"Brit-Am Now"-521
"Brit-Am Now"-521
1. Question on North Americans, Poles, and Czechs
2. Question on Arabian Legends and Lost Israelites
3. Mormons Identify as Dan?
4. Interesting Sites on Lost Tribe Ethnic Names (Sponsor Unidentified)
5. "Brit-Am Now" Archive
6.Yair Davidiy: What Tribe do you Belong to?

1. Question on North Americans, Poles, and Czechs
How do you trace the North American Indian? And the Polish and Check peoples?
Cindy Slominski

Cindy Shalom,
We do not trace as a rule non-Israelite peoples.
We hold that amongst the North American Indians, most European peoples, and other groups a good deal of Israelites may once have settled but they were not the majority nor were they qualitatively dominant nor of Prophetic Biblical significance.
The Israelite descendants (to the degree that they were such) of these peoples would in the course of time become intermixed with the main body of Israel either (in the case of those in Europe) by moving to Israelite areas or (in the case of Amerindians) having Israelites move into their own territories and intermixing with them.
We have discussed this issue in our works especially in our book "Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America".

The dispersed of Israel and the exiled will always stay together or if not will somehow intermarry with each other or if not their children (even from mixed marriages) will still be counted as Israel. We do not know everything (Quote of the year?). Our studies and what we have shown of them demonstrate very well that somehow or other most of the Northern Tribes managed to stay together. A Talmudic sources say that the Jews of Judah were destined to be dispersed all over but the Ten Tribes to remain together in one or two or three places or more places but at all events as coherent entities.

2. Question on Arabian Legends and Lost Israelites
Question from "Bryon":
"I could not find any information regarding what my friend had talked to me about, concerning the red headed people from the Persia area that migrated to Ireland. I finally found a website called http://www.angelfire.com/home/thefaery/index.html This website included this information:

An Arabic Jewish tale relates to a story from the Q'uran about the people of Ad, Hadramaut Hebrews whose city of Ubar sank beneath the Arabian sand around 300 A.D. The Jewish tale states that descendants of Moses (Levites) journeyed to the 'Western Isles of the Happy', and settled in a town where remnants of Ad were living. The Fae were often called 'the happy people', and in Euskaric languages the islands of the happy were literally the islands of the Fa, the original name for their ethnic group. The people of Ad were considered 'brothers' to the Jews, who had sent a prophet to warn them before the destruction of Ubar. They wore hats similar to those of the Celtic magi, of a style which was popular in Britain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and which is considered traditional in Wales.
This was the first piece of information I found that pointed me in the direction that my friend spoke of. However, it doesnt mention red heads or Persia as a part of the equation. I do know that Ancient Persia was a vast empire for quite some time, but It seems this migration took place after that great empire. So I gather that these people were from an area that used to be part of Persia. The text that I quoted above was stated to have come from Yair Davidiy's book Ephraim.
Bryon Shalom,
I cannot answer all your questions at this stage. The text quoted above from another web-site is ONLY PARTLY based on what we wrote in our book Ephraim and partly on other sources. It is also confused. The web-site you quoted from above has nothing to do with us. The People of Ad were the Lost Ten Tribes and only later were they associated with the Lost City of Ubar though there may have been a connection between the Ancient Southern Arabian area and the British Isles. It is interesting to note that in some Celtic sources the name Ad appears to be synonymous with the ancestor of the British.
We said:
"Ad (brother of Hud) was therefore an Israelite people who because of their sins and refusing to listen to Hud (Judah) had been blown away to the west. The remnant of Ad together with the Sons of Moses were said to be in the Western Isles of the Happy, meaning in Classical terms, in the British Isles."
You asked about Red Hair. Red hair is found all over the world and amongst all peoples. It may be especially amongst Israelite and Israelite-related peoples but it is not a sign in itself. Read our literature in depth for a deeper understanding.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Mormons Identify as Dan?
From: john ross
Subject: Ephraim

Dan is easily represented by Samson, who Giorgio de Santillana referred to as: the "boor", the "brave, swift, impetuous male" (i.e., the planet Mars).

It is interesting to note that the Mormon Church (LDS) has co-opted for itself the name of the tribe of Dan (calling themselves the Danites), in hopes of leading a presumed-to-be-upcoming apocalypse.

