"Brit-Am Now"-509
"Brit-Am Now"-509
1. Swedish Support for Monarchy
2. Books Received
3. President Bush from Royalty?
4. Schechem and Samaritans
5. Steve Mathe: Renewing the Covenant

1. Swedish Support for Monarchy
From: Orjan Svensson
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-506
Polls now show that around 80% of the Swedes now support the monarchy and his majesty the king. Usually the figure has been stable around 70% in similar polls, but it has now increased following the tsunami catastrophy.
16% of Swedes want to have republic instead of monarchy.

2. Books Received
Shalom Yair, I just received the books Biblical Truth and The Tribes. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reading them. I am only half way through Biblical Truth and am so pleased with the amount of information and commentary presented in such a reader friendly fashion. If the table of contents of The Tribes is any indication of how extensive and thorough the work you have done is I will have my work cut out for me in finishing and absorbing it all. Also, the Brit Am sites are looking great. I always learn something there. Keep up the good work, be strengthened and blessings to you and your family. Sally

"Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am YHWH, and there is no other; I am YHWH, and there is none like me." Isa.46:9.

3. President Bush from Royalty?
From: Brian Somers
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-336
Shalom Yair,
It's likely you are already aware of this. GW Bush is supposed to have bloodline connections to the English royal family according to a variety of different sources, and that family is widely regarded as having descent from David, King of all Israel. If Bush is indeed of Davidic descent, and he is viewed as "King of Israel", there is a certain *limited* merit to that view. However, the real and true King of Israel is Elohim Himself.
Brian Somers

4. Schechem and Samaritans
Interesting Articles on:
(a) The city of Schechem- (sometimes called "Nablus") one time capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

(b) On the Samaritan non-Israelite group

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

5. Steve Mathe: Renewing the Covenant
Brit-Am Note: We are positing the following note by Steve Mathe for the sake of balance.
We do not however wish to open up a dialogue on this subject in Brit-Am postings.
If you wish to react you may post to Steve Mathe directly.

From: Steve Mathe
Subject: posting a response to Brit Am Now 507

I am responding to concerns expressed by Jeremiah, Rosemary, Francis in Brit Am Now 507.
They are most important, for they address the spiritual component of "returning to our Biblical identity." I am of the opinion that knowing our identity as descendants of the Ten Tribes according to historical "proofs" is only the beginning of our return to the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov. Our merciful awakening by God to our Biblical identity at this time, as the first, (early) contingent to arise from the Valley of Dry Bones, must be so for a reason. It seems it is for paving the way, removing obstacles and setting the example, for others to follow. That "way" seems to be to return to the Covenant, i.e. reaccept it, and live according to its tenets and commandments. After all, we lost our identity because we have cast the Covenant away and wanted to imitate the nations, (Hos. 8:12).

Isaiah (Ch. 42) makes it very clear that we are spiritually deaf and blind, living in "spiritual prisons," and that "at the time to come" there won't be many advocating to "return," i.e " to be brought back [by God] and be restored." Jeremiah warned the remnant of Israel in his time to "stand in the ways," i.e. pause and think for action to take, "see", i.e. to search and start looking, and ask [God] for the OLD paths to WALK in. Today we face the same exhortation and the same warning about the calamities we are bringing on ourselves by our own thoughts and for having rejected God's Torah, (Jer. 6: 16-19).

As the first contingent to be resurrected from the Valley of Dry Bones, we have an obligation to "stand, seek, and ask G-d for the Old Paths to be restored to us." We are a few now, but many will follow us later. It seems that this first contingent's task now is to "stand in" for others to follow, and ask God to restore to us His guidance by His holy Spirit. This first contingent is to recognize that our bones are very dry, and our hope for [spiritual] living is lost. (Ez. 37: 11). This Guidance is paramount for the way of this "return" to be prepared in the "wilderness of the nations." It is necessary before any mass movements for Ephraim to return are to occur. In a sense, we are like the reconnaissance men of old, Joshua and Caleb, who fully followed God's leading by His Spirit, (Num. 13-14, Josh 14:8-9). Joshua representing Ephraim, and Caleb representing Judah, seem to have foreshadowed an aspect of God's regathering effort in the last days, where a few individuals, in whose heart is the Torah, will be lead by God's spirit, (Isa. 8:16) to go ahead of the rest. We the few, are called now to go ahead into the promises of Covenant keeping, and bring back a good report to those still in spiritual "prison houses." How the tribes are to renew the Covenant in the future may be different as to how it is done today. However, reaccepting the Covenant is the quintessential task for ALL the Tribes of Israel, now and tomorrow.

God has started to regather his people to the Torah as evidenced by such efforts run by Chabad, Aish HaTorah, and others among Judah. There are the Hebraic and tribal identity interest and study groups and efforts among Ephraim. These testify of the fact that we all are the grateful recipients of that calling into that Divine work. Let us stand in, search and ask. It is time, (Jer. 23: 20, 31:24, Isa. 34;16). God promises to instruct and counsel us in the way we should go. He promises to guide us with His eye, (Psalm 32:8). Let us accept that mission and bring back a "good report."

Yours for the restoration of ALL Israel,

Steve Mathe
"Only Torah and prayer will unify Israel."

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