"Brit-Am Now"-526
"Brit-Am Now"-526
1. Information on German Jewry
2. All Brit-Am Orders Sent Out
3. Apology to "Dream Boys"
4. Compliments for "The Tribes"
5. Does President Bush Really Read the Bible?
6. Esau and Elephants: Interesting Quotes
7. The Townships of Hebron in Britain

1. Information on German Jewry
From: William Rasmussen
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-525
item 1. Query on Loden Surname

Shalom from Bill Rasmussen in Minnesota!
Shalom v'Yom Tov Yair: Huel can find information on German Jewry at www.jewishgen.org
which is the website for the German Jewish SIG digest. They not only can help him research names and backgrounds, but they have members who either live in Germany or travel to Germany and can assist in birth records, Brit Milah's [circumcisions], certificate of deaths and any other information that would be vital in tracing one's Jewish ancestry. I belong to the organization myself.

Finally, I received my copy of the Tribes . Todah Rabah [Thanks a Lot] for another well written and thoroughly researched book!
Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

2. All Brit-Am Orders Sent Out
All orders have been sent out.
All those who placed orders up until now and have not yet received them should do so within two weeks if not well before then. If you placed an order and within two weeks from today it does not arrive please contact us immediately,
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Apology to "Dream Boys"
"Haste makes Waste"

Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-525
item 2. New Light on Brit-Am Biblical Proofs: Evidence from an unexpected (and unlikely) source
b) The argument of the "Magog"-fans
we said:
"Somehow or other this all involves the Cherokee people whose leader Geronimo had his skull stolen"
The site we were quoting from DID NOT SAY THAT GERONIMO WAS A CHEROKEE.
We misread what was written through trying to skim through the mentioned article at to quick a pace.
Haste Makes Waste.
We apologize for the misimpression
Here (by way of atonement) is an extract from the offended site
"175 years ago the Cherokee People from the ancient descendents of Magog (the Mongols) were dwelling on what is now prime Georgia farmland. Native Americans had already been excluded from what was defined constitutionally as the Club of American citizens. Yet, rather that sending suicide bombers to blow up stagecoaches, they wrote a Constitution to mirror the American Constitution. They defined the Rights of Man precisely as Jefferson had defined them in the Bill of Rights. They civilized themselves in the eyes of their white brethren in order to ingratiate themselves to them. By every standard of decency, they deserved their country on the richest farmland of the Southeast. Yet in 1832 Pres. Andrew Jackson said "Nothing Doing, You are sitting on prime Georgia farmland. Git out on your Trail of Tears." .... 2400 years ago words were uttered," I am against thee oh Gog from the Land of Magog (Land of the Mongols), President of a coalition including Meshach and Tuval (the Russians). G-d in His infinite capacity of Judge and Jury of Mankind does not forget the rape of the native American peoples (Magogites all). ... And you, oh Gog, building your country on the graveyards of the truly indigenous people of North America (the children of Magog), wiping away knowledge of their rightful birthright in your heartland, committing near-genocide against those who did not play by the rules of your ancestors by accepting their yoke, You dare to preach to My People on the rights of Man!! I am against thee oh Gog from the Land of Magog!.... paraphrased from Ezekiel 38-39."

4. Compliments for "The Tribes"

Thanks for a copy of your new book. It is very well done!
I also think your excellent references to other publications adds credibility to your work!
Mike Adolph

5. Does President Bush Really Read the Bible?
From: J B
Subject: Bush claims to read the Bible
Bush claims to read the Bible. How can a man who won the election in America because he exploited the religious right of America now decide to uproot Jewish settlements say he reads the Bible and live by it. I think Bush is missing some verses in his Bible. I believe that as Clinton at the end of his term became a useless President because he was to busy not getting impeached and was more worried about his legacy. So will Bush now be given a harsh serving of distraction that will cause him to struggle in his Presidency. Even Sharon with his son being charged for fraud was a jab at his faulty aspirations. All three of these men have chosen to negotiate with Arabs and divide up Israel. Sharon and Clinton have already been disgraced. Presently Bush and Sharon will more than likely be disciplined by the Almighty if they continue to pursue their own glory and the will of man instead of the will of God.

6. Esau and Elephants: Interesting Quotes
From: Rachael
Subject: to share with readers if you would like
Esau & the descendants of Rachel

R. Samuel bar Nahmani said: We have a traditional Aggadah that Esau will fall only at the hands of the descendants of Rachel. Why so? Because if the other tribes should come to judgement with Esau and ask him, "Why did you persecute your brother?" he could respond with, "Why did you persecute Joseph, your own brother? You are no better than I." But should Esau turn for help to Joseph, Joseph too, would ask him, "Why did you persecute your brother? Should you say, 'Because he did evil unto me,' my brothers also requited me with with evil, yet I requited them with good." Then Esau will have to remain silent. The Book of Legends, Sefer ha-Aggadah by N. H. Bialik & Y.H. Ravnitzki, pg. 395

All About the Elephant

A professor of zoology at Harvard some years ago asked his graduate students, among whom were several foreigners, to write papers on the elephant.
A German student wrote: "An Introduction to the Bibliography for the Study of the Elephant."
A French student wrote: "The Love-Life of the Elephant."
An English student wrote: "Elephant Hunting."
An American student wrote: "Breeding Bigger and Better Elephants."
There was also a Jewish student in this class. He wrote: "The Elephant and the Jewish Problem."

7. The Townships of Hebron in Britain

Michael Joseph who is a traveling salesman for dental materials
in the UK reports the existence of two towns named Hebron in Britain, one in North Wales and the other just south of Newcastle.

Brit-Am exists to promote knowledge of the Identity of Western Peoples.
Our goals are the three Rs of Brit-Am: Research, Revelation, Reconciliation.
We want people to know about this truth.
We think it most important that the Lost Ten Tribes be made aware of their identity
and also that the Jews know of it.
The Lost Ten Tribes were exiled from the Land of Israel because they worshiped other gods and did not keep the Law (2-Kings ch.17).
In the future they will return and become reconciled with Judah.
Their religious differences with Judah will resolved after their return (Ezekiel 11:2 37:24).
Brit-Am therefore does not have to concern itself with religious differences and this is not our calling.

We think it VERY IMPORTANT that Brit-Am findings be made known and that the knowledge be internalised and CONFIRMED by additional and more intensive researches.
We feel that the Israeli Governments as well as Governments of nations in which many of the Lost Tribes dwell should set up departments to continue and intensify the researches we have begun.
We would like to say our researches refined and proven beyond reasonable doubt by every means possible.
Just as one can open up an encyclopedia and read about geographical and scientific discoveries that are acknowledged to be factual and true and that every rational person would agree with so would we want that the truths of Brit-Am be related to.
If such a situation existed it would be possible to demand that Governments relate to this information accordingly.
It could well change the situation altogether.
This aim may be impractical and impossible of achievement but to aim in that direction and work towards it would raise the level of acceptability of Brit-Am beliefs and bring them within the range of serious consideration.
Look at what has been achieved by the "Asian" claims.
The reality is different.
At present Brit-Am conducts its researches and publishes much of the evidence as it becomes available.
Most of those who follow our activities and are interested agree with our findings.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
Your purchases and offerings enable us to work for our peoples.
If possible please send us an offering along with an order for our
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