4. Interesting Sites on Lost Tribe Ethnic Names (Sponsor Unidentified)

5. "Brit-Am Now" Archive

Is there a Brit-Am archive somewhere?
The "Brit-Am Now" Archive is to be found at:

6.Yair Davidiy: What Tribe do you Belong to?
Yair, what tribe do you belong to?
I am publishing the answer to this question since it interests quite a few people and others may learn from it. In principle however we prefer to maintain a low personal profile. Like most people I cannot say for sure which Tribe my family belongs to.
My mother was Jewish (Maiden Name "Jacoby") and my father was from Wales.
His family name (in Wales) was "Russell-Davis" though in Australia he only used the surname "Davis".
Israelite Tribal affiliation goes through the father.
Maybe on my father's side my ancestors were not Israelites. This is unlikely but if so I (i.e. my descendants) will presumably be associated with the Tribe amongst whom they dwell and identify with (Ezekiel 47:22) meaning Judah.
We believe however that we are indeed of Israelite descent and my father's family had this belief for some time back.
Based on various indications the probabilities include Judah, Simeon, Levi, Dan, and Joseph, but for all I know the reality may actually be one of the other tribes.

Judah seems the most likely because:
We are Jewish by religion and identify with Judah and seem to get on best with Judah.
The name Davis means son of David like Davidson, Davies , etc. In principle David is a popular name so a lot of unrelated people could have received names like "Davis" etc.
In reality however the name "Davis" does show an ethnic dimension probably originating in North Wales, now found (as "Davies") more in Southwest Wales, and in the USA (as "Davis") is overwhelmingly concentrated in most of the former "Confederate" States.
We may therefore assume that the name has an ethnic connection and there is a legend that it relates back to King David. "Russell" (in "Russell-Davis") is of Norman origin and is a nickname for someone with red hair meaning literally "The Little Red-Head". "David" had red hair (1-Samuel 16:12 translated as "ruddy") and was nicknamed the "Little One" [1-Samuel 16:11 translated as "youngest"] .
Even if we are descended from King David however this is no big deal.
David (like Levi) was to have innumerable descendants (Jeremiah 33:22 see "Ephraim" chapter six).
The Messiah is to be a descendant of David but apparently through the line of Solomon and if our family really is descended from David then it is more likely to be through one of the other twenty or more sons that David had.
[Oh well, you cannot have it all.] If the family really was originally from Judah it lost consciousness of its source and for this too there was a reason.

Simeon is a possibility since:
Simeon was prominent in Wales where our family comes from.
Simeon was associated with the professions of religious scribes and teachers. I was once a scribe and members of our family were often teachers. Simeon was close to Judah (Judges 1:3) and so are we. Simeon was in the south and our family in the State of Israel has a tendency to gravitate through choice or circumstance in that direction. Simeon had personality characteristics not lacking in our family.

Levi is also considered since:
My grandfather (on my mother's side) had the Hebrew name "Yosef Levi" which may mean he was a Levite and often people from the same tribe marry with each other.
Levi was known for musical talent (but so was David) and this is found in our family though it "jumped over" me.
Levi was also a teacher and scholar and these proclivities are found amongst us.

Dan may be the answer since:
Dan (along with Simeon) was prominent in Wales and Ireland and though coming from Wales we have often associated with the Irish.
Samson came from Dan and characteristics similar to those of Samson are found amongst our males.
One of the symbols of Dan was a snake (Genesis 49:17) and my sons can handle snakes and understand them, one of them receiving a licence at a young age to catch them for scientific research. And there are other signs including family links with Denmark and Ireland.

Joseph is possible since:
We have some characteristics similar to those of Joseph.
We admire Joseph and in part live amongst people from Joseph.
We also are interested in the history, great men, and culture of Joseph, identify with Joseph, work for the good of Joseph, and labor for the reconciliation of Joseph with Judah.

One of the other Tribes, for all we know, may be the real answer:
Usually a person has some kind of feeling in these matters that is reliable but not always so. I once knew a man who said he was prepared to marry a Jewish girl from anywhere except Hungary but that is what he married. I was also acquainted with a girl who said she was prepared to go out with a member of any community except the Persian one.
Naturally her present husband comes from Persia.


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