a coincidence but the family name "Hamman" was that of an SS officer in charge of exterminating the Jews of Lithuania.
A Nazi document says:
"The goal of clearing Lithuania of Jews could be achieved only through the establishment of a specially selected Mobile Commando under the command of SS Obersturmfuhrer Hamman, who adopted my aims [of complete elimination] fully and was able to ensure the co-operation of the Lithuanian partisans and civil authorities concerned" "Robert S. Wistrich, "Hitler and the Holocaust. How and Why the Holocaust Happened" (2001) p.100.

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