Brit-Am Now no. 1330: The Lost Tribes of Israel
April 16 2009, 22 Nisan 5769
1. New Article:
Collective Responsibility
and Rabbinical Authority.
2. How Should Individual
Ephraimite "Joes" Draw Closer to Judah?
3. Quotation
4. Questions on Dan
(a) Dan and his Symbols
(b) Dan and the USA.
(c) The Dannite Policemen of Joseph Smith
5. Dan in Africa?
6. Brit-Am and Obama Hussein
7. Brit-Am Organizational Matters;
Requests for Money and Bulk E-Mailing Advice


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1. New Article:
Collective Responsibility and Rabbinical Authority.
The Origin and Purpose of this Article
Did the Rabbis Invent Commandments of their Own?
The Case Against Individualistic Interpretation
Judges and Sages Commanded to Interpret the Bible
The Ten Tribes were Exiled for Inventing their own Religious Beliefs!
Judah Keeps the Law of Scripture according to the Bible
The Calendar
Alleged Superstitions and Exaggerations in the Talmud
Applications of Rabbinical Law Unacceptable to the Modern Mind?
Non-Jews are not obligated at Present to Keep all the Commandments
Has Brit-Am Lost Followers Because of its Position on the Commandments?
The Obligation of Judah to Reach Out to the Lost Ten Tribes
The End Time Arousal of "Ephraimites"
The Lost Ten Tribes in the latter Times were to be Christians
New BAMBI Broadcast
Collective Responsibility and Rabbinical Authority.
(ca. 50 minutes)

2. How Should Individual Ephraimite "Joes" Draw Closer to Judah?
From: Kerry Bulls
RE: Brit-Am Message for Pesach and Its Significance

Dear Yair,
I would like to ask you a practical question that you have probably answered before when someone else asked it of you.  But I would like to ask you what you think we "Ephraimites" should do practically to begin to move toward being reunited with "Judah".  Would you give us some First Steps?
Thank you and G-d Bless you as you serve Him.
Chaplain Kerry Bulls
Brit-Am Reply:
The Three Rs of Brit-Am are Research, Recognition, Reconciliation.
Brit-Am works for Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph (i.e. the Ten Lost Tribes) by showing both who Joseph is, by combatting anti-Semitism and Conspiracy Lies, by raising Biblical Consciousness, supporting both Jews and Israelites, Zionism and the Settlement of the Holy Land, and on occasion by imparting information concerning the Jews and Jewish Practice and Belief. The above list concerns both Judah and Joseph but the emphasis is on encouragement to Joseph to identify more with Judah.
The very existence of Brit-Am based as it is in Jerusalem and with Orthodox Zionist Jews in its management serves to establish a presence on the Jewish scene.
Shortly this presence will, God willing, be intensified.
That is what Brit-Am is doing.
By identifying with Brit-Am and supporting Brit-Am you too will be participating.
That is what we mean by the Brit-Am Three Rs and Brit-Am membership involvement.
The gist of your question however suggested that in addition to the above you would like to know what you personally can or should do as an individual.
We cannot really give you a general answer to this question.
Everyone from where they are should endeavor to elevate themselves and their surroundings in a positive direction.
In this case each one is beginning from a different starting point and with differing abilities and potentialities.
By providing information and general advice we may be of assistance but the practical application of these principles remains up to individual judgment.

3. Quotation
Some things have to be believed to be seen.
  - Ralph Hodgson

4. Questions on Dan

From: Howard Ratcliffe
Aside from Unger's bible dictionary and Brit-Am what proof do you have that Dan used anything other than the snake/serpent as a symbol? The Eagle is a symbol of Esau in Obadiah, so could that mean America and Britain are Edomite rather than Dannite? Joseph Smith had a private police band called the Dannites; was he right? Thanks, Howard Ratcliffe

Brit-Am Reply:
(a) Dan and his Symbols)
In the Bible Dan is likened unto both a serpent (Genesis 49:17) and a lion.

It is the Midrash that says that the symbol of Dan was a snake.
Other Rabbinical sources suggest an eagle or  half-serpent half-eagle griffon.
Actually the word translated as "eagle" in Hebrew "nesher" could alternately mean a vulture even though another word "ayat" is usually taken to mean vulture.

The reference in Micah to  the Exiles of Israel as a bald-headed eagle is interesting.
The Land of Israel did not have bald-headed eagles so it has been suggested that a griffon vulture was intended.
Mic 1:16: "Make thee bald, and cut off thy hair for the children of thy delight: enlarge thy baldness as the eagle (m "vulture"); for they are gone into captivity from thee."

The eagle in the Bible is used to represent both the enemies of Israel
as well as the God of Israel depdending on the context.
Ex 19:4: "Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself."

Here is a Bible Dictionary source for eagle that we came across just now
and from which we took some of the above references.

See also:
Questions on Dan

(b) Dan and the USA.
The USA is dominated by Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) though some of Dan may also be present
alongside numerous other Israelite and non-Israelite elements.

(c) The Dannite Policemen of Joseph Smith
The word "Dan" means judgement. The Talmud associates Dan with litigation.
Many lawyers and judges may be from Dan.
Dan was prominent in Ireland and Denmark.
In the past we have suggested that many law-enforcement officials may come from the Tribes of Simeon, Levi, and Dan.

5. Dan in Africa?
From: K Moss
re Tribe of Dan
I was reading the article on where the tribe of Dan dispersed.  I have also heard that they went to Africa, besides to Europe?  Is it true that they went to Africa, and if so, where and when?
Brit-Am Reply:
Elements from Dan may have gone to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.
People from the Middle East settled in small groups throughout Africa.
These included Phoenician Canaanites and possibly also Israelites.
The Phoenicians were active in both East and West Africa.
The Tribe of Dan was associated to some degree with them.
This brings up the question of Israelites being present amongst Africans in general.
The Afro-Centrist historians who trace African associations to the area of Canaan (as they say)  and the Middle East often make valid points even though they have a racist agenda of their own.
Brit-Am concentrates on the Bible and areas that the Bible itself gives emphasis to.
We find that the Lost Ten Tribes achieved their national tribal expression amongst nations of Western Europe and their offshoots.

6. Brit-Am and Obama Hussein
On the eve of Pesach Brit-Am made its own modest contribution to the World's Great Poetry.
We criticized Barak Hussein Obama (his full name)!
We received letters that were offended, claiming we were racists.
[One of the protesters is himself a Conspiracy Freak who has anti-Jewish articles on his site.]
Other people wrote in support.
We did not have racist intentions.
Obama in Israel is perceived as a threat.
Already I and my children pay more rent than we should due to the shortage
of housing which has been partly caused by the US enforcing a freezing of Jewish building throughout
the areas of Judah and Samaria.
Anyway our literary talents caused quite a ruckus. We may reply in Brit-Am Postings, or make it into a separate article,
or let the matter lie.
At least for the present.

7. Brit-Am Organizational Matters;
Requests for Money and Bulk E-Mailing Advice

Brit-Am is trying to upgrade itself in all areas.
Notices should follow shortly.
We are going through a financial crisis.
Those of you who are able to send an offering or purchase publications are asked to do so.
In order to perhaps get out of this entanglement we have been working very hard to strengthen our Internet Presence.
This has involved amongst other things, experimenting with new programs, and a lot of trial and error. Lately it has been more error and trial.

These activities and problems may possibly result in a certain lessening of our regular postings etc and the attention we can give to individual queries.

If any of you can give us advice on Site-Map optimization and Bulk e-mail Merchandising along with the availability of specifically suitable bulk e-mail lists we would be most grateful.


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